Karmic Effects of New Moon in Aries, Full Moon in Libra – May 2019

During the month of May 2019, New Moon (Amavasya) occurs on 4th in Bharani Nakshatra and Full Moon (Poornima) on 18th in Visakha Nakshatra.
Planetary transits, conjunctions, squares, sextiles, aspects etc decide influence on different zodiac signs.
New Moon in Aries May 2019

This New Moon is influenced by conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Mesha Rasi.
Full Moon is under influence of Venus, Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Ketu.
Vaisakha (वैशाख) or Baisakha (बैसाख) is a month in vedic calendar, which is named so because fullmoon occurs when moon is in Visakha constellation in Libra.
Vaisakha Purnima is celebrated as Buddha Purnima or Vesak(sinhalese) in Sri Lanka or the birthday of Gautama Buddha amongst southern Buddhists or the Theravada school.
Aspects on Fullmoon of most powerful karmic planet like Saturn (Retrograde), which is also conjunct another karmic planet Ketu will make or break few careers.
Saturn will not stand for half-measures or fickle commitments. It is all about endurance and the long haul.
This combination on this fullmoon will make you realize your position in present relationship.

All relations formed during 2017-18 will be tested this month. If you have chosen to break away from them, you will be chased and haunted.
Also retrograde Saturn aspect on Full Moon emphasizes matters of credit. Make sure you are not overextended with your credit cards, loans etc.
People born under moon signs of Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces need to take care of health. They can be effected by cold, cough, allergies and sudden weight changes.
If you are newly into a relation, do not get too attached and let this period pass.
During May-June 2019, Mars conjunct Rahu and aspecting Ketu conjunct Saturn can lead to multiple accidents (on road and in air), bomb blasts in few cities, terrorist attacks, tense situations across borders of few countries, possible military action.
This New Moon day (4-5 May 2019), remember your deceased ancestors and perform necessary rituals in their name.

New Moon in Aries on Saturday May 4 : The New Moon trines Saturn and is great for doing hard work to build your dreams. Get busy.

Wednesday May 1 :Mercury sextile Mars and squares Saturn : You now have the energy to tackle difficult communications and paperwork problems. Talking to others can be more difficult.

Thursday May 2 :Mercury square Pluto and Mercury trine Jupiter: Watch what you say today. Your words can have an extra sting. But the Jupiter can still bring luck through communications.

Sunday May 5 :Mars opposition Jupiter : This shortens tempers and makes people more impulsive. Slow down and save your energy.

Tuesday May 7 :Venus square Saturn : This is good for doing hard work to beautify something. Forget beauty treatments though. They will take longer and be less satisfying.

Thursday May 9 :Venus trine Jupiter : Venus/Jupiter is good for having a good time. Watch out for jealousy.

Saturday May 11 :Sun trine Saturn : A nice stable aspect. Everything seems more normal today.

Tuesday May 14 :Venus sextile Mars : Now you can go out and have a good time. This also begins four days of favorable Mercury aspects. Increases imagination and is good for writing.

Thursday May 16 :Mercury trine Saturn : This aspect stabilizes the mind and makes it more practical. It is good for doing routine tasks.

Saturday May 18 :Mercury trine Ketu : This gives the ability to notice things that are normally hidden from you. It also makes it easier to persuade people because you can think of good reasons faster.

Tuesday May 21 :Sun conjunct Mercury : This aspect is good for face-to-face conversations. Stop texting and talk to a real live person.

Thursday May 30 :Venus sextile Neptune : A great day for doing something artistic or creative. If you cannot, at least take a walk in the park and smell the flowers. Another aspect today includes Mercury opposes Jupiter : Be careful not to over-promise. And be careful of other people making promises they cannot keep.

Friday May 31 :Venus sextile Saturn : This is a good day for simple, quiet pleasures.