New Year Celebrations of Zodiac Moon Signs

Every New Year brings along a fresh stock of new days that inspire us to tread on new paths, to explore life in a fresh manner and to add to our lives what we missed in the previous year. Astrologically, each zodiac sign has its own way of expressing this party occasion.
New Year Celebrations of Zodiac Signs

The moment the New Year countdown begins, we look back to the happy days of the year gone and pray for more such moments in the following year. In order to make this moment a perfect one you need to be well prepared.
While Arians want to be ahead of everyone, Gemini might love a crowded party, Scorpions would like to try extreme activities and Pisces and outsource their New Year Party too !
It would be better to know your partner’s zodiac moon sign so that you can handle them well or even surprise them on this New Year Eve !
Let us find out the hidden traits that make each zodiac sign in astrology celebrate this new year day – their own way !

Aries : Arians want to be the first in line whatever the occasion is. Once they know the venue for the party; they would actively lead all their friends to the New Year’s bash. Their enterprising nature and pleasing personality makes them stand out in the crowd. One shouldn’t be amazed if an Arian changes the venue for the party at the last minute, it’s because they do not believe in compromising -if there’s a plan to rock-on, it should be just perfect.

Taurus : Ruled by Venus, the people born under this sign would love to spend New Year’s Eve dining with their beloved or may be a set of their close pals. Good food, a romantic chit-chat and a peaceful ambience is what interests them on this occasion. They love giving surprises to set the mood just right for the moment. Don’t be amazed if suddenly someone starts playing that romantic musical tone around you it’s got to be a Taurian!

Gemini : People born under this sign love to spend the evening at a crowded, lively pub or party. They make sure they choose a place full of life where their quick wit and intelligence can be recognized. Allow the Geminis to enter into debates when they are high they would certainly make you laugh with the secrets they have never shared before. But make sure you don’t share much with them this eve, their commendable memory would store your secrets too as a fun event for the next coming up party.

Cancer : Governed by the planet moon, a Cancerian would choose the most serene place to plan this occasion HomeĀ. They love to spend the evening together with the entire family including kids, parents, grandparents and friends. Special home cooked food, watching TV, playing cards, sipping their favourite drinks and playing Antakshari is what they love to do for New Year. If they are allowed to plan the occasion by their choice, even the youngest child would be found counting the minutes till midnight at a Cancerian’s place.

Leo : Leo’s idea for the New Year’s Eve is to bring the smile on the face of everyone they meet. They are those crystal charms of the party and also the ones who are most talked about. Any dramatic pranks being played in the eve; should certainly be brought to their credit. Their eve is certainly different than rest of the world. It could be a carriage ride through a park, a marriage proposal offered on knees, opening champagne in the middle of the road — anything that’s demonstrative of Leo’s enthusiastic realm, is just right for this Sign.

Virgo : People born under this sign are known to be the perfect celebration planners for the New Year’s Eve. Due to the strong presence of Mercury, Virgos would always be knowledgeable about the various venues, cuisines, apt decoration and lots more. Virgos pay close attention to detail so that everyone has a great time in their party! It is worth attending a party organized by them. All they need to learn is to shake a leg in order to set the dance floor rolling and enjoy the New Year bash to the fullest.

Libra : Librans believe in elegance and thus a perfect New Year Eve destination for them would be a lush party where attractive and classy people are having a good time. Being the biggest attention seekers on this earth, they would love to flaunt their best attire in the New Year Eve. Sitting smartly on a sofa with a glass of champagne, gossips about the girl next door and complimenting your diamond earrings with a smile is what interests them the most. A soothing peaceful ambience with a great collection of art scriptures would draw the Librans to your party.

Scorpio : Scorpions wish to live the moment doing something extreme. The dominating Mars makes them quite courageous and energetic. No wonder they can be up on stage singing their heart out with a mike in one hand and drink in the other with those romantic old numbers to titillate the entire mood. They easily outsmart others in the crowded party. A romantic scorpion could also hire a chartered helicopter to propose to their beloved right up in the air exactly when the clock ticks twelve.

Sagittarius : Born under the influence of Jupiter, Saggitarius people are fairly bold and daring. Gazing the fireworks in the sky at midnight from the terrace of the highest building in the town is what gives them pleasure on the New Year Eve. They do things that make them feel on top of the world. Even a single beer this eve can raise their energy levels to be a part of karaoke band and let the world know its new year time. Huge crowd, loud music, discotheques, pubbing and clubbing is what lights their eve.

Capricorn : Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn people set high standards for themselves as well as for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Right from choosing that right attire for the eve to the music to tap the feet on everything should match their mood. It’s hard for anyone to live upto Capricornian’s expectations but it’s a good thing that they are good planners themselves, So one can relax in their company. A formal dinner party thrown for business colleagues and contacts in a five star restaurant matches the Capricorn’s alley.

Aquarius : Aquarians always wish to try something new and enticing. Their mind can generate as many wild and exuberant ideas for any individual they encounter this eve. With them everything has to be funky, right from the furniture to the music to the venue of the party. You may also expect the unusual surprises from them as and when the clock strikes twelve midnight.

Pisces : Pisceans are good at outsourcing their New Year eve arrangements so that they can relax and gear up with full energy in the party. An ideal New Year’s Eve for them would be a romantic experience with their beloved; where the place is kindled with the lit candles around the pool side and series of soft tunes on the violin being played nearby. They make sure that they hire the professionals to make the idea a worthwhile experience so least compromises are expected out of them.

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