Predictions for birth number 3 and fadic number 2

Numerology fadic number 2How to find your fadic number : if you are born on 11th june 1983, 1+1+6+1+9+8+3 = 29
2+9 = 11.
1+1 = 2.
so your fadic or destiny number is 2.

Method to calculate birth number and fadic number :
If you are born on dates 3,12,21,30 of any month, then your birth number is 3.
The single number remaining after adding up numbers in date, is taken.

So, if your birth number is 3 and fadic number is 2, then you are completely under the influence of JUPITER and MOON.


They are moderately tall and they have a plump body. They will also look bold. They enjoy as well as suffer much during their early days. They are likely to have love mar­riage. Some of them are in government service.
Their DMY Number 2 represents the moon. Therefore they will have an unsteady mind just like the waxing and waning of the moon.

Their plans also will not be constant. Yet they are lucky by nature. As a result, they acquire house, land, conveyance, good life partner and dutiful children. They are honest and genuinely affectionate.
By nature they sympathise with people who suffer. Sometimes their behaviour may be rough, but soon they will become smooth again. They are highly attentive to their personal profit.

Life Style

They can foresee the difficulties they are likely to face and nip them in the bud. Of course, they become confused by an exaggerated view of even small problems. They also do not remain steady while facing a personal problem. They are fond of vehicles and they exhibit much interest in driving them. They cherish great love for their life partner and children.
If close friends or relations commit small mistakes, they will draw their attention to them. Their mind is attracted towards wine and women. But they will not forsake the path of virtue if they adjust their names suitably in the beginning itself.
They have much interest in the fine arts. They extend their help in promoting their growth and in protecting their culture. They have the blessings of God and they get more income than they work for.

Suitable name

If they do not have suitable names in tune with their DOB and DMY Numbers, they will lack courage and be afraid to engage in any venture. They have a taste for decorating their house and they accumulate luxury articles.
They are too frank and too blunt. They also have a tendency to exaggerate and they are good at describing natural scenery. They are not desirous of seizing things belonging to others.
But they take great care of their own possessions. They will undertake foreign trips and enjoy visiting historical sites, temples, museums and art galleries.
They get a life partner who functions like a wise minister. Therefore at home they will be fully dependent on their life partner, like children clinging to their mother. Generally, people of this category are fortunate persons.

Naming Method

People of this category may have names in numbers pertaining to Jupiter viz. 21, 39, etc. Or they may choose names of Mercury numbers viz. 14, 23,41,50,59, etc.


They will get profit from business connected with chemi­cals, liquids and cosmetics, commission and contract work, agencies, etc.


Generally they are prone to diabetes, blood pressure, eye troubles, mental fright and skin diseases. So they are advised to have necessary changes made in their name. Then the diseases will become less annoying.
People of this number who are young in age may reduce the intake of salt and sugar even from now, besides check­ing whether the number of their name is in favourable aspect with their DOB and DMY numbers.

Numerology Tips

Lucky numbers : 3, 5, 7
Lucky dates : 3, 5, 7, 12, 14, 16, 21, 23, 25, 30
Lucky colours : Rose, Orange, Violet
Lucky stones : Amethyst, Moonstone
Unsuitable colours : Green, Red
Unsuitable dates : 6, 9, 15, 18, 24, 27