Moon Signs and Preference of Books

books choice moon signs astrologyBased on zodiac moon signs signs, choice of books will vary.
Few may like romanic novel, others may like suspense thrillers while few can prefer drama or poetry.

Aries: Their sign symbolizes the sign of new things and therefore a new book on the stand is the best for them.

Taurus: They are fond of good things in life. Good literature, classics and highbrow writing are what they love to read. Try gifting them a Shakespearean novella.

Gemini: They love reading serious stuff, the kind that will make them sit up and ponder. Something about development, war, peace etc. Geishas Memoirs, Midnight’s children etc may be a good bet.

Cancer: They are emotional, so give them anything that panders to emotions. An M & B with loads of mush or a classy Eric Segal should be their kind of stuff.

Leo: They love to display their knowledge to the world. So giving them books like ‘How to influence friends and floor people’ or high-sounding techie books are also good bets.

Virgo: They love literature, classics and other ‘must-read’ books and novellas. Shakespeare, Hemingway, O Henry etc are just their kind of reads.

Libra: Chicken soup for the soul series or other such poignant books is what Libras tend to pick up while browsing at a bookshop. Never give them frivolous stuff (read romance and mush). They won’t even bother to give it one read.

Scorpio: Biographies, first person accounts of CEOs, war stories, real life triumph stories, rags-to-riches fables…give the Scorpios books that will charge them up and punch in some inspiration and they will love it.

Saggitarius: Sagits are progressive and they would love to look ahead, into the future. Compilations of Nostradamus prophecies, Armageddon, Apocalypse Now, Time Machine are some books that can catch the Sagit’s fancy.

Capricorn: These folks love to lay their hands on any good book. Whether it’s a hot selling adult comedy or a great classic, a simple Archies comic book or a funny Wodehouse, they enjoy variety.

Aquarius: They are humanitarians and anything concerning human miseries move them. A recently released book on AIDS, a handbook on Orissa describing life in the drought-struck Kalahandi or a copy of City of Joy would be ideal reads for Aquarius.

Pisces: Pisceans are not discerning readers. They are happy with reading any book, as long as it keeps them preoccupied. However, they prefer books that make a difference to their lives. Feng Shui, Sun signs and you or Naturopathy books, anything that they can apply in their lives, suits them jolly good.

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