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Is Osama Bin Laden a Hero or a Villain ?

Let me quote from the article on War and Astrological Morality.

“Sahadeva is an astrologer, morally strong and intellectually brilliant. He does what an astrologer with his objectivity never impaired by any emotion or reaction, should do. It is for this reason that Maharshi Parashara gives “jitendriya” (one who has his senses under control) as one of many qualifications for an ideal astrologer.

Sahadeva gives to Duryodhana, his and his brother’s enemy, the best of muhurtas on an amavasya , the fifteenth lunar day of a dark fortnight.

Just then Lord Krishna arrives there and comes to know of the terrible thing Sahadeva has done—giving an excellent muhurta to his own enemy!

How Lord Krishna helped Pandavas to overcome the effect of this terrible muhurta is the second part of the story, which I will narrate later after getting it checked. Suffice for our purpose is the first part.”

Hindu astrologers have an extraordinary record of living upto this great ideal many times. The one person they should have hated most was Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, whose agitation led to the partition of India, to greatest mass migration in world history and the massacre of millions in the terrible communal orgies of 1946-48 era of our history. Not a single astrologer who discussed the horoscope of Jinnah ever lost his balance or even used any unpalatable word for him in any astro-portrait.

Osho or Acharya Rajneesh hurt many Hindu sentiments and shocked average traditional Hindu beliefs when he emerged out as a prophet of “from sex to meditation” theories and yet Hindu astrologers never heaped on him an avalanche of abuses. It is an American astrologer, who claims to be a “Vedic astrologer” that violated this moral rule and declared that Rajneesh would go to hell on flimsiest and most irrational basis, ignoring some well known principles of esoteric astrology.To do jyotisha and lose one’s balance is to self certify oneself as a morally and mentally incompetent astrologer.

In discussing Osama bin Laden it is that great ideal that has to be observed for an astrologer not be morally infirm and mentally dishonest with his head stuffed with preconceived notions and hatred.

Osama bin Laden either strikes terror in someone’s heart or evokes the image of a classical folk hero who has preferred the life of a recluse in the ravines of Afghanistan to one of luxury which was available to him with his enormous wealth and business. To us Hindus, he is not a hero but one who has been responsible,perhaps,for many terrorist acts,particularly in Kashmir.

In October 2001, he is in news and is the most talked of figure of the world. To produce an astro-portrait of his on the basis of a horoscope I have been able to decide as correct finally must demand suspension of likes and dislikes one may have particularly in these difficult times when a war is raging in Afghanistan with American bombs devastating Taliban army and its installations.

The first year, may be the first decade of the twenty first Gregorian century, has an indelible mark of a remarkable Saudi Arabian, Osama bin Laden, known also as Sheik Ali Abdullah. One never knows how many aliases he has and how he has been able to attract so many extremists from Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt or the Gulf states who are said to have chosen Europe for all their planning of jehadi/terrorist activities.

Drawing spiritual inspiration from Saudi Arabia which has Mecca and Medina, two of the most sacred places for Muslims all over the world, trained mostly in Afghanistan, obsessed with jihad which they identify with one common target of attack, USA, on its own soil or its installations in other countries these jihadis. as they would want to be known as and remembered, but terrorists for others, have become a source of fear and hatred for so many all over the world but inspiring many Muslims, it appears, almost anywhere and everywhere.

European countries could not pay much attention to these as they had their own problems with their own terrorist groups with E.T.A. (Spain) the I.R.A(U.K) the Corsicans (France).

Till the 11 September 2001 destruction of WTC in New York and Pentagon in Washington, DC, neither Al Quaeda nor Osama bin Laden was suspected of a masterly network of terrorists all over the world though during the presidency of Bill Clinton, the USA came nearest to identifying the future menace from Osama and his Al Quaeda. Someone who claims to have understood these jehadis says that were instructed to lie low, mix with local population and wait for the right time to strike. Each of the terrorist had to have at least ten years period of maturing before he could be entrusted with his jihadi mission. The men most favoured to do it seemed to be from Algeria who had long experience of fighting the Algerian army and were operationally very efficient. Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden became a rallying point, a leader of leader of terrorists. Osama is the chief leader and therefore the chief target of USA joined by UK.

What has become historical now is that with the withdrawal of USSR from Afghanistan roundabout 1989-90, jehadis/terrorists, till then busy in Afghanistan against USSR, became available for their activities in many other places in the world. In talking about them often the accusing finger of intelligence agencies, particularly of USA’s CIA, was pointed towards Osama bin Laden.

What then are the birth details of Osama and if they are correct out of so many available, what is his birth time will be a major debate among astrologers. I have chosen one which should answer the following needs of an astrologer.

1)He should be very rich which ofcourse means that there should be many dhana yogas for him to have a big personal fortune of his own and innumerable sources of income from known, unknown, specified and unspecified sources and from many countries.

2) His lagna, lagna lord, fifth house and fifth lord should have passion and fury exciting Rahu, Saturn and above all Mars connected to them.

Working on different dates, I thought that 30 July 1957 could be nearest to it. What would be the lagna then? Mithuna? It attracted me.
1. See the eleventh house and the dhana yogas to explain his enormous wealth.

2. See Rahu in the lagna and lagna lord, Venus with Mars in the eleventh house aspected by Saturn.
3. See the fifth lord, Saturn retrograde in Vrischika, the rashi of Mars and aspected by Mars.

4) His birth is in Abhijit Muhurta which lifts a horoscope to a high level.

5) The eleventh lord is in the tenth house.

6) There is exchange between the tenth and eleventh lords. All these are the dhanayogas which makes him rich, his wealth being his own and the immense donations he receives for what is termed as a missionary and fierce act of defending his religion against “kafirs” on non-believers.

7) Saturn the fifth lord of thinking is vargottama showing the determination he is known for. The aspect of Mars is naturally and inevitably his aggressive thinking.

8) It is the dasha now in October 2001 of Jupiter in the twelfth house in which period he has been operating from a foreign country

9) Jupiter is the sixth lord of this horoscope from the lagna and is placed in the second house from Moon acquiring marakatwa or propensities to kill.

10) The antardasha is of Saturn (R) in the second house acquiring marakatwa or propensities to kill.

11) In transit Saturn is in the eighth house from the lagna, in October 2001, a bad transit which will only accentuate the bad results of the mahadasha of Jupiter and the antardasha of Saturn.

12) He got the mahadasha of Mars, the seventh lord from September 1972. He married early at the age of seventeen. The date of marriage is not known.

13) He has many wives and many children. Their exact number is not known. The effect of the conjunction of so many planets with the seventh lord in the eleventh house and their aspect on the fifth house then show it as correct.

14) The exchange of Sun and Moon as the tenth and eleventh houses, is his determination and invitation to disaster which he does not mind.

15) It is in the dasha of Jupiter in the twelfth house that he seems to have made his best plans for his Al Quaida with its many branches, said to be thirty six, all over the world.

16) Most notable in the Vimshottari dasha sequence in this case are the two dasha chiddras, first between Mars ending and Rahu beginning and the second Rahu ending and Jupiter beginning.

Chara Dasha

The dasha current in Jaimini chara dasha is of the eighth house, Vrisha which is also in the sixth house from Karakamsha which is Dhanu whose result is what he has to get now, a violent end.

The Chara antardasha is of Mesha now which is bad. If he survives it can he survive the antardasha of Meena which runs from 28 January 2002 to 30 April 2002? This antardasha is eighth from Atmakarakaka,Moon.

Note: He has emerged out as a charismatic religious leader for his community. The four planet conjunction in the eleventh house which includes the tenth lord is a classical combination for a life of renunciation which is what makes him look like an ascetic, though fanatical and fundamentalist. The rich man that he is , he has sacrificed the luxurious life he had. He could have continued to live luxuriously. But he decided to change his life for what he thinks is a fight for a cause, the cause for Islam.

But as the dasha and the transit show, he has run into unfavourable time.

Since he is being talked of as a world figure, hero for some and villain for others, it is to be noted that his fifth lord, Saturn retrograde is receiving the aspect of Mars which also aspects the fifth house along with Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon also. It is an aggressive mind, a very terribly aggressive, destructive to an extreme degree.

The antardasha lord Saturn is in sarpa dreshkona which here can also lead to imprisonment and death, or both. It can happen from now to March 2002.

He is a folk hero for many Muslims of the world with an unrivalled charisma as there has been no folk hero in recent centuries. In folk memory and legends that immortality is reserved for him.

In the history that will be written, he will perhaps not be referred to even in the passing or if referred to at all may be given a place lower than what will be given to Monica Lewinsky.

But he will survive in the memories of many Muslims as a classical warrior but as a terrible campaigner as astute a planner of his anti-Soviet and later, anti-US campaigns, as a genius alone can be.

Such men get immortalised not in the written history we read but in folklore and legends.

Bin Laden is the seventeenth son of the more than 50 children of his father.


He was raised in the severe traditions of puritanical Wahhabi Islam, taken from his mother and raised by his father from age nine.

Death of father

His dad died in a light aircraft accident in the US in 1967

Comment : It could be in the mahadasha of Moon, placed in the second house from Sun and the antardasha of Mercury the ninth lord of the birth horoscope. Moon is placed in the eighth house of dwadashamsha.


Married at the age of 17

Comment : In the mahadasha of Mars and possibly in the antardasha of Rahu or Jupiter.


Four wives and some 15 children.

Comment : There are so many planets aspecting the fifth house and the fifth lord, Saturn is also aspected by Mars.


Studied management and economics in Jeddah, getting a degree in public administration in 1981.

Comment : This appears more likely though the aspect of Mars on the fifth lord Saturn is clearly his training in sophisticated use of arms by CIA of USA and ISI of Pakistan.


Laden’s conversion began between 1977 and 1978, as like radical Palestinian groups he learnt the teaching methods of Ayatollah Khomeini through use of cassette tapes.

Comment : It could be the dasha chiddra of Mars.

In 1979 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.

Comment : It was the beginning of his Rahu mahadasha. Rahu in lagna could have made him impulsive, courageous and a dare devil. It was again the dasha chiddra.

CIA Trains him

Bin Laden received security training from the CIA itself. The Afghan jihad was backed with American dollars and had the backing of the governments of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. For the next decade bin Laden worked and fought, under the approving eye of the US and Saudi establishments.

Comment : It must have been in Rahu-Rahu period mainly.


He started spending more and more time in Afghanistan after 1982, occasionally joining actual battles but not in an organized manner. From 1986 to 1988, he built more than six training camps for jehadis/terrorists inside Afghanistan.

Comment : It is Rahu-Jupiter period and Jupiter in the twelfth house could take him out of his motherland, Saudi Arabia.

In 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. It was considered a Saudi ” betrayal” when the kingdom allowed more than 500,000 US and other foreign troops into the country.

Comment : Such radical thoughts can crowd into one’s mind in the Rahu-Ketu period.


In 1994 Saudi Arabia stripped him of his nationality after Egypt, Yemen and Algeria had all accused him of bankrolling militancy in their countries. Sudan was his host for two years until the US pressured the Sudanese government to ask him to leave.

Comment : Another dasha chiddra was being reached as the Rahu dasha was ending with the antardashas of Moon and Mars.

War on USA

Among transnational Muslim extremist groups he is a major figure in “The International Islamic Front for Jihad against Crusaders and Jews,” formed in February 1998. He declared war on the US and Israel in August 1996.

In 1996, bin Laden issued a fatwa, a religious ruling urging Muslims to kill U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia and Somalia. A second fatwa in 1998 called for attacks on American civilians.

Comment : It was the period of Rahu Mars and Mars showed all its aggression now.

In August 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, which killed 301 and injured over 5,000, occurred just after a six month period in which bin Laden had issued repeated and open threats.

Comment : His aggression and religious fervour has been strongest in the mahadasha of Jupiter, the sixth lord and also the natural significator of religious zeal. Now it is the antardasha of Saturn in the second house.

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