Retrograde Jupiter Effects Explained, Past Life Connection

Jupiter Retrograde happens every year for about four months with few stationary days, before and after retrogression.
During retrograde, Jupiter will be trine with Sun and again go direct when it is at another trine with Sun.
People born with Jupiter being retrograde in natal chart are introspective about educational, philosophic, cultural, religious interests and activities with mystical approach to religion and philosophy.
Retrograde Jupiter Effects

They are cautious in accepting current cultural, religious attitudes and standards.
They have ability to succeed in projects left or abandoned by others.
They achieve their material goals by employing indirect, subtle, psychological warfare methods.
These born with Retrograde Jupiter have keen foresight and can predict against the conventional lines.
They are good in predicting chance games and speculations. Can be helpful to make money through betting.
There will be unusual degree of psychological involvement with past conditions of family and social upbringing. This may indicate neurotic tendencies in family, if Retrograde Jupiter is afflicted or aspected by Malefic planets.

They can also get cheated by fake gurus or those with lesser levels of knowledge.

Jupiter Retrograde and Past Life Karmic Connection

With Jupiter retrograde in your chart you were perhaps persecuted for your iconoclastic religious, ethical or spiritual beliefs. This experience was troubling and has left you feeling uneasy about embracing anything larger than yourself out of fear of exile once again. You are also fearful of showing anyone the light of your wisdom as you don’t want to feel responsible for jeopardizing their social standing.
In this life you may have come full circle and snub religion or hold it in disdain. Your lack of spirituality or fickle relationship with spiritual beliefs may leave you feeling flat. Coming to terms with the things that make you happy and listening to your inner voice will set you free.