Signs and Constellations – Relations to Diseases

The Vedas and other ancient scriptures describe the sky as the “Kala Purusha” the “Divine cosmic being”, personification of time, being the zodiac a representation of his different body parts.
There is a correlation between the houses with the same concept. The 1st house represents Aries, the second house represents Taurus, and so on with the other houses and signs, being Aries the first house of the Zodiac, Taurus the second and so on.

Kalapurusha - human anatomy
Kalapurusha – human anatomy

Aries and the 1st house represent the head
Taurus and the 2nd house represent the face, neck, throat, and mouth
Gemini and the 3rd house represent the upper limbs, arms and hands , chest(upper), shoulders,
Cancer and the 4th house represent the heart , chest and breast
Leo and the 5th house represent the stomach , the belly, upper abdomen and liver
Virgo and the 6th house represent the Hips, , the loin , umbilical region, intestines, and lower back
Libra and the 7th house represent the waist , the space below the navel  lower abdomen, reproductive and urinary organs, kidneys
Scorpio and the 8th house represent the private parts, external genitals, anus and rectum
Sagittarius and the 9th house represent the thighs and hips
Capricorn and the 10th house represent the knees
Aquarius and the 11th house represent the calves and ankles
Pisces and the 12th house represent the feet and sleep

More detailed meaning of the houses:
1st house: head, brain, hair, body appearance, birth, infancy
The 1st house represents the body and its strenght, and it is one of the most important houses to analize in order to determine the general strength and health of a person.
2nd house: face, right eye, neck throat, teeth, tongue, mouth, eating habits, nose, speech, nails
3rd house: ears, right ear, lungs, shoulders, arms, hands, esophagus (upper part), clavicles, physical fitness
4th house: Chest, lungs, heart, breast, milk, diaphragm emotional wellbeing.
5th house: the upper abdomen, stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, duodenum, mind, thinking, learning process, pregnancy.
6th house: intestines, digestion, absorption, appendix, lower back
The 6th house is the house of diseases and health in general, and rules over injuries, wounds, accidents, surgery, ulcers, and mental suffering and struggle.
7th house: urinary tract, kidneys, sexual organs, sexuality, uterus, ovaries, testicles, semen, prostate gland, lower intestine
8th house: external genital organs, anus, perineum, chronic or incurable diseases, pain,
mental pain or disease, form of death.
The 8th house is also very important in medical astrology as it is the house of longevity and death.
9th house: Hips, thighs
10th house: Knees, joints in general, legs.
11th house: left ear, calves, ankles, lower legs. Alternate house for disease (6th from the 6th )
12th house: feet, sleeping disorders, sexual pleasure, mental imbalances, hospitalization, losses.

Afflictions to the houses

A house can be considered as afflicted and the corresponding body parts will suffer when:

  • There is a debilitated planet on that house.
  • The ruler of a dushtana house or the 3rd or 11th lords is placed on that house. (some exceptions occur when the a dushtana lord is placed in another dushtana house creating a vipareet yoga, which tends to destroy the negative implications. Anyway, the native may have to undergo some pain or disease related to those houses but it is usually overcome and turned into something good)
  • The house is hemmed in between two malefic planets.
  • The ruler of the house is placed in its debilitation sign, weak in the vargas combusted or defeated in planetary war
  • There is a combustion or planetary war on that house
  • The ruler of the house is placed in a dushtana house (with the same exceptions of vipareet yoga)
  • The ruler of the house is aspected by a malefic or a dushtana lord.
  • The ruler of the house is hemmed in between two malefic planets
  • The ruler of the house is in close conjunction with Rahu or Ketu
  • The house is aspected by malefic planets or dushtana lords.
  • A retrograde planet is placed on that house. Retrograde planets are not necessary malefic to all the significations of the house, they are actually strong, but they seem to have a malefic influence on the house they are located.

The aspect or conjunction of a benefic planet or the lord of the trikona houses on the afflicted house can help a great deal to neutralize or reduce its damage and indicates a possibility of healing.

Signification of the Nakshatras

The 27 stars or constellations are used by vedic astrology since the ancient times and they are very relavent to many aspects of life including health and each Nakshatra can be related with certain part or organ of the physical body.

There is a mention in the Vamana Purana about this signification:

1.AswiniThe knee
5.Mrgashirathe two eyes
11.Purvaphalgunisexual organs
12.Uttaraphalgunisexual organs
13.Hastathe hands
16.Vishakhathe upper limbs
19.Moolaboth feet
20.Purvashadaboth thighs
21.Uttarashadaboth thighs
22.Sravanathe ears
24.Satabishaboth sides of the chin
25.Purvabhadrathe two sides of the body
26.Uttarabhadrathe two sides of the body
27.RevatiThe armpits