Birth Time Rectification through K.P Astrology

Birth Time Rectification through K. P. Astrology

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The accuracy of any astrological prediction is fundamentally dependent upon three major inputs:
a) accurate of birth details of the native,
b) sound knowledge and experience of the astrologer about the
science of astrology and
c) the correct casting of the horoscope.

Of these three critical inputs, the correct casting of the horoscope is an essential sine qua non for which the accuracy of the birth details is of utmost importance.
Birth details include the date of birth, place of birth and the time of birth. However, even though the native or her relative seldom misinforms the date of birth and the place of birth to the astrologer, the accuracy of the reported birth time has long been a major area of concern for the scientific minded astrologers.
This is because, as students of astrology, we are amply aware that wrong birth time would invariably lead to a wrong degree rising on the East as the Lagna (Ascendant) with wrong planetary degrees at birth. The problem is augmented more so due to the wrong longitude of Moon at birth (emanating from a wrong birth time) resulting in a wrong balance of Dasha at birth and the subsequent periods.
Since all the prediction is based on the cascades of Vimsottari Dasha periods of the nine planets, wrong time of birth will lead to prognostications of dubious quality for no fault of the astrologer or the science of astrology.
Therefore, what we require is an effective technique of birth time rectification, which would be robust in its application and yield consistent results. However, a mere rectification through a robust logic
is not enough.
The rectified birth time should show immediately and clearly that the new (rectified) birth time is reflective of the native’s birth origin and life events. In this article, we will discuss a modern and well researched approach of rectifying birth time based on the principles of Krishnamurthy Paddhati (K.P.).
In addition to this, I would provide a novel means to ascertain whether this ‘rectified’ birth time truly reflects the origin of the native.
The article would also demonstrate the techniques with the example
of a few case charts.

What is ‘birth’?

This is a question, which, unfortunately, is most often never asked, never answered, and seldom understood. In fact, this question has now become a deadly defensive in the discourse of rationalists
targeting astrology and astrologers. The question of what actually constitutes birth has always perplexed the common person.

Does ‘birth’ mean the time when the head of the child is first seen? Or ‘birth’ takes places when the child is fully out from her mother’s womb? Or is it that ‘birth’ takes place when the umbilical chord is severed? This question of what actually constitutes ‘birth’ has long remained answered in our ancient Indian scriptures, epics and astrological texts of high repute. Only recently, medical science has accepted the fact, after sufficient research proved that ‘still-born’ babies are not technically ‘born’, that ‘birth’ happens when the child cries out after taking in the first breath.
Way back in 1901, Dr.William Benham in the United States wrote in his book ‘The Laws of Scientific Hand-Reading’ that life begins after a child takes in her first breath and cries out.
We must not forget that Dr. Benham was trained in medicine.
Unfortunately, common person is not aware about the true event that constitutes birth. Even in American states, where the husband is allowed to remain present in the labor room of his wife/partner to
witness child-birth, the recorded birth time may still be faulty for the simple reason that the husband-father does not know when the ‘birth’ took place.
The situation is worst in countries like India, where we depend on third parties like doctors or nurses to “kindly note down the time of ‘birth’ for family reasons.”
Thus, there is absolutely no guarantee that the so-called ‘accurate’ birth time given by clients to their astrologers can safely be relied upon.
As a result, it is increasingly becoming an imperative to the astrologers to rectify the given birth time before they embark upon their astrological diagnosis and prognosis. However, there are numerous
techniques of birth time rectification, which are not only cumbersome in their approach and procedure, but also lack consistency in results. In the following sections, I would elaborate a rectification technique
that I personally found to generate high degree of accuracy in predicting.
I would also elaborate on a novel mean to ascertain whether this ‘rectified’ (new) birth time shows any connection with the origin of
the native.

The Rectification Rules: The First Testing
The rules of rectification is based on the principles of Krishnamurthy Paddhati (K.P.) and Ruling Planets (R.P.)
According to the principles of K.P., a planets position, linkages and effects are determined by the Sign, Constellation and Subdivision of the Constellation (popularly called as ‘sub’) that it occupies
at a particular time. In other words, every planet is posited in a sign, occupying a particular star and situated in a sub in that star. Therefore, for a given moment of birth, the 1 Cusp (that is, is the
Ascendant/Lagna) would be posited in a particular sign, star and sub. This Ascendant sign-star-sub is our starting point and the increase or decrease in birth time would be operated on this cuspal point.
Our next consideration would be the Moon’s degree position in the Ruling planets.
For those readers who do not have a clear idea as to what is ‘Ruling planet’ let me briefly discuss it here.
Ruling planets refer to the planets that become the Lagna signlord, star lord, Moon signlord, starlord and the daylord at the time and place of judgment.
Therefore, the ruling planets will invariably vary with time and place of judgment. According to the modern, modified K.P. principle, the Ruling Planets would include the Lagna sign-star-sub lords, Moon sign-star-sub lords, and the Day lord of the time when the rectification effort is undertaken.
For our method, we take into account only the Ruling Planet Moon’s
position for seeking linkages with the unrectified Ascendant/lagna.
According to the rule of rectification,
if we find a linkage with the RP Moon sign-star-sub with the unrectified Ascendant sign-star-sub AT ALL THE THREE LEVELS
then we are sure that the given birth time is correct. Or else we need to correct it by establishing this Three Level Linkage and find the new time.
Stated otherwise, in order to ascertain the correctness of the birth time, we need to check whether the RP Moon signlord is linked to the unrectified Ascendant signlord, RP Moon starlord linked to the
unrectified Ascendant starlord and RP Moon sublord linked with the unrectified Ascendant sublord.
This rule is therefore, a rule of THREE LEVEL ONE-TO-ONE LINKAGE.
Let us now understand what constitutes a ‘linkage’. For the purpose of birth time rectification let us assume the following notations.
Ascendant sign lord: X1 Ruling Moon’s sign lord: Z1
Ascendant star lord: X2 Ruling Moon’s star lord : Z2
Ascendant sub lord : X3 Ruling Moon’s sub lord : Z3

According to this method of birth time rectification, we need to first check the linkage between X1 and Z1 to ascertain whether the birth sign is correct or not. If there is no linkage between X1 and Z1,
then we need to do rectification at this level first. Once this level is rectified, we need to check whether there is any linkage between X2 and Z2 to find the correct ascendant star. If there is no linkage, then we rectify the time at his level. Lastly, we need to check whether there is linkage between X3 and Z3 to find out whether the lagna sub is correct according to the given time. If no linkage exists, then we need to increase or decrease the birth time till such sub-level linkage is obtained.

Linkage is said to be present directly if anyone of the following conditions are observed.
1. X and Z is same
2. X is in sub of Z or vice versa
3. X is in star of Z or vice versa
4. X is in the sign of Z or vice versa
5. X is in the star/sub of a third planet that appears as the Starlord or sublord of Z
The above rule for linkage is to be applied for ALL THE THREE LEVELS, that is, at the sign, star, and the sub level for creating linkage between the Ascendant and RP Moon if such linkage is absent in the given birth time..

The Rule of Origin: The Second Testing Rule

What is the guarantee that the correct birth time arrived through the above procedure of linkage is 100% ‘correct’?
K.P. astrologers are so passionate about Ruling Planets that they seldom go beyond the results indicated by the RPs. We take it for granted that the rectified time is fully correct without any
further testing. Any scientific effort requires the rigor of testing the results for reliability and validity and astrology should never be an exception to this rule if it has to achieve the status of a pure science.
Therefore, what is required is a ‘re-check’ whether the rectified birth time is in fact correct or not.
For this, I would now put forth a rule that I have been enlightened by the grace of Lord Ganesha and personally tested over many charts and found highly satisfactory results. Though the logic of this rule is found in the ancient texts of astrology, I have been using this rule in birth time rectification using KP method.

I call this rule as the Rule of Origin.
The rationale behind the Rule of Origin is found in the ancient texts of astrology. According to the classical texts of astrology, the birth of a native happens due to his past Karma, Purva Punya (good deeds
in past life) and the father (who is the giver of the Beeja). The mother is only a bearer of the child (Kshetra) but the seed of life comes from the father. Thus, the 9th house of a birth chart shows the quality
of antecedents of a native.
So, if the rectified time of birth is truly correct, then the Ascendant/Lagna must be linked with the 9th cusp.
This is because every human being is born due to his father. Even,
modern medical fertilization requires at least one donor sperm cell for effective fertilization of the ovum.
Therefore, our ancient astrological dictum about the human origin from his father can never be denied.
Every birth must therefore, invariably be linked to the house of father, that is, 9th cusp.

In my Rule of Origin, I have found that the rectified birth time is indeed correct, if anyone of the following is observed:
1. The rectified Lagna Starlord is appearing as the 9th Starlord or sublord

2. The rectified Lagna sublord is appearing as the 9th Starlord or sublord

3. The rectified lagna starlord or sublord is linked to the 9th starlord or sublord through a third planet only.

If this above linkage is observed between the rectified Lagna and 9th
cusp, then only we can be sure that our rectified birth time is indeed correct. It is only after the satisfaction of the Rule of Origin that
we can look into some of the life events of the native and corroborate with the rectified horoscope.

I have always found that after the exercise of these two rules, the life events of the natives have been reflected in their birth charts to the highest degree of accuracy.
Let me now explain these principles with the help of an absolutely correct birth chart. Birth chart 1 belongs to gentleman who knew that his birth time is at 9:15 pm on 19 October 1974 at Calcutta. He
did a love marriage after five years of courtship and was divorced by the same lady in 2006 after five years of married life. The birth time was provided by this gentleman’s father and the given birth time is a
totally correct birth time and requires no correction. Let us see how the two rules can be found in this correctly recorded time of birth. I took up the chart for rectification on 5 November 2005 at 11:56:04
AM in Hyderabad, India using KP New Ayanamsa and Placidius system of House Division.
The following tables provide the cuspal positions of the twelve houses and the planetary positions.
The RP Moon on my time and place of analysis was in Scorpio (Mars), Mercury star and Saturn sub.
Example Chart 1
I Gem 09.01.48 Mer Rah Jup Sat
Sun Lib 02.22.55 Ven Mar Ket Jup
II Can 02.56.49 Moo Jup Rah Ven
Moo Sco 24.00.15 Mar Mer Mar Ven
III Can 28.31.42 Moo Mer Sat Ket
Mar Lib 00.43.30 Ven Mar Mer Sun
IV Leo 28.12.40 Sun Sun Moo Ven
Mer Lib 14.49.52 Ven Rah Ket Rah
V Lib 02.08.55 Ven Mar Ket Moo
Jup Aqu 14.51.57 Sat Rah Ket Rah
VI Sco 06.55.32 Mar Sat Mer Jup
Ven Vir 27.49.18 Mer Mar Jup Rah
VII Sag 09.01.48 Jup Ket Jup Mar
Sat Gem 25.16.31 Mer Jup Mer Jup
VIII Cap 02.56.49 Sat Sun Jup Rah
Rah Sco 18.58.53 Mar Mer Ket Rah
IX Cap 28.31.42 Sat Mar Sat Ket
Ket Tau 18.58.53 Ven Moo Mer Rah
X Aqu 28.12.40 Sat Jup Ven Sat
For Leo 00.39.08 Sun Ket Ket Sat
XI Ari 02.08.55 Mar Ket Ven Jup
XII Tau 06.55.32 Ven Sun Mer Sat
According to the First Rule:
1) At the sign level—Lagna cusp sign lord Mercury is the sublord of Mars, the sign lord of RP Moon.
Hence, this gentleman’s birth Lagna is correct as Gemini.
2) At the Lagna star level—Lagna Starlord Rahu is having the RP Moon Starlord Mercury as his own star lord.
So, this gentleman’s Lagna position in the star of Rahu (Aridra) is also correct.
3) At the Lagna sub level—Lagna sub lord Jupiter is the Starlord of RP Moon sublord Saturn. Therefore, the given birth time is correct.
According to the Second Rule:
The Lagna cusp sublord should be related with the 9th Cusp. Here we find that the Lagna cusp sublord Jupiter is linked to the 9th
cusp sublord Saturn directly. Jupiter is the Starlord of Saturn. Hence this birth time is absolutely correct. The Rule of Origin is satisfied and it proves that the RP connection is also true.
Regarding the life event of the native, a look at the 7th cusp sublord once again proves that the birth chart casted according to the given time is fully correct. According to late Prof. K. S. Krishnamurthy,
if the 7th cusp sublord is a dual planet (i.e. Mercury or Jupiter) in the star or sub of a planet signifying 6th, there is negation of marriage leading to divorce.
In the case of this gentleman, we find that 7th cusp sublord is a dual planet—Jupiter—posited in the star of Rahu and sub of Ketu. Both are strong significators of 6th and 12th house.

Let us take another example wherein I was required to rectify the birth time. Birth chart 2 belongs to a gentleman who married at the age of 55 and is currently having a daughter about 15 months old.
The time of birth reported to me by this gentleman was 19
February, 1953 between 8:00 to 8:30 PM in Nagpur. Upon casting the chart I found that this birth time is not correct. I took up the chart for
rectification in Hyderabad on 1 April 2006 at 2:01 PM when the RP Moon was in Aries (Mars), in Sun star and Sun sub. I provide below the details as per the unrectified birth time.
Example Chart 2 (Unrectified)
Sun Aqu 07.29.39 Sat Rah Rah Sat
I Vir 10.13.24 Mer Moo Moo Rah
II Lib 09.25.06 Ven Rah Jup Mer
Moo Ari 23.41.46 Mar Ven Sat Rah
III Sco 09.42.37 Mar Sat Ven Sat
Mar Pis 15.33.51 Jup Sat Jup Mer
IV Sag 10.09.58 Jup Ket Sat Ven
Mer Aqu 20.40.31 Sat Jup Jup Mer
V Cap 10.44.17 Sat Moo Moo Mer
Jup Ari 21.05.35 Mar Ven Jup Ven
VI Aqu 11.10.41 Sat Rah Sat Ket
Ven Pis 22.50.36 Jup Mer Moo Sat
VII Pis 10.13.24 Jup Sat Ven Ket
Sat Lib 03.54.54 Ven Mar Ven Jup
VIII Ari 09.25.06 Mar Ket Sat Sat
Rah Cap 18.15.23 Sat Moo Mer Ven
IX Tau 09.42.37 Ven Sun Ven Mer
Ket Can 18.15.23 Moo Mer Mer Sat
X Gem 10.09.58 Mer Rah Jup Mar
For Sco 26.11.29 Mar Mer Jup Jup
XI Can 10.44.17 Moo Sat Sun Sat
XII Leo 11.10.41 Sun Ket Sat Jup
According to the First Rule:
1) At the sign level– the Lagna sign lord Mercury is connected with the RP Moon sign lord Mars through a third planet Jupiter. So, the birth sign Virgo is correct.
2) At the Lagna star level—the Lagna Starlord Moon and the RP Moon Starlord Sun are not connected.
This means that the birth time is incorrect.
3) We need not check at the Lagna sub level because the previous level itself needs correction.
In order to rectify the birth time, we need to establish connection with the RP Moon Starlord Sun and change it to a suitable star and a sub within it so that it is fully connected with the RP Moon star and
sub. Since the chart is cast with the last time i.e. 8:30 pm, we need to see the previous star available.
The previous star is Uttarphalguni belonging to Sun.
As soon as we take the Lagna star as Sun we find that it is directly connected with RP Moon Starlord Sun.
Now we need to find the correct Lagna sub. On the day of analysis Sun and Saturn were strongly connected with each other. So, we settled for Saturn’s sub in Sun’s star in Virgo Lagna. The difference in
the longitude is 7 deg 13 mins and 24 secs (10deg 13 mins 24 secs minus 3 degree). Multiplying this figure with 4 minutes we get a time of 28 mins 53 seconds.
This has to be now deducted from the given birth time since we have taken a previous star.
Therefore, the rectified birth time is now 8: 02:07 PM.
The rectified cuspal and planetary details are as follows.
Rectified Chart 2
I Vir 03.41.59 Mer Sun Sat Ket
Sun Aqu 07.28.32 Sat Rah Rah Sat
II Lib 02.45.12 Ven Mar Ven Ven
Moo Ari 23.26.30 Mar Ven Sat Rah
III Sco 03.11.13 Mar Jup Rah Moo
Mar Pis 15.33.01 Jup Sat Jup Mer
IV Sag 03.45.08 Jup Ket Moo Moo
Mer Aqu 20.38.32 Sat Jup Jup Mer
V Cap 04.12.40 Sat Sun Sat Sun
Jup Ari 21.05.25 Mar Ven Jup Ven
VI Aqu 04.30.35 Sat Mar Ven Mer
Ven Pis 22.49.41 Jup Mer Moo Sat
VII Pis 03.41.59 Jup Sat Sat Mer
Sat Lib 03.54.56 Ven Mar Ven Jup
VIII Ari 02.45.12 Mar Ket Ven Mer
Rah Cap 18.15.26 Sat Moo Mer Ven
IX Tau 03.11.13 Ven Sun Sat Sat
Ket Can 18.15.26 Moo Mer Mer Sat
X Gem 03.45.08 Mer Mar Ven Rah
For Sco 19.39.58 Mar Mer Ven Ven
XI Can 04.12.40 Moo Sat Sat Ven
XII Leo 04.30.35 Sun Ket Moo Ket
Note that the direct connection between the Lagna sublord and the 9
sublord. It is Saturn in both the cases. Also notice the 7th cuspal sublord, which is also Saturn. Since Moon and Saturn have a linkage,
it has created a yoga called as ‘Punarphoo’ propounded by Prof. K. S. Krishnamurthy.
Linkage between Saturn and Moon delays a matter for a very long period. No wonder this native had a very late marriage in life.

In this article we have seen how to rectify birth time with the help of KP astrology. We have also seen how the rectified birth time needs to be validated with the connection with the 9th cuspal sublord.

Finally, corroboration with the life events of the native will provide full accuracy and confidence in prediction. The methods enumerated in this article would enable anyone in correctly rectifying the birth
time with minimum of efforts.
Careful adherence to the principles pointed out here along with faith in
Lord Ganesha will definitely yield positive results.