Horoscope study of Lord Sri Krishna

Let us examine and study the horoscope of God Sri Krishna; Supreme God, incarnation God (Lord) Sri Maha Vishnu. His mission in his life (avathara) was Parithraanaya Sadhunam, vinasayacha dushkrutham, dharma-samsthapana arthaaya smabhavaami yuge, yuge = To protect the virtuous persons, to destroy sinners, evil doers, devils and demons; and to establish dharma (righteousness) in this world (Bhagavad-geetha sloka).
Lord Sri Krishna Horoscope

Date of Birth = June—17/18—3229 (Before Christ); Time Midnight. Sraavana, Krishna paksha Ashtami; Birth Star = Rohini. Place of birth = Mathura (27*25’ North; 77*41’ East . Ashtamyaam, Sraavanamaase, Krishna-pakshe ashtami maha-thithau; Rohinyaam, ardha-rathre, cha sudnmsa udayonmukhe. (from Srimad Bhagavatham by Sri Vyasa Maharshi )
Krishna was born at midnight of 17/18 June 3229 BCE (gregorian calendar) on Sravana Krishna Ashtami (vedic panchangam) during the end of Dwapara Yuga and lived on earth for 126 years, 8 months.
In His original form, Lord Krishna appeared at mid-night, Sravana Krishna Astami (Ashtami ended in evening on 17th June and it was navami but rohini nakshatra during time of birth) from the heart of mother Devaki as four armed Vishnu (Prishni-Garbha Vishnu, the form that is worshipped today in Guruvayur Temple), so that His father and mother could understand their son was the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Planetary Positions at the time of birth of Bhagavan Sri Krishna:

Lord Sri Krishna Horoscope

Lord Sri Krishna, the PARAMA ATMA, (the Supreme God), was born in the midnight of Sravana month, Krishna paksha, and Ashtami thithi (Lunar-day). Birth Star was Rohini. (to be continued tomorrow). Aum Namo Sri Krishhna Bhagavan.

  1. Moon is in Birth-lagnam and also Indu-lagnam, (Taurus) exalted, and is highly beneficial. Vrushabhe’ Chandrasthe su-rupam, poorna bhagyadaha = Moon is in Taurus is exalted and is in birth lagnam, the person is very handsome, noble and generous and enjoys royal comforts= – Daakshinya, roopa, dhana, bhoga,guna-vare’nya, Chandrethu Vrushabha-gathe janma-lagne.
  2. Gajaskesari yoga : Gaja-kesari yogoyam Chandra-kendre Bruhaspathihi; Gaja-kesari yoga sanjatho, subha-yogam, satha aayu praapthihi. Jupiter is in 4 th house (Kendra) from Moon (exalted); this is strong Maha-raja-yogam, Gaja-kesari yogam. Vrushabhe Jeev, maha-sukham, dhana, kanaka, vathu vaahana, harmya, vana, bhoo, vidya – adhikamraja vaibhavam = Jupiter in 4 th house gives happiness and royal comforts and an Emperor’s life = Sasthra-abhyasaasaktha- chitto veineethaha;kanta-vitha-athyam sanjatha soukyaha, manthree-marthaha, karyartha pramathau, jaya-bhave deva deva adideve.)
  3. Varga-uttama-amsa : Mars in in Cancer both in Raasi and Amsa charts; this gives enhanced effects due to Mars. Saturn (yoga-kaarak) is in Scorpio both in Rasi and Amsa charts; this gives enhanced effects due to Saturn.
  4. Parivarthana (Exchange) yoga : Venus is in Cancer ruled by Moon; Moon is in Taurus ruled by Venus. This strengthened the benefits of Moon and Venus in both their periods.
  5. Sun is in his own house, Leo, in Kendra (4 th house) from lagnas Vrusha lagne’ chathrthe Bhanau, vahana, udyoga, viabhavam = Sun gives many vehicles, riches, highest position of a king and pomp and prosperity of a king. Sun (aatma-kaaraka) endowed him perfection of personality and nobility. All these super-yogas made him a Ruler of the world and an Emperor of the Universe.
  6. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, his own house and is in 5 th house (Kona; Sri Maha Lakshmi stanam). Vruschika panchame Soumye, akhanda raja-yogasya, vidya, vahana, udyoga, puthra labhadaha = The person enjoys the stature and comforts and life of an Emperor; he gifted with highest level of learning; he has numerous vehicles, horses, and elelpahnts; highest power and profession (he ruled the Universe); he is blessed with highly gifted children.
  7. Born in Rohini – 4th paadam, which is danger for maternal uncle. That is the reason why his uncle Kansa was afraid of him and ultimately died in his hands.
    Even Krishna’s nephew Abhimanyu was born in Rohini 4th padam, which was threat to Krishna himself.
    So, he did not prevent Abhimanyu’s death in Kurukshetra.

Analysis based on planetary positions:

  1. Birth lagna is Taurus and Venus is its lord. Exalted moon (47*45’) is very near birth lagna (50*41’). Vrushabha lagne Chandra stithau, su-roopam; paripoorna bhagyadaha = Moon bestows him handsome and strong ,body and the period of Moon is highly beneficial to him.
  2. Saturn’s (yoga-kaaraka for Taurus) drushti (aspect) is on Moon and birth lagna; so Sri Krishna is very handsome. Venus, Moon, Mars and Saturn have dominant influence and this combined beneficial effect has given Sri Krishna a very graceful and handsome appearance.
  3. Venus is in his own house (5 th from Lagna) in Nava amsa chart; this bestowed him magnanimous nature: he was epitome of courtesy and kindness even to poor person like Kuchela; and to low-born Chandala servant-maid Kubja (as we find in Bhagavahta).
  4. Mars is in cancer and is debilitated; and gave him neecha-bhanga raja-yoga; Mars is martial nature planet; he has Varga-uttama-amsa; this gave Sri Krishna invincible martial powers; Mars in 3rd house (courage & bravery). He fought bravely and killed hundreds of mighty raakshasas like Kamsa, Sisupala, Dantavakra. His tact, courage, resourcefulness in battle field are extolled several times in Sri Bhagavatha. He caused death of Kaalnemi like raakshasaas by tact, because they can not be killed in face-to-face fight by the boons they acquired. All these super-yogas made him a Ruler of the world and an Emperor of the Universe. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, his own house and is in 5 th house (Kona; Sri Maha Lakshi stanam). Vrushabhe panchame Soumye, akhanda raja-yogasya, vidya, vahana, udyoga, puthra labhadaha = The person enjoys the stature and comforts and life of an Emperor; he gifted with highest level of learning; he has numerous vehicles, horses, and elephants; highest power and profession (he ruled the Universe).
  5. Moon is the planet of emotions; she is exalted in birth lagna; so Sri Krishna had lot of emotional attachment to his devotees and hastens to rescue them without any delay; ex: Draupadi devi at the time of her modesty being attacked in Kaurava royal court by Demon-brothers Duryodhana and Dussasana and others. This also gave him serenity of mind and is unmoved in the most difficult and precarious situations; ex. at the time of his visit to Kaurava’s royal court as ambassador of Pandavas to encourage Kauravas to abstain from war and give some share in the kingdom, Kauravas tried to harm him; he did not lose his composure and dealt them in befitting way.
  6. Mercury is the lord of 2 nd (house of speech) and 5 th (house of intellect) and is in Virgo (5 th; house) and is exalted. This bestowed him highest intelligence, power of speech to convince persons and turn them to his side tactfully. He is an intellectual giant; he posses the highest power of understanding; he tactfully dealt with Duryodhana when he approached him for support in Kurushethra war and helped Arjuna. He dealt with various virtues and deceptions all his life quire successfully. The ideal disposition of Mercury gave him uncanny diplomacy, skills of tackling and unlimited vision; he possessed boundless power of thinking and planning. He planned several incidents and mainly the Kurukshetra war and executed his plans so meticulously that always his plans were successful and yielded the results he wanted.
  7. Lord Sri Krishna has Moon’s period (Chandra Maha Dasa) running at the time of birth. Krishna Ashtami Moon is waning and is 50% beneficial; 50% malefic. Saturn’s drushti (aspect) on lagna is malefic. Mars (lord of 7 th house; marakasthaana (death-causing) is in 3 rd house ruled by Moon So he suffered fierce attacks from demons like Poothana, Vrushabhasura, Sakatasura and the like; due to his divine nature, he killed them all and saved himself very easily. During the periods of Moon and Mars, he suffered many bala-arishtas (dangers of life during childhood) His birth star is Rohini; it causes danger to the life of his maternal uncle (Demon King Kamsa). The Bala-arishtas of Sri Krishna ended with his killing Kamsa, as part of his life’s mission.
  8. During Rahu main period, he destroyed most of the demons like Mushti, Chaanoora, Demon King Kamsa, Sisupala, Kalanemi, Madhu, Kaitabha and many more. During the period of Jupiter he maintained peace and tranquility in the world and helped Pandavas from their troubles.
  9. During the period of Saturn, he wielded his power and guided the Kurukshethra war and completed the destruction of evil forces prevalent in the form of Kauravas and their associates; and protected dharma (righteousness) in the world. He showered his blessings profusely on his devotees King Bhishma, Vidura, Akroora and bestowed them moksha (freedom from cycle of birth and death; salvation).
  10. Vrushe’ sendhau la savithur theekshan shuthanayoh suhruth jayaa khasyaur bhavathi niyamaan manavapathihi = If Vrushabha (Taurus) is birth lagna and Moon (Chandra) is in it, Sun ( Ravi) is in Leo (Simha). Saturn (Sani) is in Aquarius (Kumbha), the person will certainly be an Emperor. He is, like Sun, is very brilliant hero and unconquerable. 9) Jupiter is in the 4 th house (kendra) Sanamanadhyo, dhana, vahana, bhavnadai sanjatha harshaha, purusha ssadaivaha, nrupa-anukampana upaatha sampath; ambholi bhrun-manthrini bhoothalasthe = Sri Krishna is worshipped by millions of people then and now; all the kings and emperors adored him as the Supreme Lord; he received invaluable gifs and offerings from many kings and rulers. He is the perennial fountain of Brahma-ananda; a source of infinite bliss and happiness. He possesses all the land (Universe); he is omniscient (poseesed all knowledge and wisdom); all his relatives, friends and devotees prosper well and are immensely benefited by his grace . Sri Krishna was an epitome of rich and benevolent sympathy and responsive divine generosity and munificence. 10) Ravi, Jeeva samyuthau yathra Ravi paake su-yogadaha; Guru daaye maha-yogam; ithi nischayaha = The conjunction of Sun and Jupiter is highly beneficial. Both Sun and Jupiter bestow him the best benefits. Also this combination made him a terror to his enemies and a ever-helping friend to his friends, relatives, wise people and his devotees.
  11. Saturn is the lord of Bhagya (9th) and Rajya (10th) houses; he is very highly beneficial to Vrushabha (Taurus) lagna native. Saturn alone can give high benefits without any conjugation = Vrushabhasyacha Mandaika dharma-karma-adhip-bhaveth; Sani eakam subham- daanthum samartho. Saturn aspects (drushti on10 th) the 4 th house and Sun (Atma-kaaraka) and Jupiter (Dharma and Karma karaka) in Leo. So Sri Krishna possessed a msiilnary zeal to protect dharma and the rightesous. This is the main purpose of his avathar (incarnation).
  12. The lord of Lagna (Venus) and the lord of vyaya (12 th house) (Mars) and Rahu are conjunct in 3 rd house (upachaya); this explains the occurrence of birth of Sri Krishna in prison.
  13. Jupiter is the lord of 11 th house (Pisces); house of elder brothers; je in Kendra in 4 th house and gained 8 navamsas. He is aspected (10 th drushti) by Saturn and Saturn is conjunct with Rahu in nava-amsa. This explains the reason of his birth as the 8 th issue to his parents; and all his elder brothers were slain by Demon-king Kamsa.
  14. Moon is mathru-kaaraka (significator of mother) and is exalted; Sun is pithru-kaaraka (Significator of father) and is in his own house Leo in kendra (4 th house) and is strong. So Sri Krishna gave immense joy and happiness by releasing his parents from prison; also they lived hale, healthy and happy and had very long-life-span.
  15. Venus is kalthra-karaka (significator of wife), Mars is lord of vyayam (12th house) and 7th house (Scorpio). Venus (102*53’), Mars (91*05’) and Rahu (108*23’) are together in 3 rd house (upachaya). Due to this Sri Krishna has 8 wives. Venus and Rahu are very near and Mars (sensuous planet) is away from Venus. Sri Krishna has no carnal attitude; in fact he practiced and preached total detachment from worldly pleasures and possessions. Venus as lord of birth lagna endows him vitality, but he has complete control over his senses, desires and organs.
  16. 5th house (Virgo) has its lord Mercury in exaltarion; Jupiter is (puthra-kaarak) is in Kendra conjunct with Sun (in his own house); these benefic aspects bestowed him many children; all are hale, healthy, happy and highly gifted, like Anirudha, and Pradyumna.
  17. Sri Krishna has Jupiter-Sun (in his own house) conjunction in 4 th house; houise of education and learning. So Krishna has ocean of knowledge, wisdom and learning. He is a sikhsak (Guru) of Vedas, Vedaangas and all sastras and kalalu (fine-arts). He mastered 64 branches of learning in 64 days during his boyhood, says Sri Bhagavatham. He is expert in various asthras and sastraas (weapons use in battle). He is the Lord of all forms of learning and Supreme Guru.
  18. The Kurukshetra war occurred during his Ketu period. Sri Krishna played a vital and decisive role in Mahabharatha war and was the real hero of the episode, without taking active role in the war. Ketu is in bhaya-sthaana (9th house) ruled by Saturn (yoga-kaarka for him); Saturn gains full digbala (directional strength) by virtue of his position in 7 th house. Ketu gives the beneficial results due to Saturn. He was the driver of the chariot of Arjuna and was observing the war silently and appears to be passive. But he directed the movements and course of the war so meticulously, that he achieved his prime mission of life (avathara) “destroying the cruel and wicked Kauravas and their supporters and protecting the righteous, and virtuous Pandavas and their followers” quite successfully.
  19. Ketu is moksha-kaaraka (significator of salvation); he is in 9th house in the constellation of Moon. Mars (martial planet) apects (7th drushti) Ketu; Saturn was beneficial and very well fortified. It was during the end of Ketu period Venus sub-period, Sri Krishna preached the Bhagavad-geetha, the quit-essence of dharma to Arjuna on the Kurukshethra battle field before the commencement of war. When Arjuna shirked to fight overcome by emotions, Sri Krishna preached him his duty as Kshathriya to fight bravely in the war and leave the results to Parama-atma Sri Krishna. Bhagavad-geetha now is the basis for universal dharma and all real religions.
  20. After the Mahabharatha war Sri Krishna led a peaceful life during Venus. Sun and Moon periods for about 35 years.
  21. The starting of Mars period brought him troubles; dissensions among yadavas broke out. Finally Sri Krishna freed from his mortal body and attained his Divine status during this Mars main period and Mars sub-period during the directional (malefic) influence of Mars. Mars is lord of 7 th house is maarka (death-causing); he is in 3 rd house (upachaya), house of longevity and is conjunct with (malefic)Rahu; In Nava-amsa Mars is in 2 nd house (maarka sthaana; death-causing). Consistent with Mars nature. Sri Krishna was hit by an arrow of a hunter; and his end was caused by a weapon. God Sri Krishna changed shis mortal body into his divine temporal body and returned to his heavenly abode “Vaikuntha” . His physical body disappeared.
  22. It is impossible for ordinary persons to evaluate the divine personality of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. He is the Supreme Lord incarnate, statesman, counselor, diplomat, philosopher and Yogeswara, the expounder of immortal Bhagavad-geetha, the destroyer of the sinners and the protector of the virtuous = Parithranaya sadhoonam; vinasayacha dushkruthaam…
  23. All the three important factors in his horoscope, the strong birth-lagna, Sun and the Moon have been rendered very beneficial. Atma-kaarka Sun, conjunct with Janana-kaarka Jupiter aspecting (7th drushti) the 10th house (karma-sthaana) reveals a highly integrated and balanced personality of Sri Krishna. Saturn (Yoga-kaaraka) is in Varga-uttama-amsa and has digbala (directional strength). Saturn aspecting (10th drushti) Sun and Jupiter and his being placed in his own constellation are favourbale factors rendering the nativity strong and beneficial. Since Saturn happens to be aayu-kaarka (significator of longevity) also, the strong disposition of Saturn conferred a long life-span of 125 years to Sri Krishna.
  24. Mercury is lord of 2 nd (speech) and 5 th houses (intelligence) and is exalted in trikona (5 th house) proves him to be an extraordinary intellectual genius. 25) Lagna lord is Venus and is conjunct with two malefics Mars and Rahu in upachaya-sthaana. Jupiter and Sun are conjunct in Kendra (4 th house); these two important factors endow Sri Krishna perfection in all aspects of his personality. He is an ideal father, an ideal son, an ideal husband, an ideal ruler (king), an ideal statesman, and above all an ideal Guru (teacher who guides people like Arjuna from asath (ignorance) to sath and sad-gathi (wisdom and elightenment). He not only preached but also showed in practice to perform his own duties, by being non-attached to the deeds or its fruits (results).

Remarks: Sri Krishna was a historical reality. One should vehemently oppose the so-called-scholars and modern politicians who argue that Sri Rama and Sri Krishna were not epic heroes but only fantasy figures. Even photographs taken recently from satellites and sub-marines revealed unequivocally the remains of the city of Dwaraka and its palaces submerged under the Arabian sea on the west coast in Sourashtra region. A mere fantasy figure and literary creation can not move billions of people from ages and bring solace and bliss to billions of souls. We can find clues to His divine personality based on the manner the benefics and malefics are disposed in his Horoscope and the spheres of influences involved. The explanation of the meanings of all His deeds can progressively reveal itself to thousands of generations that follow Him. The immortal and divine song of universal dharma, the great Bhagavad-geetha preached by Supreme Lord Sri Krishna to Arjuna, when he was wavering to fight the battle and do his duty properly, has inspired and influenced billions of persons for the past 5 thousand years. Geetha offered solutions to their problems according to their own stage of mental and spiritual evolution; it guided many on the path of righteousness and prevented many from treading paths of sin and wrong.