Yellow-berried Nightshade usage in curing health ailments

Botanical Name : Solanum Xanthocarpum Family Name : Solanaceae Common Name : Yellow-berried Nightshade(english), Nidigadhika/Kantakari(Sanskrit), Kanteli(Hindi), Pinnamulaka/Nelamulaka/Vakudu(Telugu), Kantakari(Bengali), Bhuiringani( Marwai),  Bhoyaringani( Gujarati),  Kandankattiri(Tamil and Malayalam),  Bhejibegun and Ankranti(Oriya), Kandyali, Mahori and Warumba(Punjabi),  Rengnie, Bhat-khataya and Rangaini Janum(Bihar). Part Used : Fruits, Whole Plant Habitat : Through … Read more

Sonamukhi or Senna for complete healthcare

Swarnamukhi or Sonamukhi or Sunamukhi are leaves from a tree popularly known as Senna. Its leaves are dried and powdered to be used daily to strangthen immunity and cure many diseases. Sonamukhi is medicinal plant used by Indian sages and seers. It has been neglected till … Read more

Apple Juice for complete health care at home

Apple is mostly grown in cold climatic conditions. They are sweet and easily digestible. They create a balance in all elements inside body and that is why the saying An Apple a day keeps doctor away became popular. Apple can be best had asits juice which … Read more

Cinnamon for health care at home

Cinnamon sticks, its bark and powder are used in ayurveda to prevent and cure many health problems at home. When its stick or powder is boiled in water and this syrup is taken, it removes excess heat from body and also cleans intestines. Chewing gums made … Read more

Kidney Stones – their curing methods in Ayurveda

Why are Kidney Stones formed ? Excess Phlegm trying to leave body through urine gets stuck in kidneys and forms into stones. Drinking dirty water, floride mixed water, consuming vegetables and grains cultivated using chemicals, excess intake of medicines, stopping body excretions with pressure and also … Read more