Sublord of 4th Cusp Placement and Results

4th cusp sublordSubject matters of the 4th bhava sublord, its placement and results in Krishnamurthi Paddathi

1. Discharge from hospital: — The sub lord of the 4th cusp, which indicate ones residential area, should be connected with the significators of the houses 2nd, 4th, and 11th houses. It can be understood in a different way. Those planets who are the significators to 2nd or 4th and 11th houses are in the sub of a planet, which is a significator to the 4th house, one will be discharged, during the above planet’s dhasa-bhukthi-and anthara.

2. CONSTRUCTION OF HOUSE: If the sub lord of the 4th cusp if becomes the significator to the 12th for investment, to the 4th for building a house to live, and the 11th to get fulfillment of ones desire. Or apply the other rule of K.P. that is if the significators of 4th –12th –and 11th are in the sub of planet who is significator to the 4th house and not in the 12th to the 4th and the 4th sub lord, who controls the own house matters, should not sit in the 3rd house.

3. WILL A PARTICULAR CHILD GO IN ADOPTION? : If the 4th cusp sub lord of the particular child is deposited in a dual sign, or if the sub lord itself is Mercury, and if the sub lord of the 4th cusp is a significator to the 8th house (show legacy), the child will go in adoption to some one. The conjoined period of the significators to 4th and 8th houses of the child is to be considered for the time of event.

4. IS THERE ANY TREASURE IN MY HOUSE? : If the sub lord of the 4th cusp is deposited in the constellation of planet who is a significator to the houses 2nd-6th-and 11th, one will have treasure in his house. The lord of the constellation of the sub lord must have some connection with SATURN who is in direct motion at birth.

5. Haunted house. : If the 4th cusp sub lord signifies the 3rd and 9th, and in any manner connected with Saturn and Mars or Neptune or Uranus in his chart, and he becomes to rightful owner of the said house, the house becomes a haunted one due to the power of the horoscope.

6. To find out whether one marries a career girl, the sub lord of the 4th cusp should be connected to or signifies either the 4th or the 8th or the 12th house or all the houses.

7. REACHING HOME WHEN? : As the 4th house indicates ones residence, we should take the 4th cusp sub lord of a horary chart and find out if the sub lord is posited in the constellation of a planet that signifies the XI and in a moveable sign, one will reach home early. If it is in a fixed sign, it will take long time to reach home, and if it is in a common sign there will be undue delay due some impediment on the way.

8. Medical examination: – If the sub lord of the 4th cusp is a significator of the 10th and well connected to XI, one will appear for medical examination and get success.

9. Release from jail. :- If the sub lord of the 4th cusp signifies 2nd, 4th, and 11th, one will be released during the conjoined period of the 2nd, 4th, and 11th house significators period, because ones domestic environment is certain through the 4th cusp sub lord.

10. ABOUT EDUCATION: – If the sub lord of the 4th cusp is in the constellation of Mercury or Jupiter, promises education. Those planets signifying 4th, 9th, and 11th offer education in their dhasa and bukthi periods. The amount or the measure of ones education is to judge from the sub lord of the 9th cusp and 11th cup. The 9th cusp sub throws light on the research and higher studies and also uncommon subjects. If Kethu involves in the sub level, one gets Gnana Vriddhi. As the 4th bhava indicates school and institutions, and colleges, if the 4th cusp sub lord is posited in the star of a planet that signifies the 4th along with the 11th, ones admission in schools or colleges is certain.

11. If the 4th cusp sub lord is signifying the 8th or 12th, causes breaks in education, or change of institutions every year, or no education to the native. If the star lord of the 4th cusp sub signifies the 12th and 4th it indicates ones education may be in a foreign country in some cases where the 4th sub lord negates the 4th house matters. It also indicates negation to the matters of the mother also.

12. HOUSE OR OTHER PROPERTY MATTERS TO BE SOLD: – If one wants to sell his house, first consider the 10th cusp sub lord. If that sub lord signifies the 3rd (12th to the 4th) or the 10th and Mars should have some relevance or connection to the 10th house, one can sell. In addition to this judge also the houses 3rd, 5th, and 10th for selling, and 12th for giving vacant possession. The 4th house represents immoveable property and Mars is the karaka planet for land and buildings, the purchaser is indicated by the 7th house of your chart. If the purchaser is destined to acquire a property, is denoted by the 4th from the purchaser, that is your 10th house. Therefore, to sell ones landed property is to judged from ones own 10th cusp (Bhava)

13. The 4th cusp denotes the querent’s property, and his parting with the property is indicated by the 3rd bhava, which is 12th to the 4th. Thus, some one will buy your property, only if the 10th cusp sub lord is a significator to 3rd and 10th. The 5th house is also relevant to this matter, because it is the 11th house to the 7th house (purchaser or any opponent), which gives him gain of a building.

14. CAN I CONSTRUCT A HOUSE ? :- If the 4th cusp sub lord signifies the 4th, 11th, and the 12th one will construct a house, provided Mars also related to some of the houses to offer immoveable property and Saturn for construction work that indicates worker and labourers. The 11th connection indicates fulfillment of desires and the 12th house for investment. NOTE: As a purchased house is not a newly constructed house. Therefore Judge the houses 6th because it is the 12th to the 7th which stands for the person who sells the house and the 9th house which is 12th to 10th. Thus your 10th house is the 4th to the 7th who disposes his house property. This is a logical point.

15. TRANSFER IN JOB: – If the sub lord of the 4th cusp signifies 3rd, 10th and 12th and when the conjoint period of the significators of these houses operate, ones transfer is effected. If the 4th house sub lord signifies the 4th house and if there is a transfer order issued to you, then it will be cancelled, if the 11th cusp sub lord signifies 1st, 2nd, 4th, 10th, and 11th, you will be retained, in these house significators period operates.

16. If the 4th cusp sub is in the star of a planet signifying 3rd and 12th, change in residence is sure now and then.

17. To ascertain the results of an examination, one has to look in to the sub lord of the 4th cusp. If he is connected to the 11th house and at the same should not be connected to the 3rd house, which is a negation to the education house, then one will get success. If one is appearing for a public or academic examination, this rule should be very boldly applied to know the outcome.

18. If the 4th cusp sub lord is Venus and connected to any of the improving houses that are in moveable sign (chara rasi), one will have vehicles and vehicular comforts. If the same Venus is in fixed signs one can have furniture comforts; and if in common signs, one enjoys rocking chairs like furniture or articles. These are all the possible effects of the 4th cusp and bhava.