Is Astrology a Real Science or a Pseudo Science ?

Every now and then we come across a section of the society who ask : “Is astrology a science ? Or is it an outworn superstition or just fortune telling ?”.
Most of them are not among its non-believers but perhaps have some reservations regarding its scientific validity as a result of their not too happy experiences with few quack astrologers. Another section, swayed by uniformed prejudice, being completely ignorant of its principles engage themselves in repudating the star science as pseudo science and decrying its practitioners without any discrimination. Yet other ascribe belief in astrology to infatuation or delusion.

If unmerited attacks of the above kind had been confined to limited circles without tendering to affect the atmosphere outside, the matter should not attract any serious attention. Not so, however, when such mischevious and malicious attacks are hurled by a few or receive recognition in their columns. Such writings have every likelyhood of causing grievous harm as much to astrology as to those who practise it either as a hobby or profession.

Astrology is a divine science of correspondences in that it applies cosmic principles to the minutiae of everyday life. It is a unique system of interpretation of the correlation of planetary action in human experience and brought to man by the same great seers and sages who bequeathed to us great treasure houses of knowledge in arts,philosophy,medicine, and a kindered of other sciences. Posesses of great intellect and intution, they noted a close correspondence between the macrocosm or the great world of the universe and the microcosm of the little world of man well expressed in the hermetic axiom, the master key to all mysteries. “As above, so below”. The sun, the moon and planets have a bearing upon everything that happens in the solar system. Newton clearly taught us that everything in the universe affects every other particle.

Can it be imagined that these great seers who worshipped truth and honesty manipulated astrology with a view to defraud and delude the posterity and perpetuate a fraud on them ? Astrology has lived through the ages in all countries – India, Egypt, China, Chaldea, Babylon, Rome, Greece, though, now and then, irate men stood in its way and denigrated it.

Science may be defned as an organisation of facts which have been co-ordinated and generalised into a system. It is knowledge coming to us from noting resemblances and reccurences in the events that happen around us. Granted this, astrology which avers that there is complete unity and sameness in the pursuit of planets and mundane as well as human affairs passes this text.

When evidence is there, a materialistic mind may ask, that the planets have any influence on human, animal and vegetable kingdom ? The secret lies in magnetism, and there is plenty of evidence that celestial phenomena correspond with human activity none that planets actually cause these things to happen. But then the basis of what follows is observation extending over a number of years. For instance, every child knows that the sun and moon by their angular justaposition move oceans back and forth and cause tides. Scientific investigations have shown that certain maritime creatures behave in a consistent way with certain phases of moon and also mentally challenged people are influenced by moon and their trends are more on newmoon and fullmoon days.
The moon’s influence upon feminine rythms, both to the menstrual cycle and duration of prenancy is well known.

Similarly effects of sunspots on the weather, with corresponding violent electrical disturbances in the earth’s upper atmosphere noticeably affecting weather and short wave radio transmissions, are not doubted.
Rodney Collin observes : Electronic radiation from the heavenly bodies produces molecular change in the atmosphere, while such molecular change in the atmosphere in turn produces cellular change in the organic bodies dwelling therein.
Such cellular change affects all the 9 glands in human body and the behaviour of these glands is recognised by psychologists as having a bearing on human behaviour. What has now been established as science is only a fraction of the knowledge bequeathed to us by our ancients.

Astrology is a vast science and a lot of research needs to be done into it for application to current generation.
In india, it was neglected after westerners introduced their old education system, but it is developing a lot in western countries.
[i]Even is USA’s white house astrology is followed. A president and his first lady were actually arranging their official and personal schedules in accordance with the calculations of an astrologer who was retained by them.
Prince Charles of England a devout believer in many strange matters had his birth sign (Scorpio) worked in to the design of his crown that he wears as prince of wales.

There are many such instances discovered by scientists and astrologer across the globe.

Dr. Maki Takata (toho univ., tokyo) carried out his research for 14 years to find out that blood cells in human body are depended on his sun sign at birth time.

Dr. Eugen Jonar in chekoslovakia who was head of population control board in his country carried out tests on about 30000 women’s horoscopes and found out safe periods for sex without pregnancy based on moon’s movements. This was proved in 97.7 % cases.
He also found out sex of child prior to birth based on moon’s positions and it was proved right in 87 % cases.

Dr. Rudolph Tomaschek who was also a geologist found that when jupiter, comes in 90 degrees with uranus or pluto, he observed 134 earthquakes.

Dr. Abraham Hoffer Observed that mentally charged people’s condition will be at its peaks in mid january and july and will be normal after mid march and mid september.
This january and july mid periods are stated as ‘uttarayana’ and ‘dakshinayana’ according to sun’s movement by ancient sages.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “Astrology is Astronomy brought to earth and applied to the affairs of men”.
We can offer no explanation to the weal and woe we experience in our lease of life if a previous state of existence in which their seeds have been sowed, is denied. Verily, the author of the Light of Asia echoes the truth when he sings Each man’s life the outcome of his former living is; the bygone wrongs bring forth sorrows : the bygone right breeds bliss.
Mark St.Paul’s words Be not deceived, God is not mocked : for whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
So all our pain and pleasure are of our own making and the wrongs indulged in by us in the past yeild us woe in the present, and if the present circumstances appear to be rigidly defined in such a way to appear to us as fated, it is the surest possible indication that our ‘fate’ has been brought about by the exercise of one’s so-called free will in the past.
Astrology provides key to this enigma and reveals what is in store for us in the present state of existence. A horoscope , in other words is a heavenly view at any particular time and, as Dr.Jung says A person is of the vintage of the time he was born and like the vintage of wine it cannot be changed.

What a glorious power is given to man , never to do any action of which God will not approve and to welcome whatever God appoints for him.
Every man is his own master and reaps in time what he has sown.
But actually we enjoy or suffer according to our past karma.
We may presume that we are our own masters.

To everything there is a season,
And a time to every purpose under the heaven,
A time to be born, and a time to die,
A time to plant, and a time to pluck up

What kind of personality we have brought over as the karmic inheritance of our activities in previous lives, we may learn only from a study of astrology.
It is also able to inform us about our inherent tastes, desires and capacities, our mental, psychic and physical peculiarities, our limitations, our possibilities of growth and our aspirations.
In essence, it marks the TIME when the postulated events will happen in the life of every human being.