Four Planets Retrograde in June 2020, Effects

Four Major Planets, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mercury will be in Retrograde motion during third week of June 2020.
This creates heavy financial gains for few moon signs, while a crunch for others.
Jupiter Saturn Venus Mercury Retrograde 2020

Jupiter, the finance controller is already retrograde in Capricorn since 14 May 2020.
Venus also has slowed down and is in retrograde motion since 13 May 2020 in Taurus and this will continue till 25 June.
Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn since 11 May 2020.
Now, Mercury will join this list of retrogrades on 18 June 2020 and continues in same sign (Gemini) till 12 July 2020.
Out of these four, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will be occupying earth signs.
This will cause earth quakes, floods, land slides, volcano eruptions, damage of crop due to untimely rainfall.
Few signs will gain heavily as their pending arrears will be cleared this month, but in installments.
Others will face heavy cash crunch and pressure to payback.
Apart from these 4, Rahu and Ketu will be direct during 07-21 June and Solar eclipse on 21 june effects were also taken into consideration for above predictions.

Also, Pluto will be retrograde throughout this combination period and Neptune retrogrades from 23 June.
During August-September 2020, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto will be retrograde at same time. Mars also joins this list in early September.
Jupiter crossing Pluto for the 2nd time in 2020 on 30th June causes peak in covid-19 cases in many countries.
India, Pakistan, USA, European countries struggle to control covid-19 spread and economic downfall.
Australia, New Zealand can handle situation better than other countries.

People born with Jupiter retrograde will be successful only while they take up incomplete jobs left by others.
These oppurtunities will be created during transit Jupiter retrograde period each year, but they will be noticed only after retrograde ends.
People born with Saturn retrograde need to behave with their employees and understand that it is a privilege to have faithful workers.
Retrograde Mercury born can be good in analysis but bad in final predictions. Most of their money related work can get stuck during transit mercury retrograde period.
Stationary and retrograde period of mercury is best time to consider all possible outcomes of current plan(s), their pros and cons.

In general, more people will slip into depression due to lack of social activities, love failures, job loss, debts.
Drug abuse, alcoholism increases.
Few can feel that they were forced to be the scapegoat for community sake, even if they did not commit any crime.

4 Retrograde Planets Effects on 12 Moon Signs – June 2020

Aries : Relations, Health and Financial position will be satisfactory. But unnecessary work, useless meetings, purposeless communication can cause lot of irritation.
You need to find a peaceful place to work and meditate around solar eclipse day (21 June).

Taurus : Self confidence will be less, eventhough nothing bad really happens.
There can be new openings, chances of promotion, new ways of income, but all major decisions should be postponed until Venus becomes direct (25 June).

Gemini : Lot of dilemma and uncertainity prevail. You will be criticised for delaying even smallest and easiest of decisions.
Better avoid buying any electronic gadget until 2nd week of July.

Cancer : There will be arguments and fights at home or work.
Watch your words, or else they can get you into trouble.
Most of the free time is spent in recollecting good past times.

Leo : This is probably the only moon sign having a good time in this crisis period.
Except for few days coming after Solar Eclipse (if you are living in that zone), rest all look good.

Virgo : Some of you may want to explore new found love but this month is not suited for that purpose.
Family relations can be distrbed due to frequent arguments.
This is best time to spend with friends.

Libra : Physical labor can take a toll on your health. Family activities, health of elders and kids at home can be your cause of concern.
Try to take decisions and stick to them, instead of seeking advices from everyone.

Scorpio : Challenging month ahead as multiple issues like monetary losses, debts, health of family members, lack of income can bother you.
After solar eclipse, things will slowly start improving but you will not be satisfied.

Sagittarius : Health needs to be taken care. You will be criticised by family members for past monetary decisions.
Insecurity, loneliness, depression possible.

Capricorn : This month both eclipses are beneficial for you.
Good times will be spent with relatives and friends. Monetary position will be satisfactory.

Aquarius : Deception is possible. You need to judge people carefully before buying anything from them or making promises.
Health needs care. Lack of proper diet can cause inflamatory diseases, joint pains, insomnia.
Avoid all arguments at home.

Pisces : Health, financial position will be good. Lonely moments spent will make you understand situations and psychologies better.
Avoid buying any decorative items, electronic goods, clothes during this month.