Love Predictions 2015 for Moon Signs

2015 Moon Sign Love Predictions will be based on position of Venus at midnight 00:00 hours on 1st January 2015, owner of nakshatra in which moon transits and strongest planet signifying 5th house at that time.

Today most of the questions asked at Vedic Astrology are about Love, Marriage, Money, Career and Progeny.
Jupiter exalted in Moon’s sign Cancer opposed and aspected by Venus in Capricorn at begining of new year controls our emotions, romantic affairs, dreams and their coming true.
Checkout what 2015 offers in form of Love based on your vedic moon sign.

Love Predictions 2015 for Moon Signs in Vedic Astrology

Aries : Arians will get mixed results in love related matters in 2015. The first half of this year might bring in some rifts in love affairs. Saturn is aspecting your fifth house so you do not to be stubborn in love related matters. The second half of the year is going to be favourable for love and engagement. An old acquaintance or relative will be affectionate toward you.

Taurus : 2015 will be favourable for love affairs. Teenagers and youngsters will be able to find the desired person. You might get attracted toward a person of higher class and society. But Rahu in your fifth house is indicating that you may start lying to your partner. Saturn in your seventh house foretells that you should not get stubborn with your beloved or partner. Try to avoid this and take care of partner’s health.

Gemini : You will get mixed results in your love life in 2015. During the first half of this year, Jupiter is in second house. So you may get extremely attached with someone close to you. Your family will approve it, if it doesn’t comes under your blood relations. While the second half of the year will be favourable for love matters as well as married life. This time is also suitable for engagement and marriage.

Cancer : 2015 is favourable for love affairs. Those who are eligible for marriage can get engaged. They are likely to get married as well. Intensity in your love will increase. However, there may be some verbal tiffs due to positioning of Saturn in fifth house. Don’t let small issues affect your love and personal life. Married couples will get the pleasures of progeny and happiness.

Leo : Till July 2015, 5th lord Jupiter will remain exalted. So compatibility will come naturally in love affairs. But Jupiter in twelfth house so you may have to be go away from your beloved. Falling in love with someone living at a distant place is also there on your cards. The charm and fragrance of love will continue in the second part of the year as well and this phase is excellent for love, engagements, and marriage.

Virgo : 2015 will be a pleasant year for love matters. But this is the time to avoid stubborn attitude and ego, as it can affect your relation. For the natives who have reached the age of marriage, engagement is on the cards. Talking about the already married couples, a tour is there for them. But, due to the position of Ketu in seventh house, you have to be careful regarding health of your partner.

Libra : The year 2015 will be good for love relationships. There will be no distractions in love relationships. But you should avoid any type of controversy with your partner. It will not be good to distrust your loved ones. Don’t destroy your relationship by doing this. You will get to know the goodness of your friends in the second part of the year. Your relations will also get better, during this period. The second part of the year seems auspicious for marriage or engagement.

Scorpio : First part of 2015 is very favourable for love affairs. Your wishes will get fulfilled. The plans of going out with your partner will realize in good time. The time is also favourable for doing engagement. Those who are eligible for marriage, strong possibilities of marriage are there for them. The time is also favourable for married people. Try to avoid complications in small talks, during the second half of this year.

Sagittarius : First part of 2015 till July is not very good for love affairs. So don’t be over insistence in any issue because your arguments can break the relation. It is also important to keep in mind the prestige of your loved one. However, you will get favourable results in the second part of 2015. Intensity will come in your love. Love will increase in the lives of married people also.

Capricorn : First half of 2015 will be favourable for love related matters. You might get close to someone rich and well settled. There is a possibility of getting engaged or married. Coming to the second part of the year, you should try to improve your relations. It would be good not to use unpleasant language. Instead, take care of your partner’s health.

Aquarius : First part of 2015 is not very good for love affairs. Don’t be insistence because it can create destroy your relationship. But, you will spend a pleasurable time in the second part of the year with your partner. Possibilities of marriage or engagements are there for those who are eligible. Overall, there is a beautiful possibility of intensification of love.

Pisces : The year 2015 will be favourable and will give good results for you love life. You may fall in love with some noble or wealthy person. There are also strong possibilities of marriage or engagement. Old relationships will intensify but you may get involved in some relationships that are beyond your traditions. Try not to avoid old relationships because of new relationships.