Relation between 9 Months of Pregnancy and 9 Planets

Pregnancy and planetary effectsDuring pregnancy of a woman, first month is ruled by Venus. The semen continues to be in liquid state.

Second month is governed by Mars. Embryo solidifies.

Third month is ruled by Jupiter. Limbs are formed.

Fourth month is ruled by Sun. Bones are formed.

Fifth month is ruled by Moon. Skin is supplied.

Sixth month is ruled by Saturn. It allows hair growth.

Seventh month is ruled by Mercury. Develops nervous system.

Eight month is ruled by Lord of Aadhana Lagna . Umbical cord is formed and it supplies food to the child.

Ninth month is ruled by Sun . Fetus feels thirst and hunger.

Tenth month is ruled by Moon. Child’s mind becomes active and it gets ready for delivery.

Abortion takes place in that month if that planet ruling that month is ill-placed and adversely aspected in mother’s horoscope.
Miscarriage will be in that month ruled by the planet in debilitation and afflicted.

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