Moon Effects in Sobhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2023-24)

Moon is Sasyadhipati (Agriculture) and Neerasadhipati (diseases) for Vedic New Year Sobhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2023-24).
Moon Sobhakritu nama samvatsara 2023-24Moon controlling agriculture will make all types of soil helping to grow some crops.
There will be lesser cultivation in lands closer to mountains.
Cotton will be in huge demand and gets exported in huge quantity. Spinning mills are busy throughout the year.
Silver, pearls, gold, bronze, brass metals are in demand.
Indian government passes new laws regarding food grains, which in turn help genuine farmers make more money.

Rice, Wheat, Millets, Sorghum, Barley, Sugarcane production increases this year.
Cereal grains production reduces due to pests.
Seafood is in huge demand. People in fish and prawns business (aquaculture) make profits.
Sugar and Oil industries also make big profits.
New ports gets established, which increases shipping business.

Genuine writers, artists get their due recognition in 2023-24. Fake writers, actors and lobbyists lose prominence.
Few political leaders get exposed for their past sex scandals, scams and corruption.
Big Wigs behind scams related to chitfund companies, banks, financial institutions get exposed and money is partially recovered.
Dentists are in demand as more people suffer from teeth related issues.
Gujarat, Goa and coastal Maharashtra face natural calamities during June-July 2023.
Flight and vehicle accidents increases.
Taiwan, China, Afghanistan also face natural calamities like volcano eruptions and earthquakes.
Food and drinks adulteration continues in many countries.
Number of suicide deaths, mental depression cases also increases. Psychiatrists are also busy this year.
People continue to die (suicide) for strange and weird reasons which were never heard of earlier.
People will realize that money cannot solve all problems and cure all diseases.
Indian Ocean becomes the center stage for a war to gain upper hand in Asia.
India keeps Pakistan and China under check.
Eclipses causes accidents and deaths in water this year.