Saturn transit in Sravana Nakshatra from 21 January 2021, Effects

Saturn, the biggest, yet slowest moving karmic planet will be transiting in nakshatra (constellation) of Sravana (α, β and γ Aquilae) in Capricorn Sign (Makara Rasi) from 20:46 HRS (IST) on 21 January 2021, according to K.P Ayanamsa.Saturn transit in Sravana Nakshatra

Sravana, is represented in the celestial firmament by an ear, three footprints in an uneven row, a trident.
Sravana translates ‘to hear’ or ‘ear’.
This Saturn transit in Sravana Nakshatra (α, β and γ Aquilae) owned by Moon is not good for people born with Moon in : Satabhisha, Aslesha and Hasta.
People born with moon in above nakshatras will face lack of growth at work, unforeseen expenditure, losses in business, threats of losing job or lack of new oppurtunities, defamation, ill-health of self or family members, lack of concentration in education and strained relations at home and work.
Saturn continues to transit in Sravana Nakshatra till 17 February 2022 at 04:15 IST . During these 13 months, Jupiter will be conjunct Saturn in Sravana until 04 March 2021 at 14:49 IST.
During these 42 days, Sun will also transit Sravana nakshatra during 24 January – 05 February which makes them deliver the results of Moon for individuals and countries.
If someone is going through vimsottari dasa of Moon, they should experience all those events which are meant to be delivered by Moon during this period.
Generally, this period is good for those born in Ascendants (Lagna) of Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.
For others the results depend on which houses Moon signifies. If it is related to 6th or 8th houses, there will be troubles regarding health, finance and family.
Saturn Retograde in Sravana from 23 May until 11 October 2021 will effect people born with Moon in : Poorvashada, Pushyami and Rohini.
Jupiter is ready to deliver karma related to Moon since 6th January 2021, but as Saturn is more powerful in delivering karma, we need to wait till 21st January or rather 23rd January 2021 when Sun also enters Sravana and Moon transits Rohini nakshatra, which makes it perfect day for Moon.
This transit delivers results of houses signified by Sun and Saturn in your horoscope, as Saturn transits its owned house and Sun owned nakshatra for entire 2020.
If Moon signifies progressive houses like 1,2,3,4,6,9,11 in one’s horoscope, then this transit will be beneficial.
Also if Moon signifies houses like 5 or 7, love or marriage will happen suddenly with a stranger during this transit.

Saturn transiting Capricorn is benefic to people born with Moon in Magha, Swathi, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapada as it brings financial gains, new oppurtunities and relations, help from officials.
It is bad for people born with Moon in Arudra, Aslesha, Chitra, Sravana, Poorvabhadra.
If Saturn and Moon or both signify bad houses like 8 or 12, expect tough year ahead in 2021. Sudden loss of blood relatives, friends, money, health, reputation can occur. Loneliness will cause insomnia and depression.

Saturn Combust 2021 in Capricorn (Sravana Nakshatra)

Saturn along with Jupiter will be conjunct Sun and Mercury which makes it combust from 13 January till 10 February 2021.
As per traditional Vedic Astrology, Saturn being combust is not given much importance in almanacs, as it is not a natural benefic and never considered for muhurtas in auspisicious events.
Only Natural Benefics like Jupiter, Venus, Moon are considered and they should not be combust while planning a Muhurtha. If transiting through evil sign, during combustion, Saturn becomes more harsh and creates troubles at work, health and family.
For example : Saturn transiting 8th house for Gemini Moon Sign or Ascendant is dangerous when it is combust and conjunct other planets.
If you are undergoing Saturn Mahadasa or Antardasa, or if Saturn is one of the Ruling planets at birth time (Being born with Moon in Pushyami, Anuradha, Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatras or born with Moon in Capricorn/Makara Rasi or Lagna, Aquarius/Kumbha Rasi or Lagna, or born on a Saturday), then you will be drawn into unnecessary conflicts and quarrels, spouse and children are afflicted and accidents are possible.
This year, Saturn is conjunct multiple planets like Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon during combustion and this creates multiple opportunities for Pisces, Leo, Scorpio.
People born under Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) can feel cheated, lied, lonely due to Saturn+Mercury conjunction in their 8th house.
Many will face heartbreaks, treachery, difference of opionions, arguments leading to permanent seperations during January-March 2021

Saturn denotes work, service, duty, responsibility, karmic relations and people will tend to escape from these during its combustion period.
People born under moon signs of Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn can have some relief as ill-effects of Saturn are reduced to some extent.
Arudra nakshatra born can lose job or suffer from financial problems. Also relations can be strained.
Aslesha nakshatra born will also have financial insecurities and lack of growth. Chitra and Poorvabhadra nakshatras born will experience loneliness, seperation from close relatives.
Sravana nakshatra born can face injuries, frequent hospitalization, medical expenses. They need to maintain low profile for next 1 year.
Magha, Swati, Anudradha, Uttarabhadra nakshatras born will have good time ahead.
7.5 year transit of saturn (Sade-Sathi) effects will be severe for people born with moon under Sravana and Satabhisha constellations.
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Political, Social and Business impact of Saturn in Sravana Nakshatra

Government officials, religious heads, priests will be in trouble.
Saturn in Sravana is not good for people living in East coast of India, especially in Kalinga (present North Andhra till Odisha). They can be effected by natural calamities like floods, cyclones. Also poor economic conditions are possible.
When Saturn and Jupiter transit in same nakshatra (constellation), major cities and capitals will be attacked by protestors.
Example : Currently Jupiter and Saturn are transiting Uttarashada nakshatra since december 2020 and Delhi has been under attack by protestors against Farm Bill.
This will continue until Jupiter leaves Sravana on 4th March 2021.
Production and usage of sexual stimulant drugs will be on rise.
Vegetables and Spices will taste differently this year.