Saturn Mars Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, April 2020

Saturn Mars Jupiter will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury conjunct Neptune in Aquarius during April 2020.
Sun will be conjunct Uranus during last week of April. Kalasarpa Yoga continues during 13–27 April 2020.

Pluto is lord of the Underworld. All forces hidden below can resurface when major planets conjunct it.
When major planets like Saturn, Jupiter are conjunct Pluto at same time, effects will be global.
Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth. It represents endings and new beginnings, as well as spiritual growth and rebirth. Negative expression of Pluto is an obsessive desire for power and control and general destructiveness. This is what China attempted to do as Pluto entered its Lagna.
When Saturn was conjunct Pluto in early January 2020, Coronavirus started spreading across the globe.
During Mid-January, Mercury conjunct Saturn and Pluto has concealed the fact that coronavirus (covid-19) spreads through human touch.
This lead to mass destruction of human lives and economy in many countries.
Pluto transiting in 1st house of China create first impressions of them to be strong. They might often intimidate others and can be very protective of their privacy.
China will struggle with fears of being overpowered, rejected, or minimized. They alway deny the obvious or the surface of matters which get exposed by Jupiter.

Pluto conjunct Mars, Saturn, Jupiter in 2020

Mars and Saturn conjunct in any sign can kill people due to accidents, blood infections, failure of organs. Due to close proximity with Ketu is past few months, Viral infections occured.
Capricorn (Makara Rasi) being the Karma Sthana (10th house) of zodiac, these conjunctions will deliver karmic results of what humans gave to this world so far.
Mars is the aggressor which makes few people oppose the law and create nuisance. It has entered exalted sign capricorn on 22 March and ever since many countries, including India have either imposed curfew or went to lockdown.
Saturn in own supports resilience of people. Jupiter is weak in its debilitated sign and is not supporting quick recovery of economies.
Pluto, which controls ambitions of masses is igniting Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.
This leads to situations which cannot be controlled by governments.
Pluto conjunct Saturn have seen things like world wars and economic bursts, such as the Australian gold rush (since 1851 CE), technological advancements like invention of photography.
Mars stays in Makara Rasi till 03 May 2020, which is not helping with improvement in situation.
Also Jupiter transits through 3 signs with 1 Vedic New Year (Sarvari Nama Samvatsara 2020-2021).

Jupiter transits 3 signs within 1 year (2020-2021) leading to Catastrophe

Jupiter entered Capricorn on 29 March, comes back to Sagittarius on 01 July and re-enters Capricorn on 19 November 2020.
Jupiter jumps into Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) on 05 April 2021 before Sarvari nama samvatsara ends. This Jupiter transit through 3 signs within 12 months indicate devastation for the world and economies.
Many business which collapsed during March 2020, will struggle to recover even in 2021. Effects of recession can be seen till 2022.
There is also a war like situation in Asia – Europe during 2020-22.
People will die in huge numbers due to a catastrophe.

Mercury, the King of Sarvari Nama Samvatsara 2020-2021, will be transiting its debilitated sign Pisces (Meena) during 07-25 April 2020.
During this time, Saturn aspects Mercury and Sun (commander-in-chief of this year) transits exalted sign Aries.
Few politicians, rulers, royal families will be effected by Coronavirus.
It already happened in early March 2020 as King of Vikari Nama Samvatsara (2019-20), Saturn was afflicted.
This year, only strong and honest leaders can remain in power.
Mistakes of few politicians can prove to be too expensive.
Venus is its own sign and trine conjunction of Saturn Mars Jupiter Pluto can help people discover their hidden creativity during freetime.

Mercury conjunct Neptune April 2020

This is good time for highly intuitive and creative.
Spend your freetime in artistic and literary endeavors, especially fiction and fantasy.
Mind often wanders and hopes for better for future.
Best month ahead for writers (fiction and history).

Sun conjunct Uranus April-May 2020

This makes people rebel against that which is established. It does not mean that they consistently break all the rules, but they definitely do question some of the rules, especially those that simply do not make much sense to them.
Sun this year is the commander-in-chief, which makes few policemen, armed forces act independently to enforce law and end up facing criticism.
Uranus is the reformer, while Sun is the Ego.
So it is a hard struggle for those who cannot accept the law of the land and want to rebel.

Rahu leaves Arudra Nakshatra

22 April 2020 is when Rahu leaves its own nakshatra Arudra and enters Mrigasira.
This will give a better picture of upcoming future. There will be lot of uncertainity until then.

Major Transits for April 2020

Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday April 7: Normally a good time to socialize but is difficult when most of the world is still in quarantine. In addition, the Full Moon is quincunx Neptune (confusion). Nothing will be clear about the Corona Pandemic during this time.

New Moon in Aries on Wednesday April 22: The New Moon is conjunct Uranus, planet of sudden and unexpected change. There could be news of a new treatment for the virus, but it needs to be checked out (subject to testing on humans). The problem with Uranus is that it can make people take action before it is ready (treatment without proper testing).

Friday April 3: Mercury conjunct Neptune: This is good for communicating with friends and loved ones.

Saturday April 4: Venus trine Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Pluto: Venus/Saturn is good for quiet happiness at home. Jupiter/Pluto is good for planning major, long-range changes. The pandemic will be over eventually. This is a good day to plan future changes in your life.

Tuesday April 7: Mars square Uranus, Mercury sextile Pluto, and Mercury sextile Jupiter: Mars/Uranus can give you energy. It can also make you rush things. This can lead to accidents. Slow down and think before you act. Mercury/Plutohels you focus your mind on solving problems. Mercury/Jupiter adds optimism and the ability to get the Big Picture. This is a good day for making important contacts and planning for the future.

Saturday April 11: Mercury sextile Saturn: This is good for solid, practical thinking.

Tuesday April 14: Sun square Pluto: This makes tempers shorter. Avoid conflict today. Use this Pluto energy to clean things up and throw things out.

Wednesday April 15: Sun square Jupiter: Over optimism can make you take on more things than you can handle. Stick to one thing at a time.

Tuesday April 21: Sun square Saturn: This is a good day for working on the important things you have been putting off.

Saturday April 25: Mercury square Pluto and Jupiter: Be extra careful of arguments today. A little disagreement today can get very Big, very Fast.

Sunday April 26: Sun conjunct Uranus: A good day to break routine and do something a little different. But be sure to think about making changes before you make them. Uranus can be very impulsive.

Tuesday April 28: Mercury square Saturn: You may tend to be too pessimistic today. Stick to routine. Avoid making important communications.

Thursday April 30: Mercury conjunct Uranus: That new idea may look great. But it needs work. Look before you leap.