Four Planets Retrograde in April 2017, Effects

Four Major Planets, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mercury will be in Retrograde motion during second week of April 2017.
This creates heavy financial gains for few moon signs, while a crunch for others.

Jupiter, the finance controller is already retrograde in Virgo since past 2 months.
Venus also has slowed down and is in retrograde motion since March in Pisces and this will continue till 15 April.
Saturn goes retrograde in Sagittarius from 06 April 2017.
Now, Mercury will join this list of retrogrades on 10 April 2017 from 04:40 IST and continues in same sign (Aries) till 03 May 2017 at 21:58 IST.
Out of these four, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will be occupying 3 dual signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces respectively.
This will heavily effect financial transactions of almost all zodiac moon signs.
Few signs will gain heavily as their pending arrears will be cleared this month, but in installments.
Others will face heavy cash crunch and pressure to payback.

4 Retrograde Planets Effects on 12 Moon Signs – April 2017

Aries : Expenses will not be in your control. Income will be less than expected and pressure of loans will increase.
However, few debts will be cleared.
Useless journeys will take a toll on your health and wealth too.
Better avoid taking of new loans this month.

Taurus : Combined retrograde period till 15th April will be good for you. Later, losses and heavy expenditure will create some fear and frustration in your mind.
Avoid late night parties and stay out of the radar of Law Enforcement.

Gemini : Best month ahead with gains from speculations, raise in salary, profits in business etc.
Most of your plans will be executed and you can also derive happiness from life.
Make sure you do not go overboard and get over confident.

Cancer : There will be few surprising gains from unexpected corners.
Professional success and progress will keep you motivated.
You will be assigned new projects and kept busy.

Leo : Travelling, renting of new house, real estate dealing, lawyers, litigations, health care will keep you busy and cause heavy expenditures.
There will not be much gain from speculations or gambling.
Money will be spent like water.

Virgo : There will be difficulties and obstacles in money matters.
It is not easy to handle pressure from family and at work simultaneously.
There is no satisfaction derived from any aspect of life.

Libra : Travel can prove to be useless. Future looks dark with multiple sources of money slipping away from your hands.
Health requires some attention and expenditure.

Scorpio : You can clear past debts to some extent but in installments.
Partnership business can flourish to some extent but individual speculation cannot give you desired results.
Some money can be spent for building a house or buying valuables. Loss or misplacement of a valuable can create some worry.
Life will appear as if stretched, as time passes slowly and events happen at snail’s pace.

Sagittarius : You will be able to manage finances with support of others.
Expenditure towards health, children can be heavy but it will be within manageable limits.
Speculation must be avoided.

Capricorn : Sudden and unexpected expenditures will cause some anxiety.
You will strongly wish to invest in buying a new house or land but it is better to consult family members and experts before investing.
Travel will cause some expenditure.

Aquarius : All financial dealings will give you both satisfaction and profits.
Investments will prove to be useful. Increased courage will make you take bold decisions and also take up unconventional projects.
Life will appear to be challenging. Speculations can also yield some profits.

Pisces : Past debts will be recovered but in installments. Financial position from 6th April 2017 will be improved.
Speculations can prove to be profitable. Confidence will be high. Except for health, everything will appear to be in control.

Apart from these 4, Rahu and Ketu will be retrograde as usual and those effects were also taken into consideration for above predictions.