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How to Lose Fat Quickly Without Exercise

Untimely or excess diet, lack of physical activity, laziness, hereditary factors lead to obesity and over weight.
Ayurveda suggests home made natural remedies which can be included in regular diet and lose excess fat without exercise or medicines.

  • Every night have luke warm water with dinner and do not drink or eat anything atleast for 2 hours before sleep.
  • Fill a copper vessel with atleast 500 ml of water and leave it over night. Every morning, after waking up and brushing your teeth, drink this water from copper vessel.
    This will help you in quicker bowel movement.
  • Walk atleast for 1km (brisk walk) in the morning during sunrise time.
  • Boil black horsegram (50 gms) in water and drink this syrup every morning with breakfast.
  • Mix Barley and rice flour to make bread or Roti for dinner every night.
  • Finish your lunch before 1pm everyday with green vegetables, leaves and whole wheat (avoid white rice). You can have a cup of brown rice as replacement to wheat.
  • Massage your body with warm mustard oil twice a week, sit under direct sunlight and shower after 30 minutes.
  • During rainy season, store rain water directly. Twice a day, mix 50 ml of rain water with half spoon turmeric powder and drink.
  • Add 1 spoon honey to water stored over night (step 1) and drink every morning
  • Adding half slice lime juice to above water+honey will make you lose weight quicker
  • Adding 1 spoon turmeric powder to above water+honey+lime juice and drinking it luke warm will burn fat much quicker. Apart from this, drinking warm water throughout the day will make you lose nearly 2 kilos per month without any heavy exercise.

Ayurvedic Recipe to lose Fat quickly

Mix powders of Sonti (dry ginger), Black Pepper, Long Pepper in equal quantities and then add Triphala Churnam in equal quantity to this mixture.

Fry this combined powder with 2 spoons of jeera (cumin seeds) powder and half spoon Hing (Ferula Asafoetid).
Every morning, mix 1 spoon of this powder with 1 spoon honey and consume along with 200 ml warm water.
This will reduce fat within 2 months.

Apart from these, avoid butter, ghee, fries, oily food, sweets, chocolates and do not sleep during day time.

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