Six Planets influence Pisces and Virgo in October 2022

Six Planets influence Pisces and Virgo zodiac signs during early October 2022.
Mercury, Sun and Venus are already transiting Virgo during first half of this month, while Jupiter in Pisces will be conjunct Moon on 08-09 October.
sun in pisces sign

Jupiter in Pisces (Meena) is transiting in retrograde motion and on Uttarabhadra nakshatra, which is owned by Saturn.
So, Jupiter delivers results controlled by retrograde Saturn in Capricorn.
Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn make a rare 6 planet combined force which effects Pisces the most, followed by Virgo.
Virgo will go through few health hiccups during first half of October 2022, with symptoms like headache, body pains, cramps in legs, lethargy, dizziness at day and insomnia at night, loneliness, lack of motivation etc.
Pisces will see some heavu expenditure, which was already going on for more than a year.
Combust and debilitated Venus opposing Jupiter is trying to make Virgo natives anxious for unnecessary reasons.
Mercury retrograde ends on 2nd october, which eases communication and clears confusions that prevailed through september.

Mercury exalted in Virgo gives a sharp mind but Jupiter opposition gives Over optimism, selfishness, unrealistic goals and promises.
Pisceans and Virgos must not make any promises this month, which you may not be able to keep them. And do not count on the promises other people will make to you.
Retrograde Saturn influencing retrograde Jupiter in Pisces, makes things move at snail pace.
Although Jupiter is partially favoring Scorpio, Retrograde Saturn keeps them tense until 3rd week of this month.
Aries goes through heavy expenditure and debts, while Taurus spends anxious moments with loved ones.
Gemini gets busy but with little rewards. Cancerians have a comfortable month ahead.
Leo struggles financially and also cannot meet promises made in the past.
Virgo has life full of troubles but blessings coming from most unexpected corner can save them to some extent.
Libra faces humiliation, ill-health, dilemma about future, fatigue, debts.
Scorpio can have better days until first half of October and struggle later. Past commitments rob their peace of mind.
Sagittarians have no clue of what is going on behind their back until mid-October.
Capricorns feel discarded and lonely. Their ideas and opinions are not respected.
Aquarians have no place to go and no one to talk with, though surrounded by everyone.
Pisceans, after going through lot of expenses, travel and physical strain, can experience some relief from 3rd week of October.

Generally, this planetary position indicates trouble for those living in coastal areas. There is huge possibility of Cyclone hitting coasts along Bay of Bengal and Pacific Ocean.

Effects of Planetary Transits in October 2022

October 1 – Venus opposite Jupiter – Venus and Jupiter in any position expands love but the opposition could expand Venusian relationships and spending money a little too much, especially in connection with beautification and enjoyment.

October 2 – Mercury goes Direct – Finally Mercury is forward ! Time to start your life again. But wait a few days as there is always the Mercury shadow after retrogrades. But then it is full force motion – sign the contracts – buy the house and most importantly schedule your chart reading to see what is up for you in the next few months.

October 6 – Mercury trine Pluto – Thoughts and words are strong now. Time to think before you speak. Communication is intensified. Now would be a good time to talk about those sensitive subjects.

October 9 – FULL MOON in Pisces – Very strong cold full moon – no hugs – Pisces as the last sign tends to start a new cycle, so look for things to begin and move forward with strength and fortitude.

October 11 – Sun trine Saturn – This aspect is helping you now with all those difficult tasks and situations. Just keep going – the force is with you.

October 12– Mars squares Neptune – War and anger are confusing now. Maybe they are not your enemy ? Wait a few days to make decisions on creative matters because things may not be what they seem to be.

October 12 – Mercury opposite Jupiter – Speech exaggerated now – see through the fluff and ask more questions. Be careful of the promises you make you may not be able to keep them and that goes for the people doing it to you too. Do not over commit yourself.

October 14 – Venus trines Saturn – Relationships getting serious – are you ready for this ? Is this true love ? Find out now. This is also a good time to beautify things.

October 17 – Sun trines Mars – Very strong energy with this. Time to get up work out and get things done.

October 18 – Venus trines Mars – Relationships getting some nice energy to move forward. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want.

October 19 – Sun squares Pluto– Tempers can run high. Calm down and re think your moves.

October 20 – Venus squares Pluto – Oh no relationships getting some turmoil. Do not fight – just talk it out and calm communication can help now.

October 22 – Sun conjunct Venus – Now is the time to find love and keep love. Anyone interesting around you in your life ? Feel like having a new romance – do it now. Also a good time for pleasurable experiences.

October 22 – Mercury trine Saturn – Very serious communication. Good for business and money talks.

October 22 – Sun conjunct Venus – Lovely for relationships – propose now – ask them on a date. It just might work out, but get a Relationship Reading first to see how you both get along and if this truly is your soul mate.

October 25 – NEW MOON in Libra – A new moon in Libra is a fresh start for great passion. Venus in own sign is exactly on the moon which will increase relationship energy for better or for worse. Obsessions are abound including with money so do not overspend.

October 26 – Mercury trines Mars – Good for strong conversations on serious subjects. Communication is energized.

October 27 – Mercury squares Pluto – Be careful with communication now. Just hold it in if you can and pick it up in a few days.