Sublord of 3rd Cusp Placement and Results

3rd cusp sublordTHE 3rd CUSP SUB LORD – Placement and Results in a Horoscope in Krishnamurthi Paddathi

1. Getting a telephone connection: – Consider the houses 3rd, 9th-and 11th significators. The 3rd cusp sub lord should signify the 3rd and 11th houses to get a favorable phone number quickly.

2. For disposing the produced goods: – The sub lord of the 2nd cusp if signifies the 3rd for sending out and the 11th bhava for getting gains. If the same is signifying the 3rd and the 12th, it portends loss.

3. LOTTERY GAINS: – Judge the 3rd, 8th, and 11th houses sub lords. If the 3rd cusp sub lord connected to the significators of 2nd-6th-11th, during their periods one gets gains by lottery tickets mostly.

4. RUMOUR: In a horary chart, if the sub lord of the 3rd cusp is in the star of Saturn, it is falls. If it is in Mars star, it is mischievous. If it is Jupiter, the rumour is true. These planets are to weigh in terms of the occupied by them such as “Thamo-Rajo-Sathva Guna” of the sign lord and the sub lord’s guna. It is also necessary to find the Sub lord of the 3rd cusp sub lord. If he is benefic, the rumour is true. If it is a malefic, the rumour is a falls one.

5. BOLDNESS TO UNDERTAKE A JOB: – If the sub lord of this cusp is the significator of 2nd, or 10th or 11th, one will surely undertake and come out successful.

6. If the III cusp sub lord is mars, one will never be contented with the results. If it is Jupiter it indicates legitimate and reasonable desires. If it is Saturn, he will not be contented at all. If it is Rahu, will have great ambitions.

7. If the sub lord is connected to the 11th and 3rd, the negotiations will be fulfilled.

8. If it is Sun, Mars or Venus, one gets courage and confidence to complete any competitive examination. The houses 4th 9th and 11th should be considered for timing the event and departmental examinations. For interviews include also 6th and 10th houses significators.

9. If the 3rd cusp sub lord signifies the 11tth and also connected to Mercury & Jupiter, one has journalistic abilities.

10. If the III cusp sub lord signifies the III and XI indicate receipt of letter. For this the III and XI houses are to be judged along with the progress of Moon on a day, for timing the event. It is good to erect a horary chart.

11. If the 3rd cusp sub lord is deposited in the star of significators to 6th and 11th, there will be success in appeal in the court law for divorce and litigations. If the same sub lord is a full significator to the personal trigon, that is the 1st house, he is a daring man.

12. NEGOTIATIONS: -(1) If the negotiation is for marriage, the 7th house is to be judged. The 7th cusp sub lord is the planet to indicate the time of marriage in his dhasa periods. Here one should understand to consider the 3rd cusp sub lord and the 9th cusp sub lord’s significations for success in negotiations with each other parties. If it is for business, consider the 10th and 6th houses in addition to III & IX cusp sub lords. For getting accommodation as tenant consider the 4th house significators and the sub lords of the 3rd and 9th cusps.

13. How to understand the above matters? If the 3rd and 9th sub lords signify the 11th, it will be a successful attempt and if they signify the 12th it indicate failure. A clarification is given. If the 3rd and the 9th cusp sub lords are in the star of a planet in the 3rd or 9th bhava, and also signify the XI bhava indicates negotiation success at that time. The significators of the 3rd, 9th, and 11th will indicate the time of fructification.

14. If the III cusp sub lord signifies the 12th house and duly connected to Mars, one will have defective hearing. If a planet is in the star of the lord of the 3rd and if that house unoccupied, the said planet will become the significator to that house in the 1st grade. If that 3rd house significator is in the sub of a planet that is a significator to the 6th house, which indicates disease, will make the native a defect in hearing and deaf. This is the dictum of K.P. and can be used universally.