How does each Zodiac Moon Sign act when in Love

Moon Signs reveal our psychology as Moon in Vedic Astrology controls our mind. It can also reveal how each of us act or react when we fall in love.
Lovers Behaviour Astrology

While the Leo can act romantic in public, Capricorn can remain with closed mindset.
Geminis love to exhibit their inner feelings and Taurus do not know when to leave.
Each sign reacts and exhibits emotions differently when attracted to someone. Sometimes, knowing your partner moon sign can help you handle them better, while knowing your own sign will let you know what needs to be done or avoided in a relationship.

Aries : Arians will shower you with attention. Some times, this can also make you feel as if they are forcing you into a relation, which is less of partnership and more of dictatorship.
Owned by fiery Mars, Aries demand discipline and punctuality.
Their confidence can make others suffocating.

Taurus : They tend to hold on when there’s nothing left to hold on to. They love hard and do not know when to walk away from a relation.
Their acts of posessiveness in public will not be liked by partners and friends.
They love what is comfortable and won’t deviate from a path once they have found something that works.

Gemini : Socializing nature of geminis will cause confusion, as you do not know if it is love or friendship.
They will filter many persons before settling on to one.
Once in love, it is difficult to contain them. They need constant communication and upto date information about their partner.

Cancer : Cancerians love to stay at home, cook food for you. They are not social beings who like fancy dinners or drinks at a bar.
If they love you, they invite you home to show how they are going to manage it in future.

Leo : Lions are they number one in faithfulness. They have big, unselfish hearts and their love is as big as their radiant energy.
It is not easy to leave a Leo and walk out of their relationship. They love to exhibit love more in privacy but also act romantic in public.

Virgo : Due to their shy nature, Virgos take time and only fall for those with whom they are comfortable with.
This makes them completely dependent on faithfulness of partner.
When a Virgo falls in love, they tend to become kind of chameleonic in the sense that their personality starts reflecting that of their partners.

Libra : Librans go with the flow. So planning dinner, dates are all responsibility of partner.
Over a period of time, they can lose themselves in relation and it can be difficult to take independent decisions.

Scorpio : They expect a deeper relation beyond bed and would love to discuss everything, including mysterious subjects.
While this insatiable need to be close to their partner could be beneficial to their relationship, the deeper a Scorpio falls, they deeper they hurt, and this sometimes leads to jealousy, irrational behavior, anger and outbreaks.

Sagittarius : They are not the most emotional lovers, but can act enthusiastic, generous and are willing to please.
They would love to travel frequently.
They have less interest in materialistic things, but stick onto their religious and philosophical beliefs.

Capricorn : It is difficult to earn confidence of a capricorn. Their emotional walls are strong, but once breached, they will also offer devotion along with love.
They are cold, least emotional, calculating and rational in love.
These people do not exhibit love but will do everything possible materialistically to build a long term relation.

Aquarius : Aquarians are friendly with many, which can make their partners feel lack of love or attention.
They are creative when it comes to expressing love, planning a date etc.
Partners can suffer from occassional loneliness, but aquarians will not disappoint.

Pisces : Fish can be easily blind-sighted in relationships and can be easily hurt.
Most of the times, pisces chose wrong person or the unfaithful one. It would be better for them to stop trying and let someone approach them naturally.