Identify Moon Signs through Ringtones

ringtones zodiac signs astrologyJust as Moon Signs decide most of your psychology, mood swings, personal choices etc, Mobile Ringtones can also help determine a person’s zodiac sign.
Aries: The latest and the most outrageous ringtones are bound to be the Arian. They love experimenting, even if it means shocking people. So today it’s a remix tune, tomorrow a heavy metal rock and day after some absurb tune. In short, the most absurd one is the Arian.

Taurus: Surprisingly, Taurans function at a very practical level when it comes to gadgets. So the Tauran’s usual experimentative trait won’t resurface here. In fact, it is bound to be one of the most basic ones. Their ringtones are a sort of anti-thesis of their personas.

Gemini: Geminis believe in having classy stuff. They take the trouble to download the tunes that will never go out of fashion. So a classy tune may, in all probability, adorn the Gemini’s mobile phone.

Cancer: Is it Silent Night? Ok, then some religious tune? It’s got to be the Cancerian. They love to spread the good word even through their phones and therefore God’s verses it shall be.

Leo: The most upbeat, even if it’s not the latest, that’s the Leo’s ringtone. Everytime the Leo’s phone rings, it invariably urges those around to do a small jig. A cheerful ringtone is the Leo’s way of spreading his/her characteristic sunshine even through the telephone.

Virgo: Virgos are the kinds who never or rarely change their ringtone. The one that was set by default when they bought the handset is likely to be the one they use even three years after they bought it. So a version of Jingle Bells is most probably the Virgo’s.

Libra: Librans want to be lowkey in whatever they do and so it’s a no ringtone for them. Vibration mode ringtone is more like it for them. Interestingly, their argument is: As long as I can hear it ring, why bother for a ringtone.
Or they can just have a loud ringtone, to display their taste in public.

Scorpio: The last thing on their minds is the ringtone of their mobile. So they usually don’t bother to change it and if somebody does the honours, they prefer to play along. As a result, if it’s the MJ tone today, it’s the Brazil tone tomorrow.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are nervous about technology and rarely try out anything new with their gadgets, least of all the ring tones. More often than not, they don’t even know how to download a new ringtone, forget about setting even those available in their handsets.

Capricorn: For them variety is the spice of life and the ringtone is no different. So everytime their mobile rings, it’s different because each person has been set to a different ringtone. No two ringtones are similar.

Aquarius: They prefer having a very basic one for the phone because they believe in being unusual. And in these days of ultra-fancy and remixed ringtones, they would rather go back to the basics and have a basic one.

Pisces: Though Pisceans display some variety in their ringtones, they don’t really display much taste in the same. So there is not much reason why they will differentiate one ringtone from the other for various groups on the phone.
They can even create own ringtones by composing or cutting MP3s from a movie’s BGM, or just keep it in silent or vibration mode for long time.

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