How Your Partner Manipulates – Based on Zodiac Sign

In every relation one of the partner will try to manipulate (for good or bad reasons).
Sometimes it will to pull the best (romance) out of you, or it can even be to hide their real intentions or escape from a situation.
While Gemini will make false promises and lie on your face, Scorpions will issue ultimatums and warnings.
Checkout, based on your partner’s zodiac moon sign.
Manipulative Partner Zodiac Sign

Aries : You will be pressurized. If you do not listen to them, they will make you feel as if you have just lost your life’s biggest oppurtunity to have fun.
Their enthusiasm will make you feel like their opinion is the right one.
Taurus : They will act upset and also play the victim. They will make sure that you look like you are the bad one and feel sympathetic towards them. This way, they can get what they want.
Gemini : They will lie on your face and make false promises.
You will be made to listen whatever you feel good to listen, so that, ultimately they can extract what they want.

Cancer : You will be made to feel guilty. If they are hurt or listen to a ‘NO’, they act as if this is the end of their life and the world.
You will be made to realize your mistake(?) and compromise.

Leo : They will raise their voice and make snide comments. They will act powerful and hope you feel inferior so that you end up caving and giving them what they asked for
Virgo : Being an earthly sign and virgin woman, they will be shy and only drop hints about whatever they want but will not exhibit their desires bluntly.
They will make it seem like it’s your idea when really they are getting what they wanted all along.

Libra : They will act dumb and make you work towards what they want. They will pretend they do not have any knowledge and are not capable of performing a certain activity so that you will do it for them.
Will make it seem as if they would not be able to survive without your help, so that you keep helping them.

Scorpio : They will start giving you ultimatums.
If you do not do what they want, they will break up with you or stop talking.
They use threats to get their own way.

Sagittarius : They will suddenly go off topic and start bringing up horrible things you have done to them in the past to make you feel guilty.
They shift the negative spotlight from them onto you, so you forget about why you were originally angry with them.

Capricorn : They have statistics ready for argument and make it seem like they know more about the situation than you do. They will make you feel like an idiot so that you end up trusting their judgement more than your own.

Aquarius : They are somewhat similar to Virgo. Will apologize and promise they will change. You will feel like they are finally maturing and owning their negativity when really they are going to repeat same thing tomorrow.

Pisces : They will remain silent and get into their won when angry or upset.
Their phone either will be off or in silent mode. Do not expect replies to messages or answering of your calls. They will disappear and if you happen to meet them, they will not look in your eyes. They will maintain this silence until you cave and give them what they want.