Adhi Yoga 2024 – Jupiter, Venus, Mercury effects for Sagittarius

Adhi Yoga 2024 is formed by three benefic planets Jupiter, Mercury and Venus transit in 6th, 7th, 8th houses from natal moon for Sagittarius (Cancer) during June – July.

Adhi Yoga 2024This rare combination is called Adhi Yoga, which can be seen in horoscopes of billionaires and in transit, it works for those who are destined to become one.
Mercury will enter Cancer at 10:59 IST on 29 June 2024. Venus is already in Gemini and Jupiter in Taurus are forming Adhi Yoga 2024.
Venus leaves Gemini and Cancer at 02:24 IST on 7th July and will be conjunct Mercury, which ends Adhi Yoga 2024 for Sagittarians.
Earlier this year, Libra has experienced Adhi Yoga for few days but its effects were less.
During these 8 days, Sagittarius Moon Sign born can have good time at work. New oppurtunities can come their way.
Saturn turns Retrograde during that week and aspects Sagittarius. This, along with Adhi Yoga suddenly opens new doors for earning more money, improved health, temporary relief from existing problems.
They can also experience marital happiness and peaceful family life.
For Adhi Yoga to deliver full positive effects, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury must be placed in the sixth, seventh and eighth houses from the Moon sign, and the fourth house, which represents comfort, happiness and joy, should be devoid of any influence of the malefic planets.
Rahu in pisces reduces positive effects to some extent.

Domestic issues will not get resolved. Difference of opinions with mother and loved ones possible.
Few will get promoted in their job.
Administrators, advisors to authorities, team leaders can get into desired position.
This Adhi Yoga 2024 is not good for those born under moon signs of Aquarius, Gemini, Leo and Libra.
They undergo losses in business, fatigue, termination from existing job, drained physically and mentally, failures in attempts to be in a relationship.
Life appears direction less and not worth fighting for it.
People between age groups of 30-48 can experience maximum effects of this Adhi Yoga 2024.
If you have 3 benefic planets in 6,7,8 houses of your horoscope, then this Adhi Yoga will deliver its complete results depending on the running vimsottari dasa or antardasa of the planets involved.
Generally, if you have a benefic dasa going on, then this Adhi Yoga 2024 will shower additional benefits upon you like increased social circle, improved health and peace at home.

There are two types of Adhi Yoga : Paapa Adhi Yoga and Subha Adhi Yoga.
This is Subha Adhi Yoga, which has 3 positive planets aligned in 3 simultaneous signs.
In Paapa Adhi Yoga, natural malefic planets, Mars, Saturn and the sun, in sixth, seventh and eighth houses respectively, destroy all positive effects of other planets and cause devastating effects in life.
Around 15th March 2024, Leo (Simha Rasi) born have seen malefic effects of Paapa Adhi Yoga, which made them go through depression, financial loss, termination of job, working under unhealthy conditions and sleepless nights.

Generally, if a natural malefic like Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Mars or Saturn is conjunct one of these 3 benefic planets while forming Adhi Yoga, mixed results can be experienced.
Sun will be conjunct Mercury and Venus in Gemini, which reduces positive effects of Adhi Yoga 2024 for Sagittarians to some extent.
Generally, Venus transiting 6th and 7th is bad but this time, it is combust and this saves Sagittarius.
Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) continue to face negative results everywhere as Jupiter in Taurus and Venus Combust in Gemini continues.
Scorpions get some positive results from 2nd week of July 2024.