Karmic Influence of Full Moon in Libra, April 2018

Full Moon occurs in Libra on 29th April 2018 according to Vedic Astrology. This moon is influenced by conjunction of retrograde Jupiter, aspected by Venus and Sun from Aries, and retrograde Saturn from Sagittarius.
Full Moon in Libra April 2018Vaisakha (वैशाख) or Baisakha (बैसाख) is a month in vedic calendar, which is named so because fullmoon occurs when moon close to Visakha Constellation in Libra.
Conjunctions of Fullmoon with most powerful Jupiter (Retrograde) in sign of Venus and other karmic planet like Saturn(retrograde) will lead to dilemma situations in relationships.
This is a good Full moon because Saturn in Sagittarius will be making a sextile to it. So we will finally feel some stability.

During this month, Venus trines Saturn – Enjoy the quieter pleasures. Spend few evenings at home with your favorite pursuits.
Venus opposite Jupiter – You will want to have a good time today but be careful of going overboard.
Saturn will not stand for half-measures or fickle commitments. It is all about endurance and the long haul. Saturn retrograde in Jupiter owned sign, aspecting retrograde Jupiter will make people fight for justice.
Social Media will become a platform for street fights and mudslingings.
Also karmic planets Ketu and Rahu squaring this fullmoon will make you realize your position in present relationship. This can be end of old and start of new relations, ideas, habits.
If your relation(s) have started in the second half of 2017, they will be tested to the core during April 2017 under this Karmic Influence.

Mercury squares Saturn – Communication can get depressing and restrictive. Keep busy with other things.

This month is also very intense emotional time. It is better to stay away from any relation that does not seem to have a future.
This Full Moon emphasizes matters of credit. Make sure you are not overextended with your credit cards, loans etc.
If you are newly into a relation, do not get too attached and let this period pass.
Until Jupiter changes sign into friendly scorpio on 11th October, do not take any drastic decisions.

Mars sextiles Jupiter – Luck plus energy will be pumped up. So, go for it.
Mercury squares Saturn – Communication can get depressing and restrictive. Keep yourself busy with other things.
Sun trines Saturn – Nice stability to end the month with. Put things together.
Mars conjunct Saturn – This is good for focusing your energy. But be careful not to overdo it and exhaust yourself. Avoid arguments.
Mercury squares Mars – Arguments continue. Your mind is active but impatient. Slow down to avoid mistakes.

People born under moon signs of Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces need to estimate their real positions in relationships this month and also control their expenditure.
Few may run out of their credit limit or cash reserves due to past commitments, expenditures.
Avoid getting into a group conversation or into any argument. Drive carefully.
Try to stay away from alcohol and consume foods that can purify your blood.
Mars stationary, retrograde in Capricorn next month will help Leo, Pisces take better decisions.