Sex of a Child in mother’s womb – using Astrology

There are only two methods to predict sex of child during the mother’s womb. first is medical test and the second is astrology. It is astrologically possible to predict the sex of child with hundred cent certainty.

In traditional texts, there are several methods prescribed to predict the sex of chid in mother’s womb. For example we can take the case of Shatpansika by Prithuyas son of Varahmihira, where he says that a male child will be born if Saturn is posited in the houses 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11. If not a girl will be born. He again says that male child will be born if the Lagna be in masculine sign and also aspected by male Planets. If the ascendant be a female sign, receiving aspect from feminine planets the child will be female. But I have seen in practical examples that this theory fails some times.

After getting failure so many times I tried to derive a correct formula from K.P. system, where I got success. By the application of this theory any body having only basic knowledge of K.P. system can predict the sex of child most correctly. At present most of the K.P. followers are touching the same theory but are not going to the deep route. Correct prediction to every case can be achieved to use this basic formula, which I am giving here for the benefit of students and also desirous astrologers.

In astrology, fifth Bhava is called the Puthra Bhava. The younger brother or sister of the Native is shown by the 3rd house, so third to fifth i.e. seventh will indicate the second issue. 9th the third and so on.

So to predict the sex of child, it must be known the member of issue which is to be predicted. For 1st issue take 5th cusp, 2nd issue 7th cusp, 3rd issue the 9th cusp and so on.

For every cusp there are three factors namely sign lord star lord and sub lord. And in sex prediction all the three factors are to be used not only the sub lord as it is generally done by the K.P. followers, then only the correct result will come.

Here one thing will give trouble and chances to err will come. I.e. the case of abortion. It is neither always neglected nor taken into counting of issues. The mistake done here will give the mistake in sex prediction. I am giving here my practical experience that when the abortion takes place after 3 months then this is also counted as one issue because during that abortion the sex of child will be clear but when abortion takes place before the completion of 3 months that can not be counted as issue, as there sex will not be clear, here whenever any astrologer takes it as issue, the result will come wrong. So it must be clearly known to the astrologer to fix the sex of child, that what is the correct member of issue which the mother is going to deliver.

The second case will be of twin birth. Here one will get difference in number of issues and exact number of child- The number of the child will always be greater than the issue. For twin birth only one number of issue is taken.

Now, after confirming the number of issue which the mother is going to deliver, fix the cusp which denotes that issue. That cusp will give three planets namely sign lord star lord and sub lord.

But, here one thing is to be remembered that this principle is based on K.P. system.

So always K.P. Horary number which is 1 to 249 if only used along with K.P. Ayanamsa and K.P. Ephemeris.

During the process, it will be much beneficial to take Horary number from the pregnant lady. But in case when she is not available then the well wisher or close relative can give number. Here the 1st step is to take the number and then it depends upon the mood of astrologer to sit for calculation at the same time or some other time. The cusp will be fixed with the help of number given to the astrologer and taking the longitude for the place of judgement. But the planetary position is fixed for the moment when astrologer sits for judgement. So here only the judgement time is of much importance not the time when the lady gives number or the astrologer gets letter having any number with these information we can erect a horary chart using K.P. Horary table of houses K.P. Ayanamsa and K.P. Ephemeris when the chart is erected at once the star lord and sub lord of the required cusp can be found. Then with the aid of astrological table we can get the star lord and sub lord related with the planets having significance over the required cusp.

Now the last step what is to be done is to see the sub lords of planets referring sign lord, star lord and the sub lord of the required cusp which indicates the ascendant of the child to be born.

Now, here we shall get several types of combination giving the sex of child e.g. –

1. When the sub lords of all the three planets are of male nature the sex of the child will be male without any fail.
2. When the sub lord of all the three planets are of female type, then child will be of female sex.
3. There may be chance that out three, two are either male or female and
rest is Saturn then leave Saturn because is neutral and predict accordingly.
4. There will be chance, where one or more will be in retrograde motion ignore that planet, as the retrograde planet wilI not give result in horary until and unless, becomes direct.
5. There may come a combination where male and female both planets are present and one is either in depression or is fully combust due to the rays of sun, then that planet is also to be ignored.
6. The other case is of the type where no one rule applies which are given above,
and the planets are showing both the sexes, then see what is the sub lord of the 5th Cusp and if it is in the star of Mercury or a planet occupied in a dual sign Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces then predict the twin birth one having male sex and one female sex. Here 5th cusp taken from the ascendant of pregnant lady.

(g) But in case when the sub lords are showing both sexes but the 5th cusp sub lord is not showing twin birth, then instead of sub lord for the significators of the cusp required, take the star lord which will give the result.

With the aid of these formulae any body can predict the sex of the child to be Born with full certainty and without any fail.

To clear the principles I am citing one typical example to predict the sex of the child.

The K.P.Horary number furnished by the pregnant lady is 36 for the first issue.

The Horary Chart for the number given is strictly prepared according to KP System for the time of judgement and place of judgement.

astrology determines sex of child in mother's womb

Ketu Dasa balance at the time of judgement was 5years 6months and 20 days.The number is given by the pregnant lady itself and as it is the 1st issue so 5th Cusp Is to be considered.

The 5th cusp is in Virgo Sign, sign lord Mercury, in the star of Sun and sub of Venus. So the planets related with this Cusp are Mercury, Sun and Venus.

Now from the planetary position we will find that Mercury is in the star of Moon and sub of Venus. Sun in the star of Mars and sub of Jupiter whereas Venus in the star of Moon and sub of Venus.

So, Mercury, Sun and Venus are in the sub of Venus, Jupiter and Venus respectively.
Venus will denote female sex whereas Jupiter was male sex.
The sub of the 5th cusp is Venus in the star of Moon posited in Leo sign, so there is no chance of twin birth.
Then, only there is question see the strength of planets, here we find the Venus is not only posited in the sign of debilitation but. also is under perfect combustion. So Venus is much weak. Jupiter is in the sign of exaltation, though conjoined with Ketu is strong enough to give the sex of child.

It clears that the sex of the child will be male and actually on 21-11-90, she delivered a male child as per prediction.