Choice of Vehicles by Zodiac Moon Signs

cars by zodiac signsAs each zodiac sign in astrology has different taste and choices as per the position of moon, their preferences of automobiles like cars, bikes and gadgets related to them also vary.
That handsome dude on that rickety bike? Must be a Sagittarian. That puny girl in the jazzy car; must be a Leo. Read about their choice of vehicles by zodiac moon signs.

Aries: A fancy bike? Isn’t that a basic necessity of life? Arians may not get their priorities straight when in the midst of jazzy bikes and fancy cars. Even if it means mortgaging their dysfunctional car, they will go ahead and do it. In short, they own the hottest set of wheels in the market.
They love everything contemporary, fast and challenging. So they love to ride a sports-bike or a sports-car.

Taurus: Give them a Harley Davidson and they’ll come up with at least four reasons why they are not happy. They will be shockingly in love with their possessions, though in reality their stuff is nothing really great. Never tell them or they will pluck your eyeballs out. They are ultra possessive.

Gemini: Geminis are not brand conscious. So the first model the talkative salesman shows is fine by them. Functional, economical and practical are what they go for. No wonder, your neighbourhood Gemini still uses his old rickety scooter.
They have non-fussy preference for functional and economical vehicle.

Cancer: Cancerians are just bothered about being on this side of the haves and have-nots division. If they’ve got to have a car, they will. Never mind if it’s a used one, has torn upholstery and emits gas by the gallon. They just need a car to get by and they are happy with what they have.
They would be more than happy driving their cherished old bike or car to which they will be emotionally attached.

Leo: Leos have the latest in the market. These flamboyant creatures go for bright and sometimes gaudy colours too. As long as they catch people’s attention – an absurd horn or a bad exhaust pipe – they are ready to do anything. Their vehicles are bound to have loud and hilarious bumper stickers on them.
Lions will love to become proud owners of a Lamborghini, a Rolls Royce, a Bentley or even a custom-made version of a vintage car.
They try to have a collection of cars but rarely use all of them.

Virgo: Virgos are rather experimental in gadgets. Those who love to remodel their bikes, try out convertible cars, and go for the limited edition models are more often than not true blue Virgos. They are bike/car connoisseurs. Theirs are the best-maintained automobiles among all the signs.
They have a bizarre choice, especially if they can’t afford an expensive model they fancy.
They will prefer to buy a remodelled version than use a run-of-the-mill budget car or bike.

Libra: Librans are not passionately interested in mechanics and automobiles.
In fact, they would have their vehicles passed on to them as a legacy.
They seldom have the initiative to buy one on their own. No wonder, their stuff is badly maintained.

Scorpio: Scorpios believe in convention when choosing their bikes/cars.
Instead of trying out the funky new version of that imported car, they prefer buying the trusted but Indian-made ones.
So they usually own a popular but old model.

Sagittarius: They are a lot like Scorpios. They too believe in functionality and would not want to spend fancy amounts just for one extra feature.
They also don’t think futuristic, instead settle for something contemporary. Planning ahead is not their trait.

Capricorn: Never go with a Capricorn to buy a bike/car.
They will spend so much time and energy studying every part that by the time the selection is made, the model would have become obsolete.
But that is not of concern to them. Perfection is their prime demand.

Aquarius: They don’t use their vehicles often, but nevertheless they are awfully possessive about the same. They are the ones who have their names written all over their bikes.
More as an attempt to reclaim it rather than use it.
They like their vehices to be glistening and shimmering.
They are possessive about their dream machine, proud of their possession, and would love to flaunt it.

Pisces: They often make bad drivers and that shows on their bikes and cars.
A broken rear view mirror, a disfigured bonnet, dysfunctional horn, it’s all there in the Piscean’s stuff.
What’s worse, they refuse to get it repaired until it really bothers them while driving.
Pisceans often tend to keep their vehicle neglected, and would not send it in wash or repair unless extremely necessary.

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