Important Role of Sahams in Varshaphala / Annual Chart

Varshaphala or Annual horoscope or Tajika Shastra is one of the three systems of Jyotish Shastra. It delineates the results based on the Solar Return. A horoscope is drawn for the movement (time) in a solar year for a native / nation when the Sun attains the same longitude as it had at the time of birth. This chart is known as Varsha-Kundali or the Annual Chart.
Special Features of the Annual Horoscope :

An Annual chart is valid for one year, and this one year is further divided into periods and sub-periods. The aspects are peculiar and are different from Parashara System. These are:

(i) Friendly Aspects – Very friendly – 5/9

Semi friendly – 3/11

(ii) Inimical Aspects – Open inimical – 1/7

Secret inimical – 4/10

(iii) Neutral Aspects – 2, 12, 6, 8

Saturn and Mercury are treated as feminine planets; others being the same as that of Parashar. Based on the strength and aspects, a planet will attain the lordship of the year and influences in general all the events during that year. Specific to annual horoscope are the sixteen Tajika yogas, Muntha, Tripathki Chart and the Sahams.


As per Dr. B.V. Raman these are special points signifying important events in life. There are numerous sahams but all are not relevant during the year. The relevant sahams are picked up at the appropriate age except Punya Saham and this should be studied for all the years as it throws light in all the years.

Annual Chart is a subsidiary chart to Birth Chart and derives its strength from the latter. What is indicated in the Birth Chart will be given to the native through the appropriate Annual Chart. Hence Annual Chart is dependable for accurate timing of major life events such as marriage, child birth and profession in a concerned year.

In the succeeding pages an attempt has been made to establish the relationship between Natal Chart with the appropriate annual chart with a specific reference to Vivaha Saham (marriage saham) and Punya Saham.

As the marriage is one of the milestones in any ones life across the globe, this area has been chosen. Marriage basically means bringing together two bodies along with their souls to live together with adjustments and continue the natural process of procreation for the continuance of human race. Analysis of one hundred Natal and annual horoscopes has been carried out on the broad parameters listed below:

(i) Promise in the Natal Horoscope has been analyzed from Ascendant, Chandra Lagna, Surya Lagna with their respective 7th houses from these three and Venus.

(ii) Appropriate Dasha System (Vimshottari)

(iii) The Transits of Saturn and Jupiter

(iv) The promises in the Annual Chart

(v) Role of Sahams – Vivah and Punya Sahams.

Sahams are the sensitive points of the annual horoscope. These are worked out by the manipulation of longitudes of the planets, with the longitude of the Lagan Sahams yields specific result in a year. Here the scope is restricted to Vivaha & Punya sahams, as the study of all sahams is very vast and is not relevant to the specific point under consideration. Basically the annual chart has been scrutinized for establishing the relation of marriage saham with relevant annual chart.

(a) Punya Saham (Fortunes and Auspiciousness)

The calculation formula is if Varsha Pravesh occurs during:

(i) Day – Moon – Sun + Ascendant

(ii) Night – Sun – Moon + Ascendant

Punya Saham provides a protective shield to the native during the year. It promotes happiness, auspicious ceremonies and gains of wealth, provided if the Saham is strong. Alternatively it yields bad results in a weak condition.

(b) Vivaha Saham (Saham for Marriage)

The calculation formula is Venus – Saturn + Ascendant

Same for both Day & Night Varsha Pravesha.

This Saham throws light on the prospects of marriage in a particular year of the native at appropriate socio-economic backgrounds.

(c) Assessment of strength of the Saham :

A saham will be strong, if the saham lord is exalted and posited in own house in the Annual Chart. Besides if the Saham is associated with benefic planets in a benefic house and with year lord the Saham will become strong. If the Saham lord aspects its own saham, conjoins with benefic planets and aspects lagna or relevant house with high Panchavargiya bala (more than 5 units) then the saham is considered as strong. Otherwise the saham is weak and does not yield good result. Based on the above parameters, one case has been explained below.

Case Study:

(i) Promises in the Natal Chart :

(a) Ascendant is virgo and its lord Mercury is in the house of cancer with 12th lord Sun. Ascendant rises in Hasta Nakastara whose lord is Moon. Mercury, the Lagna Lord and also 10th lord is in its own Nakshtra, becomes yogakaraka for the chart. He is in retrograde condition. The Seventh house is Pisces from lagna whose lord Jupiter in 2nd House (family), in his own Nakshtra. Lagna lord and seventh lords are well disposed and bestows marital happiness to the native.

(b) Chandra Lagna is Taurus. Moon exalted and is in Rohini Nakhstra. The seventh house from here is Scorpio whose lord Mars aspects his own house which is a good condition for marriage. From Chandra lagna Saturn is yogakaraka.

© Surya Lagna : Sun is in cancer with lagna lord and is in Pushya Nakashtra. The seventh house is Capricorn whose lord Saturn aspects his own house from retrograde state. The 7th house from here is also strong.

(d) Navamsha lagna is Gemini and its lord Mercury is in 9th house aspected by Jupiter.

(e) The natural Vivaha Karaka Venus is with Mars in 12th house of Rasi chart and ensures marital happiness to the native. The natural Karka Venus in this place is good and hailed by all classical writers.

From three lagans the following are the influencing factors for giving the marriage to the native.

Mercury / Jupiter

Venus / Mars

Moon / Saturn and the planets posited in Lagna / 7th house i.e. Rahu / Ketu.

(ii) Dasha Sequences :

Rahu : M.D. (From June, 1975)

Mercury A.D. (From June, 1983 to December, 1985).

Saturn P.D. (From June, 1983 to December, 1985)

(a) Maha Dasha Lord Rahu is in lagna aspecting 7th house of Pisces. Rahu is benefic to the native as he is in his own house (Virgo). His disposition is Mercury a Yogakaraka to the chart who is in eleventh house of gains which is a good and natural time for marriage.

(b) The Antardasha lord is Mercury which is lagna lord and 10th lord (Yogakaraka) posited in eleventh house of gains, favors’ physical comforts with financial gains. It indicates marital happiness.

Saturn the Pratyantara dasha lord is placed 4th from M.D. lord and in 4th house qualified for giving the marriage to the native.

(iii) Role of Transits as on 27.11.1985 i.e. Date of Marriage

(a) Saturn is in Scorpio, the 7th house from Natal Moon, cleared the marriage.

(b) Jupiter transiting in Capricorn aspecting Chandra lagna and lagna blessed the marriage.

Transiting Mars directly aspects the 7th house from lagna. Besides, Sun, Mercury and Saturn are in 7th house from Janma Rasi Moon is on the Natal position on the date of marriage. All the celestial Gods blessed the auspicious event of the native.

Promises in the Annual Chart

The static significations of Natal chart will be expressed through annual chart. The native’s annual chart for 1985-1986 has been drawn below. Here Tajik aspects has been followed:


Varsha Kundali : Ascendant is Taurus whose lord Venus in 2nd house, aspected by Mercury; Saturn and Moon. The seventh lord Mars aspects his own house. The Navamsha Lagna is Leo aspected by its own lord Sun. The seventh lord of Navamsha Saturn also aspects his own house.

The Mudda Dasha operating is Rahu and Moon at the time of marriage. The year lord is Mercury who is in 4th house of annual chart aspecting 7th house of varsha kundali. He is auspicious and ensures free flow of results. Muntha is in Scorpio in the 7th house and aspected by its lord Mars, favorable for marriage.

(v) Role of Sahams :

(a) Punya Saham is in Scorpio, whose lord Mars from 3rd house glances his saham, strengthens the Saham of the annual chart. Punya Saham itself in 7th house is a very auspicious position in the annual chart for marriage.

(b) Vivaham Saham : It is positioned in 9th house, i.e. Capricorn Saturn and Vivaha Saham lord aspects his saham from 6th house. Mars, the 7th lord and Saturn the VIvaha Saham lord are in ithasals yoga. Mercury, the year lord aspects the Vivaha saham and its lord, the vivaha saham is disposed in an auspicious way during the year.

5. The celestial Gods cleared and blessed the auspicious event of the native on 27.11.1985.