Graha Malika Yoga 2022 August

Graha Malika Yoga 2022 forms during 21, 22, 23, 24 August. Vedic Astrology scriptures describe Graha Malika Yoga as having all seven planets involved in a sequence of at least 4 signs in a row, and up-to nine signs in a row and exclude the need for Lagna to be involved. Moon can be in either of these houses or in ninth house to form this yoga.
Graha Malika Yoga 2022

If your horoscope has planets distributed continuously in 4, 5, 6 or 7 signs such that the planets are placed in subsequent signs one after the other; it forms a Graha-Malika yoga.
Graha Malika Yoga 2022 starts when Moon enters Mithuna Rasi (Gemini) on 21 August at 17:58 IST.
Remaining planets Jupiter (Rx) in Pisces (Meena), Rahu in Aries (Mesha), Mars in Taurus (Vrishabha), Venus in Cancer (Karkataka), Sun in Leo (Simha), Mercury in Virgo (Kanya) and Ketu in Libra (Thula) together form Graha Malika Yoga 2022 in 8 continuous signs.
Only Saturn (Rx) in Capricorn is not involved.
Since they are continuously placed in signs one after the other, it forms a continuous chain or garland. Hence the name Grah-Malika or a garland made with planets.
This Graha Malika Yoga 2022 ends on 24 August at 06:45 IST when Moon leaves Gemini and breaks the continuous chain of 8 planets in 8 zodiac signs.
As 8 continuous houses are occupied 1 each by 8 planets, it is Ashta Graha Malika Yoga.

This yoga is in general termed as good if planets are distributed in 4 or more signs in such a way that they start from one kendra and end on the other.
So, people born in Pisces (Meena Rasi) will be most benefited from this Graha Malika Yoga 2022 as it starts with them and covers 3 kendra (Pisces, Gemini and Virgo). Jupiter in Pisces is beneficial for them.
Those born in Virgo (Kanya Rasi) and Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) will be the next to reap benefits as their lord Mercury is exalted and they also have planets in kendras.

Aries (Mesha Rasi), Cancer (Karka Rasi) and Libra (Thula Rasi) will experience moderate benefits with some struggle.
Taurus, Leo will get least benefits, while Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius face tough situations.
As every sign lord is involved in this Mailka Yoga, one significant event will occur in everyone’s lives and also in many countries.
If a kid is born during these dates (August 21-24) in 2022, and if Lagna (rising sign or Ascendant) is Scorpio, Sagittarius or Scorpio then they are born fortunate as Mailka Yoga with planets in their 5,6,7,8,9 houses bestow fortune on them.
Aquarius Lagna misses out to some extent as Lagna lord Saturn in 12th house acts as barricade for luck.
Moon Squares Jupiter in those days which forms GajaKesari Yoga.
In case of Kala Sarpa Yoga, where grahas in the beginning and end of the chain are the kings of the chart, all the other grahas have become second in importance.
Similarly, in Graha Mailka Yoga, beginning and end grahas are either holding the chart hostage or pampering the chart with goodies. This all depends on the nature of the two planets placement and the Yoga they form with each other.
Here, Jupiter and Ketu hold the start and end points of this Graha Malika Yoga 2022 and they are in Quincunx or Quinduodecile or Inconjunct to each other (150° or 210° apart).
Jupiter Quindecile to Ketu suggest obsessive focus on education, philosophy or spirituality. For everyone, this is the time to turn towards spirituality and learn more about self awareness and ancient scriptures.
Sun Quindecile from Saturn suggest obsessive focus on ambition, control and achievement. There may be an intense suppression and disruption experienced by Capricorn and Leo born.
Also, Saturn Quindecile to the Moon suggests the emotional drive being channeled into the aspected planet for Capricorn and Gemini natives.

After this Graha Mailka Yoga 2022, melting rate of ice-caps in the Arctic and Antarctic regions will decrease and the global melting of icecaps should cease.
Time [experience] will also slow down. It means that we spend more time enjoying our food, sleep, nature, play etc rather than rush for something else.

Planetary Transit Effects in August 2022

Aug 1 – Mars conjuncts Uranus in Taurus and the North node – The warrior planet meets the exciting argumentative crazy one – do not rush – think before you act – do not fight – eat good food – and stop being stubborn just let it go – this could be a powerful transformative transit if it hits your personal chart in any way.

Aug 2 – Venus sextiles Uranus – Romance heating up ? Time to try online dating if you are single and if you have a partner plan a romantic date in a new different exciting place.

Aug 2 – Venus sextiles Mars – Love is truly in the air today – find it – keep it – work on it – make a plan to get it and go out and enjoy yourself.

Aug 7 – Venus trines Neptune – Once again romantic delusional love is stimulated – do not drink and kiss – just read poetry and hug.

Aug 7 – Mars squares Saturn – This one is not so nice – fighting is in the air and delays are hurting your process – time for focusing your energy but at the end of the day take a jacuzzi bath and eat a nice but not big meal.

Aug 9 – Venus opp Pluto – Just as you met that new connection things could get too intense – slow it down.

Aug 11 – Sun squares Uranus – Stubbornness and who is in control could create great tension – do not let it – just give in and always think before you act – especially today.

Aug 11 – Mars sextiles Neptune – Energy making nice with escapism – go watch a movie – have a picnic near a waterfall – just relax.

August 11 – FULL MOON in Capricorn – This full moon being conjunct with Saturn – expect tempers to flair and protests to expand – remain calm read books – feed your intellectual side and stay away from crowds – this Full Moon is also exactly squaring Uranus so do not rush things as accidents are in the air for the whole month.

Aug 14 – Sun opposite Saturn – Conflicts of interest here – try to work it out but do not push – maybe wait till tomorrow especially with new projects.

Aug 14 – Mars trines Pluto – This feels nice and strong – say what you feel today you just might be heard.

Aug 16 – Mercury trines Uranus – Words are exciting – communication is rolling strong especially online – say it with vigor but do not hurt anyone.

Aug 18 – Venus trines Jupiter – Romance is lucky again – call a loved one – say hello – make a plan and have fun tonight.

Aug 21 – Mercury opp Neptune – Thoughts going wild – do not play them out – write them down instead especially if its poetry but definitely not your check book.

Aug 22 – Mercury trines Pluto – Strong communications but good – make calls reach out.

Aug 27 – Venus squares Mercury – This could put a damper in communication – do not call today – just plan what you want to say to a love interest but hold off for two more days.

Aug 27 – NEW MOON in Leo – Clean up your house organize your office – finish projects and stop criticizing everyone.

Aug 27 – Sun squares Mars – Sound like fights are brewing – do not do it – wait a few days till you calm down

Aug 28 – Venus opp Saturn – Relationships taking it on the chin – romance delayed – do not feel bad – it is not you it is them.

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