Power play in Pakistan and its Future

Pakistan horoscope formed on 13 August 1947 at 23:30 in Karachi indicates Internal War, Military Rule, Terrorism, International Isolation, Lack of Development, Border Disputes, Backstabbing by trusted Allies.
India and Pakistan are Independent nations since 1947. However, the two neighbors are not in good terms since than. The relationships were never cordial because they engaged themselves in many wars since 1947.
While India chose to be Independent at 00:00 hours of 15 August 1947, Pakistan chose to be 24 hours ahead.
Though Pakistan’s Independence Day is celebrated as 14 August, the actual ceremony happened 30 minutes earlier to midnight and it was 11:30 pm of 13th August 1947.
This time indicates a dreaded horoscope with Khala Yoga (Moon and Mercury exchange).
Next morning, on 14th August 1947, at 09:30 hours in Karachi, Jinnah sworn in during Kanya lagna with Mars the eighth lord, in 10th House and aspecting 4th, 7th and 8th houses.
This is the major reason why Pakistan’s military adventure to capture Kashmir by force, failed in 1947.
Also, this Muhurth was so bad that its first Governer General, Muhammad Ali Jinnah died of sickness died after 1 year.
Also, its first Prime Minister, Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated within 4 years.

The diplomatic, political and economic relationships between the two neighbors have remained strained. Both the government has tried hard to be in good terms. The scenario in Pakistan affects India the most. Pakistan got its independence (Yaum-e-Azadi) on 13th August 1947 at 23:30 hours at Karachi.
When Pakistan gained independence in 1947, the southern port city of Karachi was its first national capital and Dhaka (in East Pakistan, now in Bangladesh) was legislative capital since 1962.
In the 1960s, Islamabad was constructed and later capital was moved permanently as East Pakistan split from West Pakistan and was renamed as Bangladesh, with Dhaka as its capital.

In the horoscope of the nation, Aries lagna was rising. The lagna lord in the case of Pakistan is Mars which happens to be placed in the 3rd house and 2nd bhava (according to K.P).
This placement suggests that rulers of Pakistan has strong determination and will power. However, placement of Mars in the same house has created problems for each others. Rahu is placed in the 2nd house and 1st Bhava, indicating many secrets hidden between people and the administration.
Aries owned by Mars indicates Military supremacy and their over-ruling democracy in a country.
Pakistan can never have a democratically elected government ruling their country, with complete power over army and civilians.
The second house as per Vedic astrology is the house of speech (political statements) and it has been observed by diplomats that the political statements emanating from Pakistan are confusing and manipulative.
In a nation”s horoscope, the fourth house is considered the house of kingly throne. In the horoscope of Pakistan five planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus,Moon and Saturn) are placed in the fourth house indicating that there are many contenders to the kingly throne and the country will have to face power play problems.
Saturn stands for the rule of common man (democracy), Sun for Anarchy, Mars for Military rule and Rahu for Underworld activities. Powerful Saturn in transit always helped in the establishment of democratically elected government. Whenever Saturn transited 12th bhava of Pakistan’s horoscope, their army faced trouble and defeat.
In 1971, when Saturn was in between 12th and 1st cusp of Pakistan, a democratically elected government was abolished and East Pakistan was forced to go on a war. This ultimately resulted in formation of Bangladesh by splitting the country.
In 1999, Kargil attempt was foiled by Indian army.
One more such revolution or internal conflict can happen during 2026-2030.
However, Pakistan will be going through Mars dasa during that time, which will make their military act adamant and blow the situation into a war.

Mars is the lagna lord in the horoscope which depicts strong military presence in administrative matters. In fact, a military oriented mindset for the country was present right from its birth. Mars wants the rule of army. Pakistan in its total history from 1947 has seen very long spells of military rule. Venus in the 4th house wants the rule of religion because Venus or Sukracharya (the Guru of Rahu) will push his disciple to acquire more power.
This is one big reason why Mullahs have a bigger say than Army or Prime Minister of Pakistan.
Few can even act as proxy-PMs by making statements, controlling mass psychologies in the name of religion.
The Mahadasa of Venus for Pakistan was between 1989-2009. During that time, religious extremists have taken over.
In Vedic astrology Venus gets directional strength in the northern direction. The North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) areas of Pakistan may come under the grip of religious fundamentalism. The worst fear in the current scenario is that Rahu and Mars both are having a say in the polity of Pakistan. Venus works through Rahu in acquisition of power for fundamentalists. Mars will intervene in the process, pointing towards re-imposition of military rule soon. Affliction of Venus with Saturn and Sun will make women of the country suffer. This is when Benazir Bhutto was assassinated.
There will be attempts to curb their independence and push them to insignificant positions. However, as Venus signifies women also in Vedic astrology, women will rise to prominence in some parts of the country (but as rebellions).
Ketu also plays a significant role in terrorism and militancy. Transiting Ketu will conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius during 2019-20 indicating clandestine rule of militancy and its influence on the polity of Pakistan. This is not good news for Pakistan, India and the world as a whole.

Pakistan will undergo heavy internal friction during its Venus (Sukra) dasa (2007-2027), which involve international isolation, downfall of economy, fear of internal revolutions, threats for breakup of country (Balochistan), losing few trusted friends etc.
This is the period when Pakistan’s adminstration will be (mis)guided by religious fundamentalist groups.

The conjunction of Saturn-Ketu during early 2019 till mid 2020 is crucial for Pakistan to control internal disputes like Balochistan, Sindh etc.
However, the entire Venus dasa till November 2027 will continue to test their administration.

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