Mars Rahu conjunct 2024 in Pisces, Angaraka Yoga

Mars Rahu conjunction 2024 will happen in Pisces (Meena Rasi) on 23 April at 05:22 IST. In this Angaraka Yoga, Mars is conjunct Rahu or Ketu (where it receives direct aspect from Rahu) and this destroys functional significations of Mars.
Mars Rahu Conjunction 2024 Angaraka Yoga

Mars enters Pisces on 23 April 2024 and remains in same sign until 01 June 2024 at 12:16 IST. During these 39 days, Mars is conjunct Rahu which causes Angaraka Yoga. Mercury (retrograde and direct) is in same sign until 10 May and Venus until 24 April.
Multiple planets in meena rasi cause havoc in their lives along with kanya rasi.
Pre-planning fails and people around you do no cooperate.
It is better to postpone all important decisions until end of May. Only emergency and prior commitments should be attended from 25 April.
Excess heat in body, indigestion, insomnia, boils and pimples on skin can be experienced.
During 19-20 May 2024, both Mars and Rahu are at same degree in Revati nakshatra.
This can be both negative and positive at same time.
Some money which was stuck since long time can be released, while regular income or profits can be lost.

Rahu in Pisces causes vivid dreams, hallucinations and wild imaginations.
It is already conjunct retrograde mercury, which imparted judgement and financial decision making capability. Now Mars will cause some serious conflicts with others.
There will be burst of physical energy. So, both pisces (meena) and virgo (kanya) need to make sure that this energy is diverted to something positive like fitness routine, sports, forming new team etc.
There is also boost of ego, which can cause arguments and also physical fights with others.
One needs to exercise lot of self control over thoughts, words and actions if they have this combination in their personal horoscope.
Also this can cause sadistic thinking, directionless aggression which can lead to irrepairable damages.
Careless driving, drunk driving, police cases, road and fire accidents, killings increase.
Rahu causes blasts and Mars ignites fire.
So there will be bomb blasts, public properties burnt, police being attacked during this Mars Rahu conjunction 2024.
Many will have disturbed family relations, extra-marital affairs, obscene sexual urges, broken love affairs.
Many terrorists, anti-social activists, revolutionary leaders were born with this combination.

Mars Rahu Conjunct 2024, Angaraka Yoga Effects

Apart from pisces and virgo, this combination will show its side effects on Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius too.
Aries (Mesha) experience heavy financial losses, aimless wandering, debt pressure and insomnia.
Leo (Simha) face threatening situations which invoke fear and anxiety.
Scorpio (Vrischik) have no control over their thoughts, which are mostly directionless. Also their loved ones can cause disappointment.
Sagittarius (Dhanus) are forced to deal with tough situations at home. Their work and relations are also effected.
Aquarius (Kumbha) need to control their tongue and wallet, else they end up in trouble.

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Sri Lanka, UK are badly effected by this conjunction.
As this conjunction happens close to Saturn and in a water sign, avoid water sports and adventures until end of May 2024.
Summer will be hottest in many places, but also there is some rain relief.
Satellite and mobile signals are interrupted. Postpone all repairs or buying of cellphones and other electronic equipment.
Stay away from mountain trekking, motor bike or car races.
Speak less than you know and spend less than you can afford is the Mantra to get through April-May 2024.