Kidney Stones – their curing methods in Ayurveda

Why are Kidney Stones formed ?

Excess Phlegm trying to leave body through urine gets stuck in kidneys and forms into stones. Drinking dirty water, floride mixed water, consuming vegetables and grains cultivated using chemicals, excess intake of medicines, stopping body excretions with pressure and also thyroid dysfunction forms kidney stones.

Kidney Stones cure in AyurvedaSymptoms of Kidney Stones

As stones are being formed, you can feel pain below stomach and feel stomach bulging. While urinating it hurts and urine has foul smell.
Sometimes it just comes out as drops only and if stone interrupts urine flow, stones creates friction with kidney walls and blood also may comeout with urine.

How to test kidney stone formation

Early in morning after you wakeup, collect first urine in a glass bottle and observe it closely.
If its clean without excess foam, foul smell and without any traces of black/brown material then your kidneys are safe.
Else if urine is in dark yellow color with, mixture of some black/brown/red material and if it has lot of foul smell then there is a problem.

How to Clean Kidneys

In a cup of clean water, add a spoon of tea powder and boil water till half of it evaporates.
Filter the tea powder at bottom and in the remaining water add half cup of water and consume it on empty stomach early in the morning after above urine test.
After this atleast for 1 hour do not consume any food or liquid including water.

In evening consume a small cup radish juice with a spoon of honey mixed in it.
Take this 1-2 hours before dinner.

You need to continue this treatment for atleast 15 days and test your urine in above method again on 16th day to find it clean.

** Repeating this method for 15 days per year throughout lifetime will always keep our kidneys clean, no matter you have stones in it or not.
For those who don’t have stones this method is a preventive measure.

Types of Kidney stones and immediate relief methods

1. If stones are formed due to vaata dosha (bad air).
Person suffers from excess gas formation and is released all during day and while urinating , it has a sensation of thorns hitting urinary bladder.

Cure : in 250ml water, mix paste of drumstick tree roots and boil till a cup of liquid remains. Wait till it becomes luke warm and drink this in morning and evening till you find complete relief. Stones will melt and will pass through urine.

2. If stones are formed due to pitta dosha (over heat in body), it hurts a lot when touched outside urinary parts and you can feel heat over skin above urinary organs and bladder.

Cure : Get satavari (Asparagus Racemosus) powder and boil 1 spoon of powder with 1 cup of cow milk and consume it luke warm.
Repeat this twice a day

3. If stones are formed due to kapha dosha (phlegm), stone inside will be big in size and will be either in white or honey color and urinary bladder and rectum are always cold and heavy. But it hurts like thorns inside, especially while urinating.

Cure : Get 50 gm of Horsegram(ulavalu) and boil its powder in half litre water till a big cup of liquid remains.
Add saindhava lavanam(black salt/ kaala namak) 1/4th spoon in it and consume it lukewarm thrice a day.

Another method which can be used in general for any type of stone is pallerukayala powder 10gm mixed with 10gm honey. Eat them and drink a cup of sheep milk(preferable) or goat milk immediately.
This will melt down all types of kidney stones within few days