CHI energies and significance

Chi energyCHI or energy is Air, cosmetic breath which vibrates through our own body. It is the life force of the universe. It is geomagnetic force. CHI is dispersed by the winds and can be contained with the help of water.

The Different Types of CHI and its movement

1. Sheng CHI – This CHI is the career of good energy. It gives feeling of well-being, Joy, Happiness, Positive outlook, Vitality, Prosperity. All meandering roads, paths bring sheng CHI.

2. SHA CHI – Energy when chanelled in a straight line path gathers force which becomes a destructive form of energy. It is an aggressive force. It is cutting or killing CHI. All pointed arrows, straight roads, overhead beams, broken tree Barks pointing cause SHA CHI.
3. SI CHI – It is an negative energy. All feelings of death, sadness, gloomness, depression, bring SI CHI.

There is dead CHI and Live CHI, the CHI that is lively and generates energy is the beneficial CHI, any area where CHI is not able to flow or meander for EG. Where the CHI is locked in a store room, This CHI is dead CHI.

SHA CHI is the lethal negative force, which accumulates in stagnant and dirty water, This SHA, CHI, Or the killing CHI is very harmful.

The CHI combines the Body and Soul, it not only conveys the message to move but also is the major force, which enables us to have a good life.