Saturn Effects in Subhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2022-23)

Saturn is the KING for Vedic New Year Subhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2022-23 and also Sasyadhipati (Agriculture), Neerasadhipati (diseases). Government administration will be tactful but slow in making decisions. More number of ministers will travel to different countries. Silver, Gold prices will increase and in future will … Read more

How to Pick Lucky Mobile Number

Most people buy mobile phones with a fixed plan from a carrier network. They are assigned random numbers which may or may not match with their birth number. Few will opt for a fancy number which ends with a particular number sequence like 12345.. or 00001 … Read more

How Each Moon Sign Introduces Themselves

How each zodiac moon sign introduces themselves to others ? Why is that Scorpios appear slightly indifferent even during their intros? How come Geminis are so dominating even when it comes to introducing themselves? What is it that makes Leos so charming even if they are … Read more

Identify Moon Signs through Ringtones

Just as Moon Signs decide most of your psychology, mood swings, personal choices etc, Mobile Ringtones can also help determine a person’s zodiac sign. Aries: The latest and the most outrageous ringtones are bound to be the Arian. They love experimenting, even if it means shocking … Read more

Friendship traits of Zodiac Signs & Compatibility

12 Zodiac Signs are divided into four groups based on elements like Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Three signs in each group are usually compatible with each other, although this is just generalization based on moon signs. Friendship traits of Zodiac Signs Aries: Aries is the first … Read more

Choice of Vehicles by Zodiac Moon Signs

As each zodiac sign in astrology has different taste and choices as per the position of moon, their preferences of automobiles like cars, bikes and gadgets related to them also vary. That handsome dude on that rickety bike? Must be a Sagittarian. That puny girl in … Read more