Lunar Eclipse 10-11 January 2020, Effects

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will occur on 10-11 January 2020 with Moon transiting in Punarvasu constellation of Mithuna Rasi (Gemini) according to Vedic Astrology. This lunar eclipse 10-11 January 2020 will be visible throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Australian continents.
Lunar Eclipse 20-21 January 2019 Astrology

Penumbral lunar eclipse can be seen from all countries which fall under the colored zone in above picture..
As the eclipse begins, Earth’s shadow first darkens the Moon slightly. Then, the shadow begins to “cover” part of the Moon.
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will begin at 22:37:44 IST on 10 January 2020, Maximum eclipse can be seen at 00:40:02 IST on 11 January and eclipse ends at 02:42:19 IST on 11 January 2020.
Total duration of this total lunar eclipse is 4 hours, 4 minutes and 35 seconds.
Countries falling under the white zone in above picture cannot see this lunar eclipse.
Small part of the east side of North and South American continents can see partial lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse 10-11 January 2020 Astrology Effects on 12 Zodiac Signs

Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Ketu in Poorvashada nakshatra are conjunct Saturn in Uttarashada and aspected by Rahu in Arudra, which is conjunct Moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra.
Mars in Anuradha nakshtra will be aspecting this Lunar eclipse which happens in Gemini.
Only Venus in Dhanishta nakshatra (Aquarius) is not influencing this lunar eclipse 10-11 January 2020.
A Lunar eclipse occuring in air sign Gemini indicates smog, pollution, mental seperations between couples, disputes with partners, abnormal climate, psychological problems for few.
Rumors and lies will be spread by anti-establishment groups.
Not the best month to buy new electronic equipment, smart phones.

If you are born with Moon conjunct Ketu or Rahu, do not attempt swimming or diving into water during this month.
If you are born with Moon in Punarvasu, Visakha or Poorvabhadra constellations, or going through Jupiter (Guru) Dasa, then expect major changes in life within next 4 weeks.
If you are born under Gemini Moon sign or Ascendant or going through Moon Dasa, then it is time to take care of your money, health and relationships.
January-February 2020 will be testing time (psychologically) for people born in ascendants and moon signs of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn.
Expect good days for people born in ascendants and moon signs of Aries, Leo, Libra.
For others, effects will be neutral.

Climate changes and Political Effects of Lunar Eclipse 10-11 January 2020

During the next 6 months, coastal regions of India will be effected by heavy rains and severe floods. Few ruling politicians who go for elections during January-February 2020 will lose power.
Middle-East will go short of sand and import it.
Australians will be criticized for being racist. Their country makes good revenue from sand exports.
Untimely rains, religion and diseases will severely effect Africa.
Many European countries can face economic slowdown.
Pakistan faces more humiliation at international level. China loses more companies to rivals and neighbours.

Wednesday January 8 : Mercury conjunct Saturn : A good day to read a novel, or start writing one. Stop listening to or making gossips.

Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini on Friday January 10 : It is opposite Mercury,Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu. Watch what you say and text. Be careful of your online communications. The effects of all your communications are magnified for the next 2 weeks. Little arguments will have Big Effects.

Friday January 10 : Mercury conjunct Sun : This is a good time for face-to-face business meetings.

Sunday January 12 : Mercury conjunct Saturn and Ketu : What a Combination! Mercury/Saturn can be careful, cautious thinking and planning. Or it can bring depressed thoughts.
Mercury+Ketu can give the penetrating analysis of a psychiatrist or detective. It can also make for devastating insults. Saturn+Ketu can mean the end of old cycles and the start of a great new you. Problems can occur if you Do not want to change. The best way to handle this one is to get rid of things, especially if you feel depressed or overwhelmed. The more you get rid of, the better off you are.

Monday January 13 : Sun conjunct Ketu and Saturn : Do not try to dominate people. Avoid people who want to dominate you. Is not that always good advice? Yes, but it is especially good today.

Tuesday January 14 : Mars semisquare Saturn : Tempers are shorter today. Avoid conflict.

Wednesday January 15 : Mars semisquare Saturn AND Venus trine Rahu : Mars/Saturn is good for hard work, but watch out for arguments. Venus/Rahu is great for having a good time by doing something new.

Thursday January 23 : Sun sesquasquare Rahu : Just because something is weird and new does not mean it is any good. Do not rush into things and think before you act.
Venus sextile Jupiter : Relax and enjoy yourself. You have earned it.

New Moon in Capricorn on Friday January 24 : This New Moon conjunct Sun, Mercury, Saturn! This can give you ideas that are genius level. It can also give you ideas that are off-the-wall Crazy. What it will not give you is the ability to say which one it is. Take extra time to think before you act.

Saturday January 25 : Mercury sextile Mars : Your mind is more active now. Take care of communications today.

Sunday January 26 : Venus square Mars : Timing can be off in relationships today. Do not push.

Monday January 27 : Venus conjunct Neptune : If you are an artist, this can be good for artistic creativity and imagination. For the rest of us, it is a good day to read a romantic novel.

Tuesday January 28 : Mars square Venus : Slow down. You could be rushing towards the wrong goal.

Wednesday January 29 : Mars sesquasquare Rahu : This makes you rush things and that makes accidents more likely. Again, Slow Down.