Analysis of Astrology in the light of spirituality

No doubt horoscope is the telescope for seeing the cycle of deeds. God has already arranged the happiness and misery in alternating way. The periods of nine planets rotate in a cycle. Each period has sub-periods of the nine planets again as a sub-cycle. This means that while eating a sweet dish a secondary hot dish is also introduced. The horoscope is a beautiful arrangement of your deeds in alternating way by the divine Father who has immense affection on the souls. The total period of the nine planets is 120 years. For each Zodiac of birth (Janma raasi) there will be a continuous ascending period of sixty years and another continuous descending period of 60 years. One may be born in the beginning or in the middle or in the end part of ascending period or descending period depending upon his previous interference through rituals. Mesha, Karkataka, Simha, Vrischika, Dhanush and Meena zodiats have the beginning of ascending period of 60 years which ends with the period of Jupiter. For other zodiats the ascending period of 60 years starts with the period of Saturn for 60 years which ends with the period of Venus. Thus one is born with an ascending period of 60 years or with a descending period of 60 years or at any point between these two periods. If a person is born in Mesha, starting with the period of Sun, the 60 years life time is ascending. If the same is born with the period of Saturn, the person will have a descending period of 60 years. A realized soul dragged back the fruits of bad deeds from the present life cycle, will be born in the beginning of ascending periods. If the ignorant soul dragged back the fruits of good deeds from the present cycle, he will be born in the beginning of descending period. If the whole life is with happiness or misery the person will be bored. The reason for such boring is only the person himself who has interfered with the good arrangement of God. Therefore Jesus said that let the will of God happen always. However for ignorant souls also the God made some compensation by introducing the sub-periods of all the nine planets in the main period of each planet. Thus a secondary alternative arrangement of side dishes is done by the Godmother because the children are ignorant of even the technology of eating!

Jyotisham (Astrology) is the subject which relates to Jyoti or planet. The actual meaning of Jyoti is only God. According to the Veda (Param Jyotirupasampadyate) and the Brahma Sutras (refer the sutra of Jyotiradhikaranam). Jyoti means light. The planet is like the jailor guiding you to the jail where you will enjoy the misery or is like a guide who guides you to a bar like heaven where you will drink and sleep. The planet guides you to the fruit of your deed. It is called as Graha which means that it will capture you wherever you are present to deliver the fruit of your deed to you at the exact fraction of second. It is a computerized system of deeds and fruits. This computer does all the calculations and is called as Chitra Gupta. Chitra Gupta means the protector of witness through the audio and video system. All your thoughts, words and deeds are recorded and will be exhibited as witness in the upper world. The judge does not require any type of other witness. There is no need of an advocate and therefore such provision does not exist. You will just see and hear your thoughts, words and deeds in the audio and video system (Chitra Gupta) and an automatic judgment is delivered by another system called as Yama.

There is no possibility of doing any ritual there since it is only a place of enjoyment of fruits (Bhoga Loka). All the heavenly pleasures and hell – punishments are given according to periods of another horoscope that is prepared based on the time of death. Thus the wheel of the planets is the executive system of the soul in this world as well as in the upper world. Yama is the son of the Sun like Saturn, is also the controlling powerful planet in the upper world. The Lord is all in all and is the employer of the planets. The planets function due to the fear about Lord. The Veda says the same (Bhishodeti Suryah). Astrologers are like the elementary school teachers and should become spiritual gurus like professors. The priests and the astrologers should rise in their standards and guide the people to the spiritual path. Instead of doing so, both have colluded and are doing business by exploiting the public.

The astrologer takes some money for studying the horoscope and recommends the Japam of a planet. The priest does it and gives commission to the astrologers. It is like a doctor referring the patient to the laboratory for diagnosis for getting the commission. The whole spirit is lost and the spiritual path is lost long back in this Kali Yuga. The priests and the astrologers say a story that even Lord Shiva suffered due to Saturn. The story is only a creation for promoting the business. Even if you believe the story, you can take it in positive sense. You can understand that even the Lord respects the cycle of deeds. What sin Lord Shiva did to undergo the affect of Saturn? The story is foolish even at the root. Let us assume that even Lord Shiva has to suffer the affect of Saturn for a bad deed. If that is so, how can an ordinary human being escape the same type of effect with the help of this petty priest and petty astrologer?

Astrology is elementary level of spiritual knowledge which introduces the super-natural power that is beyond the science. This should finally lead to the existence of unimaginable God beyond logic and science. Astrology is not allowed to grow to become philosophy by these commercial intellectuals. Its growth is arrested and is limited so that the exploitation of devotees can take place. Astrology should be allowed to become philosophy. The school education should grow to become the university standard. The priests and astrologers should develop to become spiritual gurus. Otherwise they are doing sin in the name of God which will affect them here and there.

The astrologers have developed a wrong concept in astrology by which the people think that they are receiving good or bad affects accidentally by the movement of planets without reference to their deeds. It is just like saying that one is arrested by police on a road because while he was standing on the road, the police incidentally came there and captured him. He is feeling that his arrest was due to the incidental meeting with the police on the road and the arrest happened without any reason. Similarly people are thinking that the bad results are achieved by the incidental movement of the planets and their periods. This is complete nonsense. The planets are very disciplined and regular in their movements. Since you are proved as a thief and your arrest is ordered by the court, the police have arrested you with the exact background. You pose as if you are innocent and the arrest is simply incidental due to movement of police meeting you accidentally. You may escape the police for sometime even after the order from the court, but the planet catches you exactly in the same fraction of second as soon of the order from the divine court is released.

In fact the results of deeds of any human being are mainly postponed after the death to the upper world. The results of all your deeds are not given in this world especially when you are in the human life which is very rare. The main aim of this very rare human life is that you should recognize the God and obtain His grace before the end of this human life. This human life is mainly meant for such effort (Saadhana) and therefore this world is called as Karma Loka. You will not be always disturbed with the enjoyment of fruits of your deeds in this world because the main purpose will not be served in this little precious time of human life. When the student is occupied in the studies in the period of preparation for examination, the principal will not disturb him either by punishments or by encouraging cultural activities. Once the examinations are over there is a long vacation time in which these can be take up.

Similarly there is lot of time after death and therefore the fruits of the deeds are mainly given after the death in a separate world called as Bhoga Loka. The earth is meant for the karma to be done to recognize the human form of the Lord and get guidance and practice it to please God. Therefore a separate time and a separate world (hell & heaven) are meant for this purpose. People who do not know the main aim of human life and the significance of this karma loka are worried for not seeing the results here itself immediately. This is the main aim of creation of hell and heaven separately as the upper worlds. However the results of some deeds are released here itself in case they can activate the soul in the spiritual line. With such aim certain effects of misery to divert the soul to the God and certain effects of happiness as alternative intervals for encouragement are released.

Without understanding the significance of these effects, people either sleep and become lazy in happiness or get worried and feel tensions in misery. When such effects have no use on the spiritual line, the soul is released from the gross body and is pushed to Bhoga Loka and further cycles of animals and birds in a condemned state. Thus the ultimate aim of human life and the ultimate aim of the good and bad results must be realized in the light of the spiritual divine path. This human life is not just for the mechanical deeds and corresponding results like a routine machine.