Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal Houses

Moon transit Natal HousesNatal house is the sign where your LAGNA or Ascendant was placed during birth time, and from there other houses are calculated clock-wise.
If you were born with Lagna or Rising Sign in Leo, then your natal house is Leo (Simha Lagna) and during transit, count position of Moon in clockwise direction from this sign. Natal 1st House will be Leo, 2nd house will be Virgo etc..

Transit MOON conjunct Natal 1st House : Emotionally excited, changing moods, self expression, concern about family, household affairs and money are highlighted.
If moon is not afflicted or aspected by malefics, there will not be any discord within family.

Transit MOON Sextile Natal 2nd House : You are more concerned about family, domestic affairs, finance, food etc.
Afflicted Moon can cause extravagant spending and losses.
Women will involve in financial decisions.

Transit MOON Square Natal 3rd House : Communications, Short Journeys, intra-day trading are highlighted.
Afflicted moon indicates excessive useless talks. You will be biased, nervous and cannot concentrate.
Your thinking will be influenced by past experiences, habits.

Transit MOON Trine Natal 4th House : Interaction with family members, domestic comfort are primary concern.
You will be interested in home activities like cooking, cleaning.
Afflicted Moon induces patrotism and element of martyrdom for the country.

Transit MOON Opposition Natal 5th House : You want to be emotionally involved in romance, pleasures, children, social activities and artistic pursuits.
Good time for mothers, married women.
Afflicted Moon indicates overindulgence in everything.

Transit MOON Opposition Natal 6th House : Concern will be about diet, hygiene and health.
You will try to change daily routine and stick to a healthy plan. Afflictions indicate ill-health, mental instability, nervousness, uneasiness at work place.
Permanent afflictions to Moon in birth chart in 6th house can make one Hypochondriac.

Transit MOON Opposition Natal 7th House : Sexual bliss, good friends, good food, clothes, pleasure trips characterize this transit.
Interaction with opposite gender and general public will keep you motivated.
Afflicted Moon causes emotional disturbances, marital disputes.

Transit MOON Opposition Natal 8th House : You will be bound by family, finance, taxes, insurance, alimony, inheritence and sexual acts.
Intuition, psychic abilities are also highlighted. You will try to end old emotional relations.

Transit MOON Opposition Natal 9th House : You will be linked with education, religion and cultural values.
Your urge to travel on a pilgrimage and make new acquantances will be successful.
Afflictions cause uneasiness, stomach upsets during journeys.

Transit MOON Opposition Natal 10th House : Prime concern will be about family status, public reputation.
Domenstic security will be prime motive behind all professional activities.
Afflicted Moon causes domestic problems interfering with profession and unfavorable public responses.
Good aspects will bring help of prominent people at work.

Transit MOON Opposition Natal 11th House : Friends, group activities, organisations, getting close with friends of opposite gender can happen.
Afflicted Moon causes emotional problems, exposure in front of social circles and getting ignored.
Good aspects to Moon will induce new friends, achievement of goals, new romantic alliances and emotional satisfaction.

Transit MOON Opposition Natal 12th House : You will be shy, lonely, hiding feelings, Do retrospection, spiritual inner search and meditation.
You will also be more sympathetic towards less fortunate people.
Severe afflictions can lead to confinement in hospital or asylum.