Alcoholism and Moon Signs in Zodiac

alcoholism moon signs astrologyYour zodiac moon signs can decide your habits like alcoholism an even your favorite drink or cocktail.
Cancers love to drink at home while Geminis are social drinkers and Pisceans love to escape into fantasy land by drinking and partying.

Aries, the Daredevil Drunk
They’re actually less aggressive and sarcastic when they drink, though their impetuousness flies off the hook. They should stay away from games like Truth or Dare.
Truth is no fun for them because they’re painfully honest all the time, but they love a good dare and will do the most ridiculous things with very little prompting. Go ahead, tell your drunk Aries friend to leap out of a four story apartment building onto an old mattress, to jump over some garbage cans with his motorcycle, or to walk into a restaurant naked and place an order. He’ll do it.
Their favorite cocktail would be Vodka-Redbull combination.

Taurus, the Sensory Overload Drunk
Want to bag a drunk Taurus? Wear a cashmere sweater. After a few drinks they’ll be rubbing up against you. These sensuous people just can’t resist things that feel good, even if it’s you. When you get them home, hide the key to the pantry because they can consume copious amounts of food when they’re drunk.
When you invite alcohol into the bedroom along with the food, well, let’s just say you’ve now got your bull by the horns.
They like deep, full bodied, earthy red wine.

Gemini, the Too Much Information Drunk
The more they drink, the sillier they get. They dance even when there’s no music and experience uncontrollable fits of the giggles. Of all the signs, these are the ones who are most likely to spill the beans about anything you ask them once inebriated. Alcohol is the chink in their rather weak armor of lies. Once the floodgates open, a veritable waterfall of truth pours out of them. You won’t even recognize the person you thought you knew. For this reason, you might actually prefer the sober liar.
A Gemini is a social drinker, and they prefer to drink at bars, sports games, parties, night clubs.. The best drink of choice for Gemini is light beer.

Cancer, the Drinker’s Drunk
These are the professionals. Get ready for some serious drinking if you’re planning a night out with Cancer. They’re like Romans: They drink to excess, vomit, then go back and drink some more. Don’t even bother asking them to be the designated driver; abstinence will put your Cancer in such a sullen mood everyone will wind up having a rotten time. Either that, or you’ll be calling car service because the Cancer just couldn’t resist taking a little drink. Then another. Then another. Be prepared: A night of drinking usually ends in tears.
For all these reasons, they usually prefer to drink at home, around family and friends.

Leo, the If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It Drunk
As their blood alcohol levels increase, their clothes decrease. By the end of the night, they’re sitting naked along side Aries who lost their clothes during the restaurant dare. But no one dared Leo to strip. They just find clothes confining and counterproductive while under the influence. (Clothes just get in the way of all the promiscuous sex Leos like to have when they’re drunk.) Besides, they figure, what good is spending so much time at the gym when the results are hidden away? Plus, with their clothes are on the floor, everyone can gawk at their designer labels and the ridiculously small size they wear.
They prefer top-shelf champagne to celebrate.

Virgo, the Repressed Drunk
They can use a stiff one once in a while, because they feel no one else is capable of following through on an evening of abstinence, they always volunteer to be the designated driver. Yes, a Virgo even takes on duties while out at a bar, club or party. If you can get them to step away from their work once in a while, and slip a shot of whiskey into their carrot juice, you might find there’s a fun person underneath that scowl of disapproval.
They just drink anything that comes across.

Libra, the Desperate, Confused Drunk
Some of them are nasty drunks. That’s because they concentrate so hard on being nice all the time, once a little alcohol loosens their grip on their saccharin veneer, all hell breaks loose. The ones who remain pleasant will hit on everyone in the bar until someone caves in and takes them out for an expensive meal or a shopping spree. In return, they’ll let you have your way with them (as if that’s some sort of reward.)
Libra can apologetically sleep with the transvestite, anyway. Afterwards, the transvestite feels dirty, cheap and used.

Scorpio, the Horny Drunk
You would think that a sign so hung up on control would be wary of drinking, but Scorpio is one of the most gin-soaked signs in the Zodiac hit parade. That’s because alcohol is a powerful aphrodisiac to these people (as if they need one) and they’re always looking for ways to stimulate their nether-regions.
The only thing on their minds when they’ve kicked back a few beers is sex: How much they can get and with whom they’ll have it.
Tequila- Scorpios are ‘one on one’ drinkers.

Sagittarius, the Obnoxious Drunk
They put their arms around your neck and scream into your ear how much they love you with their beer breath. These are the obnoxious, boisterous drunks who scream: Get laid, during Mony Mony. They just never get tired of it. And when it comes to drinking, they give Cancer a run for their money. They can survive blood alcohol levels that would kill an elephant. Actually, the elephant is more likely to kill itself after listening to the Sagittarian’s drunken rants. Of course, they are more accident prone when drunk and may somehow get killed by the elephant. Oh well, at least their last minutes on Earth were fun. (Though the elephant had a rotten time.) Just make sure they don’t take you down with them.
They prefer Exotic drinks and great conversation all night along with drives.

Capricorn, the Sneaky, Thieving Drunk
As long as you’re buying, they’re drinking. Yet, they never seem to get drunk. They’re doing the same amount of shots as everyone else; yet while everyone is face down on the table unable to see straight, Capricorn remains wide awake. That’s because the inherently sober Capricorns see moneymaking opportunities any time, anywhere. They’re just waiting for you to pass out completely so they can pick your pocket and empty your wallet.
Capricorns are usually at a business dinner or office event where they are working towards a promotion.
They prefer respectable drinks like dry martini. For them drinking is also a duty and will do it if it helps them monetarily or career-wise.

Aquarius, the Why Bother Drinking Drunk
A drunk Aquarius is not really much different than a sober one. When drunk, they drive like shit, are belligerent, and can’t walk in a straight line. They can’t tell time, they talk to walls, and pass out in the alley with the homeless people. You see, no difference. OK, well one difference is they’re a little more tolerable when they’re drunk and easy prey. Go ahead: When they get the munchies, give them a veal cutlet and tell them its tofu. Be sure to take pictures of them scarfing down the baby cow and use the photos later as blackmail. Great fun.
The sweet, strong and medicinal flavor of Jäger is perfect for Aquarians.

Pisces, the Delusional Drunk
It doesn’t matter how old the Pisces is, they need a chaperone at any event where alcohol is present. This strong, capable person must be able to keep the drunk Pisces from hurling themselves off a bridge because they believe they can fly, from testing a gun to see if it’s loaded, from giving away all of their money to a cult, and from using the deed to their house as collateral in a poker game. At the end of the night, the chaperone must be willing to hold the Pisces’ hair back while they puke their guts up, and must convince the Pisces the next morning that it was all a dream and none of it ever happened.
They gain maturity and control over alcohol faster than other signs and after few years of experience, it is hard to catch a drunk piscean, as they know how to appear as if they didn’t drink at all.
They like Dark Rum with Coke or any Whiskey with Coke.