Total Solar Eclipse 4 December 2021, Effects

Total solar eclipse 4 December 2021 occurs with Mercury and Sun in Jyestha (α, σ and τ Scorpionis) constellation of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio). NewMoon in Jyeshta Nakshatra and Ketu in Anuradha Nakshatra will be conjunct.
Solar Eclipse 4 December 2021 Effects

Rahu in Krittika nakshatra will be opposing this solar eclipse, while Mars in Visakha nakshatra will be getting closer.
Jupiter in Dhanishta, Saturn in Sravana, Venus in Uttarashada nakshatras have no impact.
Total eclipse will be visible only in places that fall under dark colored path. Places in light colored zone will only get to see partial solar eclipse.
Total Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) will be seen at first location at 05:29:16 UTC and ends at 07:33:26 UTC at last location, with maximum eclipse at 09:37:26 UTC.
Entire duration of this Annular solar eclipse is 4 hours, 08 minutes and 10 seconds.
People living in South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Southern tips of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand can experience effects of this Total Solar Eclipse on 4th December 2021.

Solar Eclipse 4 December 2021 Astrology Effects on 12 Zodiac Signs

Sun, Mercury, Moon in Jyeshta Nakshatra are conjunct Ketu in Anuradha Nakshatra forming this Solar Eclipse on a New Moon Day.
This cluster of 4 planets (Sun, Moon, Rahu, Mercury) are in close proximity with Mars in Visakha.
These 5 planets will cause disturbances in lives of people born in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius Ascendants and Moon Signs.
Anyone born in above signs and dealing with government, contracts, permissions, legal issues will face multiple delays, obstacles.
Also health issues to self or family members can be experienced.
There will be multiple restrictions over travel, financial proceedings, meetings of higher officials.
If not handled with diplomacy, few relations can be permanently damaged,
Taurus and Scorpio moon sign born will face tough living conditions, strained relations.

Aries needs to cut down expenses, have timely diet and sleep. Gemini can find working conditions being tougher than usual.
Librans can suffer from body pains, financial losses.
Sagittarians will experience insomnia and ill-health.
This solar eclipse increases Confusion, Illusion, and Deception around the world for the next 4 months.
With Kala Sarpa Dosha/Yoga and Retrograde+Combust Venus starting its effect from mid-December 2021, few countries will go into lockdown.
Travel restrictions, failure of few vaccinations can be seen.
Solar eclipses that follow Lunar eclipses can also bring natural calamities and political turmoil.
South Africa, Namibia will experience growth in covid cases with new strain. Australia and New Zealand can continue travel restrictions.
India, USA, few European countries will impose partial lockdowns.
People born with Moon in Jyeshta, Revati, Aslesha or with Scorpio Ascendant or Moon Sign, or undergoing Vimsottari dasa or major antardasa of Mercury (Budha) will experience changes with huge impact. These will be related to home, work, health or finance.
Avoid consumption of any cooked food during eclipse time, as digestion will be slow and can cause constipation. (Applicable only to those who can see solar eclipse).

Planetary Transits for December 2021

New Moon on Saturday December 4: The Scorpio New Moon tends to bring holiday cheer. This time Mars square Jupiter can bring excess. That combination is impulsive and does not know when to stop. Make sure you control things you do.

Full Moon on Saturday December 18: Okay. Jupiter trine the Moon can bring some good luck. Neptune makes a weak square though. Things may not be what they seem. Double Check before making major decisions.

Monday December 6: Mars sextile Pluto: Energy increases today. Be active.

Wednesday December 8: Mars square Jupiter: This can give you the energy to succeed but watch out! It can also make you impulsive and reckless. Your chances of success are better today if you slow down and be a little cautious.

Thursday December 9: Mercury trine Eris: A good day to take care of all communications. But don’t rush into major legal agreements right now

Friday December 10: Mercury semisquare Saturn: Take care of those dull, annoying tasks today. You know. The ones you have been putting off.

Saturday December 11: Mercury sesquasquare Uranus AND Venus conjunct Pluto AND Mercury sextile Jupiter: In relationships, you may get a chance to see what the other person is really like-for better or worse.

Sunday December 12: Sun square Neptune: Avoid major business deals and major purchases today. Things are not what they seem to be.

Thursday December 16: Sun semisquare Saturn: Things take a little longer today. Do not crowd your schedule.

Friday December 17: Sun sesquasquare Uranus: Expect the unexpected today. Think before you act.

Sunday December 19: Sun sextile Jupiter AND Venus turns RETROGRADE: The first one gives some extra luck today. The Venus Retrograde lasts until January 29. It can bring people back from your past and is also good for going over your finances. Get an early start on your taxes.

Monday December 20: Mercury trine Uranus: Get out of that rut. Do something new and different today.

Wednesday December 22: Mercury semisquare Jupiter: Pay extra attention to details today. Especially if you don’t want to.

Friday December 24: Saturn square Uranus: Uranus brings change. Saturn doesn’t want to change. The trick today is to make changes slowly and carefully.

Saturday December 25: Venus conjunct Pluto: Make an extra effort to avoid arguments in romantic relationships.

Sunday December 26: Mercury sextile Neptune: Today you can say the “right thing” automatically. Trust your intuition.

Monday December 27: Venus semisquare Mars: This can cause stress in romantic relationships. Make an extra effort to avoid arguments today.

Tuesday December 28: Mars semisquare Pluto AND Mercury square Eris: This is another argument combination. Don’t discuss politics.

Wednesday December 29: Mercury conjunct Venus AND Mars sextile Saturn: Things get back to normal from yesterday. You can succeed with projects that require careful planning

Thursday December 30: Mercury conjunct Pluto: Your mind is sharper today and so are your comments. Take it easy on criticism, especially in relationships.

Friday December 31: Mercury semisquare Mars: Same as yesterday. Take it easy when criticizing someone.