CHI energies and significance

CHI or energy is Air, cosmetic breath which vibrates through our own body. It is the life force of the universe. It is geomagnetic force. CHI is dispersed by the winds and can be contained with the help of water. The Different Types of CHI and … Read more

Feng-Shui meaning and explanation

Fengshui literally means water and air. This is a Chinese art in which water and air could be used in a better way. Through fengshui the energy of the plot can be utilized in a better manner. ‘Yang’ fengshui proposes for the accumulation of internal energy. … Read more

YING YANG and Energies

All good fortune contains tiny seeds of misfortune, and likewise when times are bad they also embrace the seeds of good fortune. YING & YANG are present everywhere, A balance between them is very important for harmony. EARTH – SKY MOON – SUN NIGHT – DAY … Read more