Annular Solar Eclipse 14 October 2023, Effects

Annular Solar Eclipse 14 October 2023 occurs with Moon, Sun in Chitra Nakshatra (Spica Virginis / Alpha Virginis) conjunct Mercury in Hasta of Virgo (Kanya Rasi).
Ketu in Chitra (libra or Thula Rasi) along with Mars in Swati nakshatra are also conjunct this Eclipse.
Annular Solar Eclipse 14 October 2023 Vedic Astrology

Rahu in Mesha rasi opposes it, while Jupiter in Mesha, Saturn (retrograde) in Kumbha, Venus in Simha rasi have no effect on this Solar Eclipse.
Maximum Total Solar Eclipse 2023 will be visible only in places that fall under dark colored path. Places in light colored zone will only get to experience darker sky during afternoon or before actual sunset.
Total Solar Eclipse 2023 (Surya Grahan) will be seen at first location at 15:03:50 UTC and ends at 20:55:16 UTC at last location, with maximum eclipse at 17:59:32 UTC.
Entire duration of this Annular solar eclipse is 5 hours, 52 minutes and 26 seconds.
People living in entire North America (except part of Alaska) and Most of South America (except south of Chile and Argentine) can witness and experience effects of this Annular Solar Eclipse on 14th October 2023.
Countries in West Africa can see hint of eclipse, which is negligible.
Solar Eclipse 14 October 2023 Path

Solar Eclipse 14 October 2023 Astrology Effects on 12 Moon Signs

Along with Moon and Mercury, Mars also is combust and this is already creating unusual heat during october 2023.
New Moon is opposing Rahu, planet of Discord and Disruption. Make an extra effort to avoid arguments this month. Venus is opposite Saturn. Avoid major expenses around this eclipse.
5 planets (Mars, Ketu, Sun, Moon, Mercury) cause long term disruptions in lives of people born under Moon signs and Ascendants of Virgo (Kanya) and Libra (Thula).
Life threatening legal situation for Virgo, while health hiccups for Libra.
Sculptors, interior designers, carpenters, painters, builders experience tough month.
There will be some confusion in lives of Mesha (Aries) and Meena (Pisces) natives too.

Aquarius can be cornered and forced to act against their wishes. Money spent on renovation, repair prove to be useless.
Scorpio (Vrischik) will be financially benefited but it is short lived until upcoming Lunar Eclipse on 28-29 October 2023.
Taurus (Vrishabha) loses peace of mind due to loved ones at home.
Gemini (Mithuna) go through hard work and miss physical comforts.
Cancer (Karka) can go on a short trip which proves to be useless.
Leo (Simha) faces cash crunch and unavoidable family pressure.
Sagittarius and Capricorn are not effected by this solar eclipse.
People born under Chitra, Dhanishta, Mrigasira nakshatras and also under Aries or Scorpio moon signs or ascendants are most effected by this solar eclipse, if they live in North or South Americas.

Solar Eclipses usually causes political disturbance along with climate changes.
Flight crashes possible along with heat wave, followed by cyclones and floods.
Tuesday October 10: Venus opposes Saturn: This is a good day to work hard beautify things. But do not go to a beauty parlor. It will take too long and you will not like the result.

Friday October 13: Mars trine Saturn AND Mercury sesquasquare Saturn : The Mars-Saturn aspect helps you to focus your energy. You can accomplish more today. The Mercury-Saturn is not good for negotiations. Take extra time to negotiate deals and come to an agreement.

Wednesday October 18: Sun and Mercury opposes Rahu AND Mercury semisquare Venus : Extra energy today. And shorter tempers. Best advice for today: more action and less talk.

Thursday October 19: Venus sesquasquare Rahu : Avoid buying expensive items today. Watch your spending.

Friday October 20 AND Saturday October 21: Sun conjunct Mercury AND Mercury square Pluto : The aspect tomorrow will affect you today. Be careful of arguments today, especially with your boss or people in authority. Totally avoid discussing controversial topics. Today, silence is REALLY golden. As always with Pluto, if you feel overwhelmed, throw things out. This drains the Pluto energy.

Sunday October 22: Venus trine Jupiter AND Mercury trine Saturn AND Venus sesquasquare Pluto : Venus-Jupiter can make you feel better. Mercury-Saturn can mean practical thinking. Venus-Pluto can make for slight stress in relationships. Better to discuss stressful matters tomorrow.