Adhi Yoga 2022 – Jupiter, Venus, Mercury effects for Cancer & Leo

Adhi Yoga 2022 formed by three benefic planets Jupiter, Mercury and Venus transit in 6th, 7th, 8th houses from natal moon for Cancer (Karka) during January.
This rare combination is called Adhi Yoga, which can be seen in horoscopes of billionaires and in transit, it works for those who are destined to become one.

Adhi Yoga 2022Mercury has already entered Capricorn in early January 2022 and is in Retrograde motion. Venus in Sagittarius (retrograde) and Jupiter in Aquarius are forming Adhi Yoga 2022, but real effects will be seen for Cancer born only when Mercury and Venus goes direct from 4th February 2022.
Venus enters Capricorn on 27th February and will be conjunct Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Moon which ends Adhi Yoga 2022 for Cancerians.
During these 23 days, Cancer Moon Sign born can have good time at work. New oppurtunities can come their way.
Saturn conjunct Sun and later with Mars in Capricorn, is not a good sign for them.
Kids born in Cancer Ascendant or moon sign during this period can grow up to become problem solvers, crisis managers and emerge victorious in challenging conditions.
But they will have difference of opinion with elders, seperate from family, suffer from accidents, cuts and wounds as they grow up.
Their current position at work will not be helpful for others.

Adhi Yoga 2022 effects for Cancer (Karka Rasi) and Leo (Simha Rasi)

People between age groups of 30-48 can experience maximum effects of this Adhi Yoga 2022.
If you have 3 benefic planets in 6,7,8 houses of your horoscope, then this Adhi Yoga 2022 will deliver its complete results depending on the running vimsottari dasa or antardasa of the planets involved.
Generally, if you have a benefic dasa going on, then this Adhi Yoga 2022 will shower additional benefits upon you like increased social circle, improved health and peace at home.
Mars and Saturn opposing Cancerians will create unnecessary arguments, legal hurdles, injuries, fire accidents, impurities in blood.
One should watch their diet and make sure that Liver and Kidneys are not effected.
Few long time problems and legal issues can be resolved in your favor.
Travel will prove to be fruitful.
Avoid speculation and risky investments.
Generally, if a natural malefic like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn is conjunct one of these 3 benefic planets while forming Adhi Yoga, mixed results can be experienced.
This applies to both Cancer and Leo as Saturn and Mars will be conjunct Mercury and later Venus (from 27 February 2022).

Leo (Simha Rasi) born will experience Adhi Yoga effects between 24-30 March 2022.
During that week, Venus in 6th, Jupiter in 7th and Mercury in 8th form Adhi Yoga which give sudden inflow of money, professional growth, timely diet and satisfactory life.
From 31st March, Venus will be conjunct Jupiter and opposing Leo, which makes them curious and anxious for unnecessary issues.
From 16th February 2022, Mars, Saturn, Sun will form evil Adhi Yoga (natural malefics in 6,7,8 houses) for Leo.
This makes them evil minded and tyrannical. If benefics and malefic are thus placed then mixed results, tricky situations, traps will ensue.
They need to avoid negativity, jealousy, ego and connect with positive people till mid-April 2022 as Saturn, Mars, Sun for evil Adhi Yoga for them again during 7-13 April.