Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal JUPITER

Moon transit Natal JupiterNatal Jupiter is the sign where your JUPITER was placed during birth time, and from there other houses are calculated clock-wise.
If you were born with Jupiter in Gemini, then your natal house is Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) and during transit, Moon forming conjunction (in Gemini), sextile (aspect of 60° which are Leo and Aries in this case), square (aspect of 90° which are Virgo and Pisces here), trine (aspect of 120° which are Libra and Aquarius here), opposition (aspect of 180° which is Sagittarius here) are discussed in this article.
Conjunction is transiting through same sign as in birth chart, sextile is transiting 3rd or 11th house, trine is transiting 5th or 9th house, opposition is transiting 7th house from natal sign.

Transit MOON conjunct Natal Jupiter : Hope increases. You will be enterprising, benevolent, kind, emotional towards family and ambitious during this transit.
There will be benefits in profession. Generous attitude towards opposite gender is appreciated.
Afflicted Jupiter or Moon indicate uncontrolled diet and dominating tendency.

Transit MOON Sextile Natal Jupiter : Awareness about religion, culture and educational values increase.
You will be full of enthusiasm and optimism. Being helpful towards the needy, family members and associates at work is appreciated.
Good period for travel, social or business dealings with opposite gender.

Transit MOON Square Natal Jupiter : Unnecessary expenditures and unrealistic optimism can hurt.
High expectations on you can lead to disasters.
Need for love, emotional security can make you depressed and dependent on others.
Escapism, psychological weaknesses can hit judgement.
Imaginary expectations lead to dangerous situations.
Do NOT make promises that cannot be fulfilled. Control diet, else increase of weight is possible.

Transit MOON Trine Natal Jupiter : You are generous to people around and provide them emotional, physical support.
Good time to travel and finalise pending deals. Also good time to plan for kids and extension of family.
Fund rising activities, enhacing business, getting favors from opposite gender is expected.

Transit MOON Opposition Natal Jupiter : Emotions are out of control and sympathies are misdirected. Religious hypocrisy, financial extravagance, being indecisive about religion, trouble in love are possible,
Your tendency to take things for granted can cost a lot.
Lack of diet control can lead to weight gain.
Avoid travel, legal affair and signing of documents.