Education, Career & Astrology

deciding on children’s education

From the very childhood the parents have to face innumerable trial and tribulations in deciding what sort of education be given.
Now-a-days, schools are a test of parents and they have difficult time in getting little one admission to a suitable school. Schools no longer educate the child but teach him to read and write. Schools function only as literary centers, now there is a fashion to get the child admitted to a public school and the harassed parents go on shuttling from one school to another for admission.

Parents give donations but year after year put hard work and labour. The final results are far from satisfactory. After completion of secondary level, parents would like their children to do profession in which they are already prospering. So professions like doctor or engineer are prestigious one. The intention of the parents is to get back all the initial capital or worse through in the form of dowry demand. The child’s own aptitude is often not taken into account. In short, parental ambition becomes the decisive factor. In this process of selection and consequent changes in the field of education, valuable time is wasted affecting children’s future prospects. It will be of immense value and great satisfaction for children, if parents take right decision at the right time in placing them in a suitable field considering the children’s aptitude and ability. In this direction astrology can help parents as a guiding factor for selecting a suitable course for their children.

Role of Horoscope:

Analysis of horoscope can be done with a view to locate and determine educational potential and profession. In a multi-disciplinary society tending towards micro-level of specialization is a difficult task before the astrologer but the process cannot be left unexplored as there exists time tested combinations which take us to the direction of locating the professional propensities through examination of birth chart. The astrological combinations are always being systematized so that the human potential should be put to individual’s benefit. The astrological combinations attempt to identity, unify and integrate, the potentials of mankind.

Strength of Mercury:

As Vidya-Karak its strength in the chart is the primary determinant factor. Mercury in the fiery and airy signs give sharp intellect with a flair for figures and mathematics. Vargottama mercury makes one highly intelligent while weak Mercury or its placement in 12th house of in its sign of debilitation robs one on attaining highly intellectual level. Such students find difficult to understand the lessons. It is not at all necessary that a sufficiently qualified person also possess a high degree or ability. What is important is the level of intelligence.

Planets and Educational Prospects:

The 5th house deals with the intelligence of a person. It shows the mental structure and the adaptability of his bent of mind and absolutely unqualified person can be much more intelligent than a highly educated person. The signification of the 5th house should be carefully studied from various angles as it would be beneficial to parents it they give their child that branch of education for which the child has an aptitude. High class professions are connected with particular branch of education.

Important Indications for educational potential

The 5th house from 10th or 10 from 5th i.e. 2nd house also be judged for level of education. The signification of 2nd house, the Jupiter which should be Judged carefully, 4th house and its Karaka Moon governs ones qualifications, mind, certificates and acquisitions, 5th house and Mercury denotes intelligence, mental structure, originality of though, creative, ideas, retentive power of memory, 2nd house and Jupiter rules level and type of education, degree of education and qualifications. Mercury’s placement in 2nd, 3rd and 4th house when reckoned from Jupiter will indicate good education, 5th lord associated with Jupiter, Mercury or Venus in Kendra or Trikona house makes one extra intelligent. If Jupiter and Mercury are conjoined or exchanged the native will be respected in society for his educational attainments and such a person will be proud of his ability, 4th Lord in 4th house or Lagna Lord in Lagna; one is famous for his learning. Jupiter in 9th aspected by Mercury/Venus one is highly qualified; if join 9th house one earns great recognition due to his learning and ability. Mercury in the 5th house is always appreciated for intelligence and if associated with benefices person will be intelligent. Navarnsa Lord of the owner of 5th house is in Kendra one will be intelligent Malefics like Saturn / Rahu join the 5th house and such a house is not aspected by benefices, one will have a poor memory.

Astrological significance for promotions in career:

Promotions here include all sorts of advancement in service and professional career from present job i.e. increased pay and responsibility, dignity, shifting to a better job or expansion in business, social life and political success.

Important Combinations:

10th house and 10th Lord play a vital role in career prospects. These two houses in the birth chart determine the height or rise, success or failures in all our gainful economic activities. All planets gain maximum potency in the 10th house provided they are strong.

Planets in 10th house:

Sun and Mars get Digbala in the 10th house.

Jupiter and Mercury being the natural significations confers good results of 10th house.

Saturn can raise a man to towering heights of success, if free from affliction.

Venus & Moon though devoid of Digbala, can give a suitable and honorable career in public life.

Transits: all planets when pass through the meridian give benefic results to the career prospects.

Aspects on 10th house: 10th lord’s aspect on 10th house is always good while malefic aspect harms the prospectus of that house and spoils the planets posited there. Trinal aspect of Jupiter is always good.

Astrological Yogas:

While judging profession, great care should be taken to see the formation of various astrological Yogas. If Jupiter is powerful and not afflicted then the native can control the thoughts of masses and shines as famous educationists, religious heads, ambassadors of peace, Judge and arbitrator of disputes. Combination of Guru Mangal Yoga gives power of resistance so very essential in various professions where courage, determination and wisdom is supreme.

Gaja Kesari Yoga connected with the house of profession makes the native a lecturer, a prominent government official with considerable power to exercise. Similarly, Budha Aditya Yoga and Adi-Yoga makes a person excel in book publishing, editing a magazine, a librarian and manufacturer of articles and implements that are in constant demand by labors, farmers or working class. When either the Moon or Mercury receives a series of evil influences especially those of Rahu and Saturn then one lacks the strength of mind needed to face critical situations and would be unfit for professions involving responsibilities and ability to face critical situations.


When a person enters his career in life he has the normal expectations like working atmosphere, support and favour from superiors; expectations or avenues to reach a particular height in career. But when such expectations are most favorable placed due to delay or denial in due promotions for one reason or other; or reversion, suspension or unsatisfactory service conditions, persons become victims of wrath of higher officers. This shows the structural weakness of 10th house and 2nd and 6th houses associated use to trivial linkages with the Zenith house. Set back in the services are due to:

(i) Weakness of the 10th Lord

(ii) Weakness of the 10th house

(iii) Weakness of the Karaka planet – Sun


When 10th Lord gets combust and retrograde at the time of its Dasa and antardasa period complicated matters concerning this house arise.

10th Lord when connected with Ketu acts as a depression factor and renders the planet operationally ineffective, 10th Lord either aspected by Rahu, Saturn and Mars further weaken the house 10th Lord placed in either 8th or 12th house.

Debilitated Mars in 10th house tend to create uncertainties in service and professional career. While 10th house hemmed by malefics gives rise to set back in profession throughout life – bottlenecks – lacks of opportunities in career.

Weak Sun (Karaka):

(i) Placement of sun either in 8th or 12th houses from Lagna.

(ii) Sun placed in 5th and 9th as being 8th and 12th from 10th house also give weak position.

(iii) When sun is aspected by Saturn or Rahu.

Weakness of these planets in Vargas and Shadbalas sometime also produces disturbing trends.


Dr. B.V. Raman is his famous book on `Hindu Predictive Astrology’ has distributed the affairs of the state with India’s Lagna as Virgo. So on the basis of the Rasi occupied by the 10th Bhava; position of the 10th Lord in the birth chart an analysis can be drawn if the native is in service and then in which Ministry / Department he is likely to be primarily associated. This will help the native in setting down in the career according to his working potentials.

First Bhava :- Professions connected with general affairs of the state including law and order primarily Ministry of Home Affairs and other related Departments.

Second Bhava : – State revenues, wealth of people, commercial transactions and related departments like Government Treasury; Reserve bank / Nationalized Banks; commerce and industry of Stock Exchange business depending on the position of Karaka planets.

Third Bhava :- Telecommunication, Railways, Postal Services, News papers Agnecy, Publication, Business or Libaries.

Fourth Bhava :- Ministry of Education, job in Universities, Colleges or Schools, Ministry of Agriculture, Mines and Geology Department, CPWD Depending on the Disposition of planet.

Fifty Bhava :- Institutions of higher learning / research institutes. Being house of progeny- Maternity Centres and places of amusements like cinema, Doordarshan / AIR, TV, Network.

Sixth Bhava :- Ministry of Defense, Army, Navy, Medical hospitals, loans or lease financing companies.

Seventh Bhava :- Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Trade and Courts dealing with marriage / divorces, Gynecology / Children Hospitals.

Eight Bhava :- Involved in the work of natural calamities and rehabilitation of masses; maintaining records of death / mortality rate etc.

Ninth Bhava :- Judges in Supreme / High / District courts depending on the strength of Jupiter; looking after the religious places; Traveling agency/ shipping.

Tenth Bhava – Working in President / Prime Minister / Governor’s Offices, Parliamentary Affairs or Ministry or Department of Pensions / Upliftment of masses in general, directly answerable to the Head of Organization or Chairman of the Board of Directors etc.

Eleventh Bhava :- Income Tax Department, Revenue Collection Department, Ministry of Finance, Chit Fund, Money Lending, Stock and Share Brokers.

Twelth Bhava :- CBI or Secret Service, Ambassadors depending on the planetary position. Management of hospitals and prisons, causality wards of hospitals, Heads of Spiritual Missions etc.