Planetary Influence in October 2018

All 7 planets will be transiting between Rahu and Ketu during early October 2018, though Mars remains few degrees away.
Moon crosses Mars on 19 October 2018, the day when Vijayadasami festival is celebrated.
Planets influencing in October 2018

During these 19 days of partial Kalasarpa Yoga, people born under almost all moon signs will be effected.
Most effected will be those born under Aries (Mesha Rasi), Taurus (Vrishabha Rasi), Gemini (Mithuna Rasi), Cancer (Karka Rasi), Virgo (Kanya Rasi), Libra (Thula Rasi), Scorpio (Vrischik Rasi), Sagittarius (Dhanus Rasi) and Capricorn (Makara Rasi).
Rahu in Cancer, Mercury and Sun in Virgo, Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Venus (Retrograde and combust) in Libra (Thula Rasi), Jupiter in Scorpio (Vrischik Rasi), Saturn in Sagittarius (Dhanus Rasi), Ketu and Mars in Capricorn (Makara Rasi) control transit predictions during October 2018.
Moon will be conjunct these planets most of this month.
Aries born will face some pressure situations at work as it will be difficult to manage time and health.
Temporary memory loss, forgottten passwords, lost emails can effect them.
Taurus born will be under dilemma at home. Future of kids, relation with spouse will be uncertain. Most of them will spend lonely moments.

Gemini born will have testing time during initial 2 weeks and can relax later. Saturn aspect will test their patience.
Cancer born will be looking for new job or change of job. Few may even rejoin old job or organization.
Financial decisions, frequent travel, expenses made during last month will be regretted.
Virgo born can have some differences within family. Need to be watchful while speaking and also secrets should never be discussed.
Libra moon sign born people will be kept busy with family and travel. Consulting multiple experts over an issue will lead to confusion.
Scorpio born can miss few business oppurtunities before 19 october. However, positive Jupiter can help them later and recover losses from past. Nagging spouse will keep bothering you. Health of kid can also cause some worry.
Sagittarius born will face tough days during 2nd half of october 2018. Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu are making their life difficult.
Capricorn born can suffer from loss of vitality, fatigue and stress during early October 2018.

New Moon on October 8 in Virgo : This New Moon is square Saturn. Be prepared to walk away from fights. Also do not spend much time in pollution. You feel overwhelmed, even about little things. When that happens, try this trick : Throw things out! Eliminating things will drain off the negative energy. This is the day to remember your deceased ancestors and offer prayers for departed souls.

Friday October 6: Venus turns Retrograde: It will be retrograde until November 16. Not the best of times to start a new romance. However you can rekindle relationships with old flames now.

Friday October 12: Mercury sextile Saturn: This is great for practical thinking. It’s also good for taking care of any tasks you’ve been putting off because they are too boring.

Monday October 15: Mercury conjunction Venus: A nice day to call friends and loved ones to tell them how much you care.

Friday October 19: Mercury square Mars: But while you are enjoying life, watch what you say! This aspect can sharpen your tongue. Think before you speak.

Wednesday October 24: Venus sextile Saturn: A perfect day for staying at home and enjoying quiet pleasures.

Friday October 26: Venus conjunction Sun: Venus is the pleasure planet. Take some time off Friday and start your weekend early. You’ll be glad you did.

Saturday October 27: Sun sextile Saturn: We hardly ever notice the “good aspects” to Saturn. Everything just seems normal and stable.

Monday October 29: Mercury conjunction Jupiter: This can give luck with communications. Make your important contacts today.

On 30 and 31st October 2018, there can be few sudden attractions, but they are not likely to last long term. Avoid buying anything electrical or hi-tech today. You will probably overpay.