Moon in various houses of Navamsa Chart

Moon controls mind and all water bodies on earth. It is refered as mother, artist in society.
Moon in various houses of Navamsa Chart D-9

Moon in various Navamsa owned by different Planets

Moon in Own house (Cancer) : One with the Moon in own Navamsa will be beautiful, fortunate, virtuous, attracted by women, endowed with all good qualities, learned, modest and a good friend of many.

Moon in Sun Navamsa (Leo) : Native will be wicked, unstable regarding relations with opposite gender, sinful, always subjected to huge losses and gains, and defeated by others.

Moon in Venus (Sukra) Navamsa (Taurus and Libra) : Person will be rich, endowed with many children, meritorious, fond of guests and will cause happiness to one and all around them.

Moon in Mercury (Budha) Navamsa (Gemini and Virgo) : Will be ever cheerful, will be generally happy, devoted to God, friends and elders, very opulent, and a scholar of a great order.

Moon in Saturn (Sani) Navamsa (Capricorn and Aquarius) : Person will speak highly wicked words and be crooked in disposition. He will be fond of others’ wealth and will have immoral behaviour.

Moon in Mars (Kuja) Navamsa (Aries and Scorpio) : Native will be troubled by blood disorders, possible eunuch, emaciated, diseased, will enjoy less happiness, unfortunate in matters of spouse, and ever lustful.

Moon in Jupiter (Guru) Navamsa (Sagittarius and Pisces) : Native enjoys the strength of just and truthful disposition. He will be learned, modest, best of his friends, fond of scholars and be disease free for most of their lives.

Moon in different houses from Navamsa Lagna (D-9 chart)

Moon in 1st house of Navamsa : Moon grants selfless love, wealth, and feminine traits like nurture and warmth. They will experience stable growth in financial status and career. The native will be fond of traveling and water related sports. Moon in this house makes them love friendship and long for balance in their connections. These locals can accomplish great economic wellbeing and abundance after marriage.
As Moon wanes and waxes, their consideration and cherish will follow a similar pattern. They will be excessively delicate and take everything to their heart. There could be challenges with extended family because of this. Child birth will make them more grounded in managing emotional pressure.

Moon in 2nd house of Navamsa : This is a great position for planet Moon. The natives with this position get become extremely alluring with age. They will have extraordinary business abilities and advertising skills that assist them with succeeding in vocation. Moon awards cash, profound security, solaces through life partner. This Navamsa house with the Moon makes them very dedicated to their life partner. While this works perfectly at the outset, they will quite often lose their self after which a few issues emerge. In any event, when there is surprising difficulties or vacillations in monetary soundness, it some way or another settles toward the end with no mediation, this is the most fortunate reality about Moon in the subsequent house. This place of Moon additionally helps extraordinary relationship with their mother and kids.
Moon in this house makes them set solid on fun and wanderlust and a longing for novelty or adventure. They will need just high status and wealth over affection. Assuming Moon is ruined or afflicted in this house, their life partner will be circumspect about the abundance, impolite to parents in law, and segregated with kid. Being offset and patient with the mate incredibly assists with dealing with this present circumstance.

Moon in 3rd house of Navamsa : Moon in the third house is a moderate position in Navamsa chart. They will be exceptionally expressive and feels low when they are not understood. They have incredible love for imagination, expressions, particularly painting. They love being in the water or water related places, on the off chance that third house is a moveable sign. They really do well in deals and vocation connected with extravagant articles and things. They will find a reasonable soul mate and have an extraordinary hitched life, yet contributes a great deal of endeavors to keep the relationship connected.
People with this position of Moon will be usually disconnected from their father. They feel unapproachable or desolate even in marriage association until middle age. However, they will be connected to their mother and own kids. They will more often than not tattle a great deal and stick their nose into other’s personal life.

Moon in 4th house of Navamsa : Moon in fourth house makes them lucky people. They have exceptionally hopeful methodology towards life and are warm, inviting to their companions. They love being encircled by individuals and solace of their home. They expect their companion to be very much like their mother. Their maternal bond will be major areas of strength for too be in any way shaken. The Moon in the fourth place of Navamsa gives potential profession choices. Locals will observer achievement from the get-go in their life. They acquire property in the ages 24, 26, 28 and 30. Notwithstanding, more endeavors go into supporting that achievement.
Moon in the fourth house acquires a few hiccups the way of behaviour, over thinking, excessively possessive are a portion of the issues that hurt their connections. They will generally be excessively hopeful and excessively profound. They are very wellbeing cognizant and enthused about looking youthful. They might not want to work regular jobs due to their immense wealth.

Moon in 5th house of Navamsa : Moon in the fifth house presents ideal solidarity to oversee large group, enormous partnerships, and clinical foundations. These people have extraordinary profound respect for their mother. Moon in the fifth house will have a warm, jaunty, and skip around nature. Right from youth, they appreciate being in a well disposed family. Moon assists them with investigating their imaginative attitude, settle on ideal decision about everything in their life. They have a remarkable blend of warmth, showiness, and encouraging presence.
Love life of them has many highs and lows in their affection life because of desire. They are much of the time changing starting with one accomplice then onto the next. They continually desire for sentiment and love. This can prompt battles in love life. They figure out conjugal harmony as a last call to their different love life. They might marry somebody connected with clinical field or medical services. At any rate, they appreciate blissful married life and deep emotional bond with their kids. Assuming that Moon is afflicted, some old wick might spring up late in their life causing problems in their marriage life. They might have a roller coaster ride post that in their marriage.

Moon in 6th house of Navamsa : Moon in the 6th place of Navamsa gives best of luck in profession, business and monetary steadiness. They will keep up cheerful relationship with maternal family members, sisters, and female companions. Simultaneously, they might show unpredictable demeanor, temperament swings, and lack of engagement. They attract a spouse who is of extraordinary help and direction. They help others with their business thoughts with their savvy moves and clever decisions. These people love to serve others and track down godlikeness through assistance. This functions admirably for a help related positions.
Moon in the sixth house when afflicted, creates havoc in mind. This incurs huge debts quite early in their life in business careers particularly in overseas deals. It fills with imaginative arguments, debts or constant worry about their marriage affairs. They Sometimes they may have psychological health issues. They may seek pleasure outside of marriage and lose their connections with their children.

Moon in 7th house of Navamsa : Moon in the seventh house natives need sentiment, love, enthusiasm, and lively love life. They will be strong, legit, and happy in nature. Their presence gets fun component and satisfaction companions circle. They draw in a young, beguiling, sexy, and gorgeous life partner. Their spouse would request opportunity of decisions and correspondence. They will find a marital partner with great emotional and sensual personalities. They encapsulate a propensity for keeping issues, they barely share their extreme minutes with their life partner. They meet their perfect partner and go totally gaga for them. Their accomplice likewise falls frantically enamored with them.
They will be occupied in self pampering dedicating all their time as personal time. At the point when Moon is afflicted, the marital partner may be moody and whimsical. At the point when they blow up or become restless, it tends to affect the entire family due to their emotional influence. If the native is born during Waning Moon, it attracts riches and wealth, whereas waxing Moon does not bring money.

Moon in 8th house of Navamsa : Moon in 8th house is a bad place. The native may be sensitive about his emotions, his desires and his sexual orientation. They may be confused about their sexual orientation, or even their gender in some cases. Physical pleasures and related needs are the most important thing for these persons. The Moon in this house makes the native good to gain from hidden means or property. This can boost their business ideas or careers. They hide their property status or financial issues from their spouse/family. They may fight frequently with their family members. Moon brings good and bad things in native’s love life. They may cheat on their partner or be betrayed. Goodness is the extent of their witchcraft which means spiritual blessings or spiritual blessings in life.
They may seem nice and gentle on the outside, but they have deep feelings inside. The silence of their emotions and mental state often leads to stress leading to depression. At times, they may face unnecessary blame and accusations from their childhood, from those close to them.

Moon in 9th house of Navamsa : Moon in the 9th house makes natives independent, emotional and professional. They are usually self-educated and pious. They have the most religious desire or no faith in God, there is no in between when it comes to them. They are peacemakers in their families. They avoid conflict at all costs. Sometimes, they are very aggressive with their family and friends. They are looking for someone who has the same spiritual views and religious aspirations. Moon in this house makes the native generous and active in charitable works. On the contrary, when the Moon is afflicted or debilitated, the native may indulge in illicit pleasures.
This Moon seldom reaches its greatest expression in this house. Growth and decline affect the attitudes and feelings of local people. Native will be able to find fault or fault in anything his or her husband or wife does. They will be strong and opinionated.

Moon in 10th house of Navamsa : Moon in 10th house gets good income and status from mother and her relations. They have a good relationship with their father or guardian or mentor. Their victory brings glory to their families. Moon in this house requires the native to be active and interested in implementing new ideas in his work. They also gain reputation in society through marriage. They attract a celebrity as their wife. They can travel all over the world for business after their marriage. They enjoy life and food from different cuisines. The waning moon gives more benefits than the moon which is well aspected in this house.
The Moon in the 10th house brings a lack of emotion and special expectations. These natives suffer from a lot of relationships and do not want fame, so they often get stuck with fame, instead of hard work. If this house is affected by Saturn or Rahu, the native may suffer loss of money or defamation due to his own mistakes.

Moon in 11th house of Navamsa : The Moon in the 11th house determines the growth of emotions, a deep need to support and join a group. Their mind is always on money, popularity and social life. Party life, money and entertainment are all these people want. They like to help everyone they meet. These natives like to make new friends and keep in touch with them all the time. They receive good wealth as an inheritance. The moon blesses the way of artistic activities and they will get wealth from it. They attract a couple of friendly nature; they look for a friend in their husband or wife instead of a regular matrimony relation. This moon brings a good relationship with their children, they are open minded and receptive to their children’s needs or wants.
Often times, it is difficult for the people of this country to adjust to a new situation. Often the friendly nature of the native is used. It is difficult for them to do their work in life. Their qualifications are constantly changing. If the moon is well aspected in this house, they can cope with any extreme situation without feeling affected.

Moon in 12th house of Navamsa : This makes the native intuitive, spiritual and gives good sleep. They spend most of their time reading, experiencing spirituality, or sleeping. These citizens can marry someone they met at work, such as their peers, their leader or their client. They will enjoy a marriage filled with moments of wonderful love, intense passion, and deep spiritual connection with their partner. Their empathy is limitless. They are often filled with simple things. They will be very much interested in tarot, healing and other spiritual techniques related to prophecy. If the Moon is afflicted, the natives may neglect their duties and responsibilities in life. When the moon is bad for them, they can get sick from addictions or hallucinations. There will be many downsides to their mental health. There may be baseless rumors about them at work.