7 Planets Conjunction 2021 February in Capricorn

Rare once-in-a-lifetime conjunction of 7 planets involving the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Mercury & the mystic non-planet Pluto occurs in the Vedic sign of Capricorn (Makara) on 10th & 11th February 2021.
7 planets conjunction 2021 vedic astrology

We already witnessed a very powerful 6 planet combination on 26th December 2019 that was at the epicentre of the Covid19 storm that we all have weathered over the last one year. It is extremely rare and unfortunate that 2 back-to-back heavy clusters of planets occur within a span of 14 months.
Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Pluto are already in Capricorn. Moon will join them on 9th February 2021 at 20:21 IST.
Saturn and Jupiter are already combust along with Mercury, which is in Retrograde motion too. Later in the month, Venus will also be combust.
Moon will leave Capricorn on 12 February 2021 at 02:00 IST.
Until then, people born under moon signs of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra will have tough time.
Sudden expenses, injuries, insults, pressure of debts, hospital visits, losses in speculation and investments, threatening situations at work, fatigue, stress, insomnia can effect them.
Taurus will have professionally good period but find it difficult to handle family members.
This 7 planet cluster is good for people born under moon signs of Pisces, Leo and Scorpio.
These 3 signs can make best of limited oppurtunities and time. Leo can have secret and hidden enemies who try to tarnish their image.
Health, litigations or legal issues, debts, investments and finance will be heavily influenced for Leo born.
Aries can leave current job and look for alternate career.
Gemini can lose job, relations, reputation in society and also get into unnecessary arguments, litigations.
Cancer will have partner related issues, stiff opposition from others in many decisions, but support from friends.
Virgo minds will be wobbling and decision making becomes impossible. Should try and postpone all major activities to next month.
Librans will be torn between frequent travel, restricted social movement, repairs or shifting at home, opposition from children and lovers.
Sagittarians will be blamed by close people for their financial decisions and past mistakes.
Capricorn need to avoid driving at night, eating out. Seperation from friends, loneliness, lack of motivation and interest in any work, fatigue can occur.
Aquarians need to take care of health, control speech and spend more time in meditation.
This month will be best time for Pisceans.

How 2019 & 2021 Conjunctions are different ?

In 2019, Moon’s south node (Ketu) was conjunct 5 other planets in Sagittarius, while north node (Rahu) was aspecting (opposite) them.
Sagittarius being a Fire sign, it aggravated the negative influence of Ketu and Rahu (which was transiting in its own nakshtra-Arudra).
Later Ketu in its own nakshatra of Moola, helped spread of Virus from february 2020.
But the upcoming 7 planet conjunction is positive as it happens the Earth sign of Capricorn that is fertile with a strong supportive Saturn in its own sign and conjunct friendly planets like Venus and Mercury.
Although Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, its sign lord Saturn being there creates Neecha-Bhanga Yoga and this temporarily brings down Gold price and financial sector, but is good for few individuals who have invested in long term returns.

New phase of Cold War started in 1962 with 7 planets in Capricorn

In February 1962, there were 7 planets in Capricorn, as a result of which the superpowers America and the then Soviet Russia got entangled in the ‘Cuban Missile‘ crisis and due to the fear of war, world politics was divided into two camps which led to decades of ‘Cold War‘.
This time, each country has to take sides when there is a real war or cold war. There cannot be a third world or neutral country in future.
China’s economy will collapse as stock value goes down in international market. Also a natural catastrophe hits China in the form of earthquake.
Pakistan economy will completely collapse, but some help from USA can save them to some extent.
India can go to war with either of these 2 countries in 2021.

Capricorn is 10th house (Karma Sthana) of zodiac. It is also the natural sign of profession, organization and structures.
Because it is earth sign, planets in it deals with Agriculture, its reforms, bills etc.
Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in same nakshatra (Uttarashada) since December 2020 and now in Sravana nakshatra since January 2021 have aggavated farmers protests in Delhi.
Other planets conjunction will also add fuel to fire, but as both Saturn and Jupiter are combust, protests will not be able to make any impact on government.
Also, as planets start moving away from Capricorn from end of February and Jupiter moving into Dhanishta nakshatra on 4th March 2021, protests will dilute and slowly stop.

Planetary Transit Effects during February 2021

Saturday February 6: Venus conjunction Saturn AND Venus square Uranus: Avoid making any major purchases today. Uranus makes you impulsive and Saturn means things are more likely to go wrong. Also, be careful of having too many sweets today.

Monday February 8: Sun conjunction Mercury: This is good for face to face conversations.

Wednesday February 10: Mercury square Mars: This increases impulsive speech. Make an extra effort to think before you speak or text.

Thursday February 11: Venus conjunction Jupiter: Finally a good day for having a little fun! Do something enjoyable today.

Saturday February 13: Mercury conjunction Venus AND Mars sextile Neptune: Call those good friends you have not seen in a while just to say Hi.

Sunday February 14: Mercury conjunction Jupiter: This is also good for conversation with old friends. It is also good for renewing old business contacts. But not new ones. Mercury is still Retrograde.

Wednesday February 17: Saturn square Uranus: Absolutely DO NOT buy any new electronic or hi-tech devices today. Things will tend to go wrong.

Friday February 19: Venus square Mars: Do not let your urge to party overcome your common sense.

Sunday Feb 21: Mercury Retrograde ends and Mars trine Pluto: Finally Retrograde Mercury is over. Now you can move forward again. This aspect will give you the energy to get things going.

Thursday Feb 25: Sun sextile Uranus: This is a good day to break routine. Do something new today. Meet new people.

This mass of energy of 7 planets will bring many changes that would last over the next many years and depending on their placement with respect to your sign, effects can be striking and totally unexpected.

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