Aquarius & Leo effected by 6 planets in September 2019

Six Planets will be aspecting Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) during September 2019, causing complicated situations dilemma, errors in judgement, conflicts with partners, sickness.
6 planets influence aquarius

Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus will be transiting Leo (Simha Rasi), while Moon will transiting Aquarius during 12-14 and 26-27 September 2019.
Saturn in Sagittarius will start aspecting Aquarius from 18 September when it goes direct.
Saturn also aspects Virgo and Gemini when direct, which are 2,11,7 houses for Leo.
This creates disturbances in relations, loss or seperations from partners and children, disputes with lover, financial losses or heavy expenditures, friends cheating or backstabbing.
Also conflicting planets in 1st house causes headaches, insomnia, depression for Leo (Simha Rasi) born.
4 planets in Leo and Mars aspecting Jupiter in Scorpio must cause war and cross border terrorism for India with one of the neighbours.
But Mercury, Mars, Venus being combust due to close proximity with Sun in Leo, postpones this impact to October 2019 where all these planets transit Virgo (Kanya).
This will reduce the result to a mini-war or cross-border firing.
Indian space adventures will face some setbacks this month due to combust planets in Leo.

Aries (Mesha Rasi) will find health relief only from last week of this month.
Taurus (Vrishabha) can suffer from guilt feeling for mistakes done in past, lose expected money in dealings, undergo depression and loneliness, seperations from past relations.
Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) try to act bold and cover their fear. Non-commitment from partners causes frustration.
Cancer sign born can recover from past financial cruch, find a new job and get pack to old routine.
Virgo (Kanya) have to curb their expenditures and stay low. Few politicians can face threat of getting arrested or losing their power.
There will be attempts to destroy your image in public.
Thula (Libra) can have good time with younger ones in family.
Scorpio (Vrischik) can face financial pressures and lack of funds due to Saturn (Retrograde) and Ketu. Mars aspecting Jupiter can lead to arguments, fights.
Sagittarius (Dhanus) must be worried about health of self or a family member. You will feel helpless in many occassions.
Capricorn (Makara) need to stay low profile and talk less. Situation of health and relations will improve from 3rd week of this month.
Pisces (Meena) should settle down all important affairs before end of 2nd week of september. 2nd half of this month is good only for working in solitude.

Effects of Planetary Aspects in September 2019

Full Moon in Aquarius on September 13: Be careful. This Full Moon is opposite Mars (action) and 3 other planets in Leo. This makes people want immediate action (Mars) but they Do not really know what’s going on. Be cautious and use the following two weeks to double check. Take action AFTER the New Moon on September 28.

Sunday September 8: Sun square Jupiter: Over-optimism! Be careful of taking on too much. Another aspect today will be Mercury trine Saturn_Ketu: Today you can see little details that you would normally not notice. Also on this date, Mars trine Saturn: This focuses your energy. Now you can get things done.

Thursday September 12: Mars square Jupiter: Watch out for over-confidence and over-enthusiasm. They lead to over-exhaustion and over-failure.

Friday September 13: Mercury conjunct Venus: This one is good for social contacts and pleasant conversation.
Sun trine Ketu: This can give you the energy to tackle big tasks and the awareness to see obstacles. But this is also the day of that difficult Full Moon. Be busy but be careful. Do not rush!

Thursday September 19: Mars trine Ketu: This gives you the energy to get things done. But be careful of the Mars/Uranus aspect later in the day. Do not rush. Go slow and watch out for accidents.

Saturday September 21: Jupiter square 4 planets in Leo: Check your plans for today to make sure they are not over-optimistic and unrealistic. Remember Jupiter makes things larger and Neptune can bring illusions.

Sunday September 22: Mercury square Saturn: This can cause difficulties and delays with communication and transportation. If you have any important business meetings today, reschedule them.

Tuesday September 24: Mercury sextile Jupiter: This is much better for important meetings and communications. Schedule them for today.

Wednesday September 25: Venus square Saturn: This is not a good day for a party. People are less likely to enjoy themselves. It is also a bad day for beautify treatments. You probably won’t like the results.

Thursday September 26: Mercury square Ketu: People are on power trips today. Not a good day for negotiations. You may want to tell someone off today. Do not. You will make an enemy for life.

Saturday September 28: Venus sextile Jupiter: Now THIS is a good time to have a party! If there is no party, then just do something enjoyable.

New Moon in Virgo on Saturday September 28: The New Moon is on the Mars/Saturn midpoint. This is good for doing hard work and those difficult tasks that you have been putting off. Be careful though when working with sharp tools.
Also, this Amavasya is good to donate in the name of ancestors.

Monday September 30: Venus square Ketu: It is tempting to want to use power in your relationships today. Do not. Pluto never forgets and always gets even.